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Arizona: Elections Keep Getting Tougher


Looking at Arizona’s 2018 primary election results, it is clear that the races for Governor and US Senate will be competitive. A not-so-deep dive into election data since 1998, focused on Senate and Presidential races, was not at all reassuring. Rather, it revealed a disturbing trend for Senate races, painting a picture that should rouse Republicans and MAGA voters to action.

The following table paints the picture, showing the vote differential between Republican and Democratic candidates, rounded to thousands. An “X” means there was no race for that position that year. In 2000, Senator Jon Kyl ran unopposed by any Democrat. All information is based on the Arizona Secretary of State’s General Election Information 1998-2016.

Year President Senate Seat 1 Senate Seat 2
2018 X McSally/Sinema X
2016 91 Trump X 328 McCain
2014 X X X
2012 208 Romney 68 Flake X
2010 X X 413 McCain
2008 196 McCain X X
2006 X 150 Kyl X
2004 211 Bush X 1,101 McCain
2002 X X X
2000 96 Bush 1,108 Kyl (No Dem) X
1998 X X 421 McCain

As you can see, the Senate races have gotten tighter, regardless of candidate personality. Indeed, Senator McCain’s supposed incumbency advantage was sharply declining. Likewise, Senator Kyl, when facing a Democrat, had less than half McCain’s smallest margin. Jeff Flake barely got elected, while his Democratic opponent, Dr. Richard Carmona, got about 11,000 more votes than President Obama, who was at the top of the ticket.

Arizona, Florida, and Oklahoma Primary Update: Trump Wins


First Primary Election Results | Blog for ArizonaPresident Trump, and the Republican Party, had another good primary election day on Tuesday, August 28. He selectively weighed in with endorsement tweets the day before the official voting day, an act that still matters in states that have not made the terrible decision to go all mail-in ballot. What follows are observations made Monday, followed by comments on the results.


President Trump weighed in, and did not weigh in, on the Arizona primary elections. He urged support for Governor Ducey. He also kept silent on the Senate race, not picking sides between Martha McSally and Kelly Ward. I expect he will send a congratulatory tweet no matter which woman wins, and will also be complimentary of the loser, urging unity in the general election.

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The demonic governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, recently said that America has never been that great. He also called for an end to “discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism, [and] the KKK,” thereby demonstrating a lack of historical knowledge of his own party’s relationship to those things. Many people have heard of the tedious […]

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