TIM PHILLIPS with AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY discusses how the Left are trying to restructure the American economy with their ideological wish lists. Find Tim at http://AmericansForProsperity.org, Twitter @AFPhq, and his Malibu interview with Dave here: https://youtu.be/lsY892pYetY – 43:16: ERIC SMART, a Consumer Advocate who’s worked with the FDA and FTC discusses the increase in #Covid19 scams and fraud and how to protect yourself. Find Eric at http://myaderm.com.

Brian Kilmeade joins Dave for a personal and enlightening discussion about Brian’s journey to the apex of news media and the criticism that Fox News is moving Left. Brian shares his thoughts on whether our kids are no longer patriotic, how we can teach history, and the breaking General Flynn & Obamagate story. We also discuss society allowing history to be forgotten for the sake of political correctness and why everyone should know how Sam Houston changed America. Brian is the host of Fox & Friends, the number one rated morning show on cable news, host of the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio and best-selling author of six books, including his latest Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers. Find Brian on Twitter at http://twitter.com/kilmeade and get his signed books at http://briankilmeade.com.

Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report and author of the New York Times bestseller Don’t Burn This Book, joins Dave Sussman to discuss why Dave almost let his career end just as he was getting started – fake news, the media and journalism today – responding to his former colleagues at the Young Turks and those who call him a nazi, does he have a favorite guest, and much more in this wide-ranging interview. Find Dave Rubin on Twitter.

Carrie Severino is chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network. Graduate of Harvard Law, and clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court, Carrie’s book, the Number 1 Bestseller Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court was co-authored with Mollie Hemingway. Carrie’s recent op-ed was published on FoxNews.com entitled “Biden assault allegations – VP candidates’, Dems’ response a master class in hypocrisy.”

Moe Vela, former Senior Advisor to Vice President #JoeBiden and Vice President Al Gore discusses Biden”s response #TaraReade’s allegations and today’s #MeToo compared with #Kavanaugh. Dave also goes into Joe’s mental acuity, election 2020, values, and why Joe is promising to choose a VP based on gender and/or race. Moe was in charge of Human Resources while he was in the White House with Vice President Biden. He has been seen and quoted in CBS News, Fox News, The Hill, Yahoo TV, CGTN, Bloomberg, BBC, Politico, Fox Business and more. Find Moe on Twitter at http://twitter.com/moevela.

How Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, & Ben Affleck’s exclusive poker game became the Incredible True Story in Aaron Sorkin’s Molly’s Game: Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist The A-List Kingpin and the Poker Ring that Brought Down Tinseltown with Houston Curtis. Houston started the high-end private games of the elite stars and athletes and shares the intimate details missed in the outstanding film, now on Netflix. Find Houston Curtis at https://KardSharp.com

How could the Trump Administration prevent the worse economic crisis in modern history? Pay EVERYONE’s bills for starters (!?!) – Kent Emmons, CraveNews CEO and All-American Businessman discusses his unconventional solutions with Dave at Whiskey Politics as they sip Pat Benatar’s Three Chord Rye. Find Kent at https://kentemmons.com/.

Grover Norquist, President at Americans for Tax Reform (https://atr.org) joins Dave for a breakdown of the wide-ranging impact the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy, education, and politics.

Trump Economic Adviser Stephen Moore (Heritage Foundation, Wall Street Journal, and Cato Inst.) joins Dave to discuss how bad the economic fallout will be as businesses shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Will banks clamp down on lending? How can we reopen the economy? What will the impact be on Election 2020? And why Donald Trump would be wise learning the lessons from Barak Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Plus a couple of questions from Ricochet members.

Barak Lurie, an author, lawyer, and talk show host, joins Dave to discuss the Covid-19 virus, the shutdown, the economic crisis and his latest book Rise of the Sex Machines, which focuses on how relationships were already changing before the pandemic. Find RISE OF THE SEX MACHINES: How Culture and Technology Are Changing Relationships Forever—And Who Will Resist on Amazon and Barak Lurie at http://Lurie-Law.com.

Sydney Watson joins Dave for a wide-ranging, long-form discussion.

Can the U.S. learn from Australia’s Immigration Policies? – 10:45: The Over-Sexualization of Children. – 20:00: Jubilee Media’s Middle Ground on #MeToo with Sydney WatsonBlaire White & Dave. – 36:55: Racism, “Self Segregation” and the Left’s Race-Baiting. – 44:20: Social Media today and the future impact on Cultural Issues.

James Golden (Bo Snerdly) has worked with and by Rush Limbaugh’s side for three decades. James updates us on Rush, the current state of media and his exciting new PAC focused on “Making Blacks Republican Again.” https://www.newjourneypac.org/ Follow James at https://twitter.com/BoSnerdley

Buzz Patterson joins Dave for an insider’s analysis of how the Clinton Administration was derelict in its duties. From 1996 to 1998, Colonel Patterson was Military Aide to President Bill Clinton. During that time, he served at the right hand of President and Mrs. Hillary Clinton and was responsible for the President’s Emergency Satchel, otherwise known as the “Nuclear Football,” the black bag with the nation’s nuclear capability that accompanies the president at all times. The NYTimes Best-Selling Author is now running for a very flippable seat in CA7. https://buzz4congress.com/ and http://twitter.com/buzzpatterson. #Hillary #Bloomberg #Clinton #Obama #Trump #TDS #Congress #Homelessness #California

Burgess Owens, Super Bowl Champion, Author, Speaker and Candidate for Congress in Utah’s CD4 joins Dave for this long-form sit-down covering the increasing support for American socialism, talking to Congress on reparations, fellow Utahn Mitt Romney, and why he’s running in a very ‘flippable’ House seat in Utah. Find Burgess Owens at https://twitter.com/burgessowens/ and https://www.burgess4utah.com/ and his books on Amazon.

Could Social Security distribute over $6,000 per month instead of $1,200 (with the same money in)? Is it possible that most people can somehow agree on the pro-choice/pro-life debate? Should we eliminate the Department of Education? This fascinating, wide-ranging and fun discussion with media heavyweight, entrepreneur, Author and now CEO of Crave News, Kent Emmons show’s how most of the RIght and Left can come together to solve the biggest problems of our time. As news networks have become unabashedly biased and dangerously divisive, and the average age of the Fox News viewer is 68, Kent is creating an exciting platform that will revolutionize news and content for a new generation. Join us for this rollicking conversation about media, how we can solve the most divisive problems and Kent’s new bestselling book The Common Sense 80%: The Absolute Political Majority available at https://amzn.to/3aY00tU.

Blaire White: The ‘Prolific Youtuber, Public Speaker, Political & Social Commentator’ joins Dave in this long-form, transparent and thought-provoking discussion covering Free Speech, #MeToo, Transgender issues, the Left’s takeover of the LGBTQ narrative, and her personal story. Follow Blaire White on YouTube, and @msblairewhite on Twitter and Instagram. PLEASE Support #WhiskeyPolitics at http://paypal.me/mywhiskeypolitics. Cheers!

According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which approves new vaccines, allows employees to receive up to $150,000 from vaccine manufacturers. The manufacturers are exempt from safety testing and are not held liable for injury claims. Yet while most people born before the late ’90s were required to take 3-4 vaccines as a child, nowadays kids must take over 70(!), many not tested. Pharmaceutical companies are generating over $50 Billion a year providing medicine just to handle the side effects. The government is spending billions to settle cases instead of vaccine manufacturers. What is going on here??? Robert discusses why he’s NOT an anti-Vaxxer, labeled by the media and some in his own family. @23:30 We discuss RFK working with President Trump on vaccines and autism. – @36:35 Robert’s view about today’s Democrat party and the difference between today’s Left and his Uncle and Father. Learn much more at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/.

Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway campaign on the brilliance of #RedPill’n humanity, Woke Hollywood and the Golden Globes and speaking at a Trump Rally. @27:30 Steve Hayward, Co-Blogger at PowerlineBlog.com and Senior Resident Scholar at U.C. Berkeley. *Please note, Dave’s audio is low on the video (studio glitch), but corrected on the podcast version.

Vernon Robinson, author of the new book Coming Home: How Black Americans Will Re-Elect Trumpdiscusses why he’s certain Black Americans will re-elect President Trump. Then @23:52 Karen Straughan (The Red Pill available on YouTube, AmazonPrime) on the current state of the Mens Rights Advocate movement, #MeToo and why she was banned on Twitter. Subscribe to Karen’s YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/girlwriteswhat.

Movie Critic Christian Toto joins Dave to discuss Star Wars Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker, Richard Jewell, the end of James Bond, and Dave’s 2019 hit and misses on this year-end episode of Whiskey Politics. Christian joins Dave @14:05 and can be found at http://HollywoodinToto.com & https://twitter.com/HollywoodInToto – #StarWarsTheRiseofSkywalker #OnceUponATimeinHollywood #FordvsFerrari #Joker #AvengersEndGame #DowntonAbbey #SpiderMan #TheIrishman #Rocketman #JamesBond #NoTimeToDie