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Hillary: The Woman With No Hinterland


snlTheodore Dalrymple (real name: Dr. Anthony Daniels) is a retired psychiatrist, who spent a big part of his career working in third world countries like Zimbabwe and treating patients inside British prisons. These experiences have turned Dalrymple into an implacable critic of, among other things, totalitarian governments, large bureaucracies like the British NHS, the psychiatric establishment (especially its attempt to do away with things like free will and personal responsibility), and the left in general.

He is a wonderful cultural commentator and literary critic (he is Exhibit A for the proposition that the best literary critics are those who simply love good writing and who haven’t been corrupted by stylish post-modern literary theory). His writing can be found in New Criterion, City Journal, National Review, and in the on-line magazine New English Review.

One of the proven tests for clear thinking is to go back and read columns and essays written several years ago and see how well they hold up. Under this test, it is easy to discern that the Paul Krugmans and Tom Friedmans of the world are little more than hack, penny-a-line writers. Dalrymple, on the other hand, is the real deal.