Today on Right and Righter, the team discusses Andrew McCabe and self-driving cars before trying to figure out exactly how many people had their ears pierced at soon-to-be-defunct mall chain Claire’s.

Topics include Robert Mueller’s subpoena of the Trump Organization, the results of the special election in Pennsylvania, Putin’s new space race, celebrity breakups, who Zayn is, whether we should believe Justin Bieber is a committed Christian, pets in airplanes, Katy Perry, and how wrong Sonny Bunch is about Stephen Hawking.

On today’s episode of Right and Righter, the crew discusses the departure of Rex Tillerson, Stormy Daniels’ shady ploy, and Taylor Swift concert tickets.

Today on the podcast, the crew discusses the odds of Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize, a truly ingenious Russian intervention, and Aaron Harison offers up some health advice.

Topics discussed on today’s episode of Right and Righter include Sam Nunberg’s media meltdown, the extra-shocking finale of The Bachelor, and the best film of 2018: Death Wish.

On the latest episode of Right and Righter, we discuss Trump’s trade wars, his shifting stances on gun control, the departure of Hope Hicks from the Trump White House, Ben Carson’s $31,000 office furniture, the future of the ‘Sex and the City’ franchise, KFC versus Popeye’s chicken, taxidermy, and yoga pants, God’s gift to mankind.

The latest Right and Righter tackles gun control, Dianne Feinstein, Michelle Obama’s forthcoming book, Monica Lewinsky, an extra-special segment on “The Bachelor,” Sonny Bunch’s support for vigilantism, and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski.

On this episode of “Right and Righter,” host Elizabeth Harrington welcomes Matthew Continetti, Aaron Harison, Natalie Johnson, and special guest Michael Goldfarb. Topics include the gun control debate, bullying, Brendan Fraser, the Bachelor Winter Games, Millennials, Justin Trudeau, and turning the Moon into a gas station. You won’t want to miss it.

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