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And Rubio Makes it Three


GOP-2016-RubioAnd then there were three . . . Republicans running for the presidency, now that Marco Rubio has made it official. Three senators, each yet to complete a first term in Washington. Three first-time presidential hopefuls, all from states well below the Mason-Dixon Line. And three gentlemen with decidedly different ways of introducing themselves to America.

First there was Texas Senator Ted Cruz, preaching faith and social conservatism at Liberty University (video here). Then along came Kentucky Senator Rand Paul with a meandering treatise on libertarianism and party outreach (video here). And now Rubio (video here).

About his kickoff, Monday night in Miami, and what it means to the GOP field.

GOP 2016: Drop Anti-SSM Plank or Drop Party Platform Entirely?


platformAt Hot Air yesterday, Noah Rothman asked: “Will opposition to gay marriage disappear from the GOP’s party platform?” Rothman claims that only “vicious partisans” on either side of the aisle care about platforms. I don’t know about vicious, but he’s right to say the whole platform process is outdated.

In national election years, the candidate at the top of the ticket becomes the embodiment of the party platform. Who cares about the student government-like exercise of delegates voting on an official statement of principles? Its sole purpose has become putting a social issues face on the punching bag for media coverage. The prelude to convention coverage becomes a series of divisive stories about how Republicans continue to be out of touch with young voters and emerging trends (as defined by MSM reporters). I do so hate it when they’re right.

Rothman cites polls indicating that voter sentiment on same-sex marriage is trending away from the traditional view, even among Republicans in states like New Hampshire and South Carolina. Younger voters with strong views about personal freedom are clearly leading the charge. So why not cancel the scheduled media event of a party platform debate on SSM? Isn’t the convention mostly just a kick-off event for the fall campaign anyway? Won’t social issues be pushed enough by the liberal press without Republicans themselves initiating the blood-letting?