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Group Writing: My Crazy Plan to Deal With Iran


I’m not saying we’re there now, but we could soon find ourselves in a situation where some kind of military action starts to look like the only possibility to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. If we get to that point, assuming that we’ve not yet reached the point where they have a deployable nuclear missile, I’m suggesting a plan that is a little off the beaten path … a little outside the box. Okay, I’m tearing up the box, setting it on fire, and dancing around it naked in a forest clearing with the rest of the coven.

First, some context. Iran is unique in several ways that I think makes it possible to use tactics that would be a horrible mistake in any other part of the Middle East.

To start with, while most of the Muslim world, including almost the entire remaining Middle East, is Sunni, Iran is Shia, and Sunni and Shia hate each other almost as much as they hate us. An attack on Iran would not be seen in the same way, or produce the same reaction, as a similar attack on, for example, Saudi Arabia.

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I would like the first scene in Black Panther 2 to start in Asmara the capital of Eritrea. The architecture is beautiful as it was built by Italian futurists. In it, Captain America and T’Chala (The Black Panther King of Wakanda for those of you who aren’t geeks) open up an advanced vibranium hospital. (Vibranium […]

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Group Writing: Getting to the Truth


For the second time in a single minute, I looked at my watch. Although I felt some anxiety, I knew that I had truth and justice on my side. Ordinarily a Chief of Staff wouldn’t have taken on this task, but I was glad to be leading it. And I had to admit going to war on these issues was thrilling; we had waited far too long to act in a decisive and forceful way.

I ducked my head into the President’s office. “I’m heading over,” I said. Any last thoughts, Mr. President?”