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Points On Curve


Point #1: Wired.com, on how pollsters missed the Trump groundswell.

“The areas where Trump did better than polls predicted appear to be uniquely focused in places dominated by populations of white voters who never made it through college, areas filled with small towns and rural counties that have been the most disrupted by collapsing industries and the job losses brought on by globalization and automation. ‘What we found this year is there is a difference between those who took surveys and those who didn’t,’ (Democratic pollster) Lackey says. ‘People who took these surveys were more supportive of Hillary Clinton and Democrats’.”

Member Post


Trump Train in Ohio It’s something of a political cliche to hear during presidential elections, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” The American voter is quadrennially reminded that no Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. My fellow Buckeyes are subjected to a constant barrage of ads, phone calls, mailings, and […]

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Jeb Bush’s 10% Solution


Jeb BushIt sounds like a good idea:

Portraying himself as a political outsider — despite his family’s 12 years in the White House — Mr. Bush called for a 10 percent reduction in the federal work force, an immediate hiring freeze, a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget and a six-year waiting period before members of Congress can lobby on Capitol Hill.

Just so you don’t think Jeb! is a mean and heartless man, readying himself to flood DC with pink slips, his civil service trimming comes with an important caveat: