Excuse the nationalistic pride, but James and Toby celebrate Emma Raducanu’s triumph in the U.S. Open Women’s Final but bemoan the way it was immediately politicised. But that gives way to the despair of this government’s Covid policy with passports and vaccines for healthy children.

In Culture Corner Toby watches THE Suicide Squad while James recommends Lovesick on Netflix (which was called Scrotal Recall during its first season run on Channel 4) and the Sussex clan gets bad news on the Emmy front.

This week on the United Kingdom’s Most Trusted Podcast®, James Delingpole and Toby “Tory Tosser” Young get sweaty and nervous about Britain’s forthcoming election. And with good reason: The Electoral Calculus Projections opened with a Tory majority of 72 and now it’s down to 34. The 12th of December is coming fast.

They also discuss Toby’s unpleasant experience debating at Durham University and Hugh Grant’s intervention in the election. Finally they turn their attention to the culture – specifically The Irishman, which they both hated.

Last night was debate night in the UK and it was pathetic. James and Toby dissect the “girly-man” tussle between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbin on ITV’s “Tron” set, Nigel Farage’s separate appearance on the BBC’s Question Time and “minor Royal” Prince Andrew’s PR nightmare turn with Emily Maitlis.

Then it’s off to the culture wars and real wars. We get reviews of Netflix’s new WWII documentary series, the big screen retelling of the battle of Midway and Ford v Ferrari. Back then, men were men.