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When We Don’t Protest, What Are We Teaching our Children?


When children are treated badly, discriminated against, or attacked by the culture, I am protective and outspoken. And when the perpetrators are part of the school system, their actions are even more egregious. These offenders were prepared in this story to conjure up rules, violate the first and second amendments, and harm children in the process. And they needed to be called out for their actions.

Perhaps you haven’t heard the story about Lydia Booth and her mother, Jennifer, who are devout Christians and were targeted for how they were practicing their beliefs. (The story can also be heard in an interview here.)

This situation took place during a time when students were required to wear masks in school during the pandemic. Lydia Booth, nine years old, was quite willing to comply, and told her mother she’d like to wear a special mask. In talking it over together, Jennifer suggested a mask that read, ‘Jesus Loves Me.’ Lydia was delighted at the idea and a family friend made the mask for her.