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A Few Things to Chew On


First, if the exit polls can be trust, a majority of white women voted for . . . Donald Trump. Second, Trump got a larger slice of the Hispanic vote in 2016 than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Third, Hillary did not lose. Trump won. If you juxtapose the vote Trump received state-by-state in 2016 with the vote Barack Obama received state-by-state in 2012, as Tim Alberta did yesterday on National Review Online, Trump wins the electoral college. You should read the entire article. Trump in 2016 outpolled Obama in 2016 in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, and Utah. He, in fact, did so in every state that Romney carried in 2012.

What we saw on Tuesday was not just the defeat of a truly terrible Democratic candidate. It was a referendum on the last eight years, and Trump — for all of his faults — was a better candidate than Mitt Romney, who is a better man. What Trump brought to the table was a capacity to connect with ordinary Americans. If he handles himself well — above all, if he and the Republicans deliberately develop ties with African-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and Asian-Americans who are patriots — the base of support for the Republicans can be expanded.

The GOP, Behind Again


shutterstock_120145924I’d be interested to hear what Rick Wilson and the other political professionals here at Ricochet have to say about this, but this observation from a friend who works in high tech seems to me to ring only too true:

It is remarkable to see the number of high quality agencies, technology providers, and firms who can offer testimonials for the work they’ve done for the Obama for America 2012 campaign team. I have never seen a single testimonial from a member of the Romney team. It may be survivorship bias (the winner is glad to write a satisfied testimonial, the loser remains silent or badmouths the provider).

But to my eyes, in the digital campaign game, Romney didn’t just lose, he wasn’t even on the field!