This week on GLoP, we’re in the midst of a low level cultural revolution in which movies, tv shows, books, statues, and more are all looking at possible cancellation. So the Tom Cotton/NYT and the Bon Appétit contretemps are kicked around, then we get to Gone With The Wind. Also, were the late 60’s worse than what we are going through now? Some thoughts about mothers and daughters, Rob shares his recipe for Pavlova, and Jonah needs some Irma la Douce.

This week on the mighty GLoP Podcast, we’re properly social distancing by recording from Florida, Long Island, Manhattan (and Southern California if we’re being technical about it). We cover the au currant issue of the masks as the latest weapon in the Culture War (inspired by Jonah’s great G-File on this topic), what exactly a Quibi is and why you should care about it, and some thoughts (rumination?) on the legal issues of one General Flynn.

We discuss the soon-to-be-rereleased Flash Gordon. JVL calls it a psycho-sexual masterpiece. Sonny thought less of it. Vic explains why he’s recording in his basement. Plus ZZ Top lyrics explained!

We discuss the new Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance. JVL calls it hagiography. Sonny loves Rick Fox. Vic struggles with his Dikembe Mutombo impression. Plus Guitar Hero, cassette tapes, and the true nature of The Batman!

Live (well, live on MP3). from their primary domiciles, it’s the mighty GLoP podcast! This week, a trip back to days of show biz past as the GLoP-heads revisit (warning: you may want to sit down before you read the next few sentences) the long lost Jerry Lewis Show, which ran for 5 episodes in 1984. Also, who was Joe Franklin and why was he on TV? We answer that question for you.  Also, will the movie theater business (and the live show business at large) survive COVID-19? We discuss. And when will this all be over? And what about the kids (specifically, John and Jonah’s kids)? Finally, the guys discuss what they are watching with all of their free time.

On this latest episode sponsored by Warby Parker and DoorDash, we break down the Netflix docuseries Tiger King. JVL calls it an indictment against democracy. Vic calls it aspirational. Sonny discusses movie-making in the time of coronavirus. Plus JVL on family blackjack and Vic’s tips for hot bars (which may or may not come back).

This week on the mighty GLoP podcast the guys take everything with an abundance of caution and taped our show without a studio audience (which is what we do 97% of the time anyway) and riff on the current state of the COVID-19 situation, the way Trump and his Administration is handling it and what it all means down the road.

All that and a special rendition of one of our favorites, Baby Got Back.

This week, another free-form GLoP, with topics ranging from the Bill Barr imbroglio, exotic Chinese cuisine, the prospect of a Socialist being the nominee of the Democratic party, some talk about the Oscars, and another edition of the old GLoP standard, What Are You Watching?

This week on the mighty GLoP podcast, the guys spend some time analyzing Megxit, the economics, the relationships, and the causes. Then, it’s time we got serious (well, serious for this show) about the prospect of President Sanders. Sure, he could win — stranger things have happened (cough). Also, we take another look at Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and finish up with some birthday wishes for The Podfather himself, the great Norman Podhoretz, who turned 90 years young on January 16th. Happy birthday, sir!

Around these parts, we strive to provide Class A Punditry® no matter where in the world the news happens. So this week, we jump across the pond to cover last night’s stunning Tory victory in the Mother Country. To do that, we call on our mate Toby Young (he of the London Calling podcast, aka Great Britain’s fastest growing chat show) who takes us through all of the machinations and expectations of this historic election. Then, it’s back home where we get a visit from our newly minted Ricochet Podcast Chief Impeachment Pundit, Professor John Yoo, esq. (if you’re not listening to his Law Talk with Epstein & Yoo and Pacific Century podcasts, you are missing out). The Professor takes us through the week’s events with lots of legal insight and analysis with no spin. We wish our good pal Pat Sajak a speedy recovery by awarding the highly coveted Lileks Post of The Week badge to   @PHCheese for his post Get Well Fast Pat Sajak and we’ve got a new Long Poll question for you.  Finally, Rob attends a Christmas party with a bunch of frogs, Peter is rocking out on Handel, and Lileks will blow your snow if you ask him. Leave your requests in the comments.

Music from this week’s show: Rose of England by Nick Lowe

This week on the mighty GLoP podcast, we once again throw pre-agreed topics to the curb and let the Big Brains (that’s really what they make us call them) take the show where they will. So, we cover the infamous history of Rob’s NYC neighborhood, The Watchmen and The Man in The High Castle, whether or not The Irishman is trash or treasure, and are the Ferengis (characters on Star Trek: Voyager for you non-nerds) members of the Chosen People?  A GLoP investigation. Finally, fair warning: we do some Rank Punditry® on impeachment and some of you may be get triggered by what you hear. We apologize in advance to those that don’t want to hear politics, and urge you to use your fast forward button the the last five minutes where we discuss Christmas vs. Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah?)  and then do stick around for an outtake or two after the closing song. 

This week, something a little different: a totally free-form, no-topics-agreed-on-prior-to-the-show, take it where you will episode. Full disclosure: this is not the big deal it appears to be as even when we do agree on topics before the show, they are often abandoned, ignored, or disappear down a deep GLoP rabbit hole. Such is life in the GLoP Audio-phonic Universe®. So, in the spirit of improvisation, we’re not going to tell you in this show description what they discussed. You’ll just have to listen.

Obsessed with a certain political procedure in DC? Cleanse your intellectual palate with this Impeachment hearing free episode. Instead of blowhard House members and witnesses, we’ve got biting, incisive, and funny rank punditry® on HBO’s Watchmen, a look back at Casablanca, Rob wonders why drag isn’t as forbidden as black face, some thoughts and observations on the streaming wars, and we hear a pitch for a new reality series that might play well in red and blue areas. Tune in!

Yes, it’s Halloween and the guys do weigh in on their favorite Halloween candy and scary movie (Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments) but they also (sort of) eulogize legendary Hollywood studio chief, raconteur, ladies man, author/narrator of one of the greatest audio books of all time, and all around shady dude Robert Evans. Speaking of legendary, the New York Times pans a New York steak house that could claim that status, and Rob Long is happy about it.  Also, where do you come down in the Marty (Scorsese) vs. Marvel contretemps? The GLoP-heads discuss and you may be surprised on where they come down on it.

Sometimes it’s like herding cats but we finally got James and Toby together, a couple of days late but well worth the wait. On this episode Toby reports back about his recent trip to the Conservative Party Conference and how it was overshadowed by groping allegations against the Prime Minister.

Then we catch up on the latest stories emanating from inside the halls of the BBC, aka, “a nest of poisonous Communist vipers,” the Royal Shakespeare Company’s shunning of BP’s £7.5 million grant in the name of EcoWokeness, and then they cover the Royals’ lawsuit against The Mail for publishing a note to the Duchess of Sussex from her father.

Recorded live this morning as the transcript was released, this episode of GLoP is as fresh as a just mowed lawn. Wait, are newly mowed lawns fresh? OK, how about laundry just out of the dryer? Nah, too on the nose. OK, forget about the fresh metaphor. In this episode, the GLoP-meisters (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz) cover the goings on at WeWork and other suspect internet based businesses (ahem), a look at the state of the TV business, and yes, some Rank Punditry® on that phone call to Ukraine.

On this edition of the United Kingdom’s Most Trusted Podcast® James and Toby lament the latest news from the House of Commons and the actions of the Speaker of the House, AKA, Johnny the House Elf.

And then because we are Ricochet, our gents submit to the questions of the membership in an International Edition of Question Time. Want to participate in future grillings? Then join us!

Half of the United Kingdom’s Most Trusted Podcast® originates in America this week where Toby is taking in the sun and the thunderstorms of South Florida.

But there’s plenty of foolishness in the Mother Country to keep them occupied, from a university banning meat on campus (and the prospect of a world without cows), to the ever-present wokeness of men’s magazines and another proposal to block Brexit – an all-female cabinet.

You have questions, our podcasters have answers. We also have a little Rank Punditry® on the current news cycle, some spots, a few laughs. Oh, just listen. You’ll like it. Really.

Music from this week’s show: Questions by Jack Johnson

A very busy week to cover on this week’s show (even though one of our hosts is already vacation mode — and we apologize in advance for his sometimes spotty audio). We’ve got Jonathan V. Last (his Democratic Power Rankings are a must read) to parse both of the Dem debates, and the NY Post’s Sohrab Ahmari on the crisis on the border and yes, his criticism of David French and a branch of Conservatism in general. Also, the SCOTUS rulings, and Peter Robinson buys a car.

We’re off next week for the holiday. Have a safe and happy one, all!