Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard with his take on the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor

Etiquette author Amy Alkon on what Mork and Mindy can teach us about sexual harassment

Is Libertarianism dead? We ask Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie.

Speaking of dead…two bad guys are dead, in Texas and Maryland, because some good guys just did their jobs.

Hillary Clinton has 41 problems and yes, ladies, you ARE one.

Trump’s long game vs Mueller.

Tillerson got fired on Twitter, what’s up for H R McMaster— a Grumpy Cat “You’re Fired!” gif?

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Students storm out of class to protest…democracy.

The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski on the Middle-School-ization of American politics.

Tell us something we DON’T know:

The former secretary of the Nobel Prize committee admits: Obama didn’t deserve it.

Donald Trump—Unleeshed [sic]! On tariffs, trade and telling Alex Baldwin where he can stick it.

Could someone tell me why we’re celebrating higher prices on stuff we buy and sell again?

Annie, get your gun—quick, before President Trump takes it! Ben Howe from Red State on the current state of the debate between principle and politics;

I talk to a liberal New Hampshire business owner who has banned Republicans from his store, and comedy ensues! (Most of it unintentional)

Israel vs. Hezbollah/Syria/Iran–Just how bad are things getting in the Middle East? Lindsey Graham’s terrifying report.

Reason Magazine’s Jacob Sullum on whether we should give cops the power to detain without a warrant to stop gun crimes

Did Sheriff Israel have a police of leaving dangerous teens like the Parkland shooter on the streets? Red State’s Sarah Rumpf is on the story.

Why Donald Trump is dead-on with his comments about “going in without a weapon.”

I have seen the future of the Democratic Party, and (I hope) its name is Sheriff Scott Israel

It’s another #MAGA Monday episode, featuring radio talk host and CNN regular Ben Ferguson.

CNN hosts an anti-gun angry mob disguised as a town hall;

National Review’s David French on the current state of our gun conversation;

Donald Trump is “Making America Date Again!”

Investigative reporter Michele McPhee on the Florida shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and the FBI;

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel says armed police can do little to stop school violence….so he wants the cops to detain people for troublesome Facebook posts instead. We discuss this idea with Robby Soave, editor of

Plus–The Confession Hotline!

Another horrific school shooting, and another news cycle filled with the same old cliches. Is there a way out?

Jay Caruso of the Dallas Morning News stops liberal talking points with a simple two-word tweet

It’s Valentines Day, the perfect day for my fellow conservatives to celebrate the fact that we are hotter—and have better sex!

Tom Jocelyn from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies on the national security threat that keeps him awake at night.

What will happen in Alabama’s GOP Senate runoff and then in November against a Democrat? How will the Democrats do in 2018 relative to the general history that the party in executive power usually loses lots of seats in Congress? Finally, do you like podcasts about music? Because the guest this week, Jeff Blehar, is going to be starting one with National Review. Jeff covers all these topics with Jay and Neal and answers the important question of who is better, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

A difficult week for the ladybrains leads to a tough conversation about preserving friendships in a politically-fraught time.

Sometimes you have to take risks. Is there a risk for a conservative podcast to have a liberal guest? Is there a risk for a liberal guest to go on a conservative podcast? Of course. But when both sides are going to have a conversation, things work out. Former Barack Obama speechwriter, Jon Favreau and co-host of Pod Save America joined Jay and Neal to talk about the political divide, Donald Trump, where Democrats and Republicans can work together and the overall state of our political culture. Listen in. You’ll enjoy it!

Bethany, Amelia, and Lyndsey get real (real weird that is) about apocalypse survival.