There’s no magazine for the Memorial Day weekend but the guys from Mag Men are still around. In this episode, the group discusses the sometimes absurd and makes-no-sense reopenings and how its confusing. There’s also the criticism of keeping parks, tennis courts, soccer fields and hiking trails closed.

Also up for discussion is Ben Smith’s piece in the New York Times about Ronan Farrow and how resistance journalism gets a pass when the writers are misleading or get something wrong.

Everyone is here and the guys have a long discussion about the Michael Flynn case and the dropping of charges by the Justice Department. It’s a mess and even those critical of Trump and Flynn are not thrilled with how this played out, including the co-hosts.

The Democrats want to see Trump’s financial documents. Trump refused and now the Supreme Court will make the decision. Is it legitimate or nothing but a means to embarrass Trump?

With all the news still going on about the coronavirus, the guys decided to discuss several issues that aren’t directly related to the pandemic.

First up is the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare. The Trump administration relaxed the rules for having to provide them for employees and appeals court stopped it. The Supreme Court took up the issue. Also, the Super PAC called The Lincoln Project released an ad called, “Mourning in America,” a take on Ronald Reagan’s famous reelection ad from 1984, except this one is a direct shot at President Trump, who didn’t take it very well. The guys also discuss Josh Hawley’s op-ed in the New York Times calling for the abolishment of the World Trade Organization.

It’s a coronavirus free episode! I mean, it’s mentioned but only in the context of other discussions. Grant was MIA for this episode, it was just the Three Amigos.

Joe Biden finally dealt directly with the sexual assault allegations made against him by Tara Reade. He appeared on Morning Joe and likely was not expecting such a tough interview. He didn’t look good, but it also wasn’t terrible and now the rest of the press can leave it alone.

It’s been several weeks and so much has changed. Instead of discussion continued lockdown, states are beginning to talk about getting people back to work. The guys discuss the pros and cons and what people will choose to do, outside of whatever permission they’re getting from Governors and state legislatures.

There’s also a long discussion about the press and its treatment of the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and how it differs from the coverage of Brett Kavanaugh.

With 10 million people filing unemployment claims in March, and 6.6 million of those in the final week of the month, the coronavirus’s economic impact begin to rumble around the country. The guys discuss what can be done, what the political impacts for Trump and Biden will be and what’s going to be the best way to get out of it and get the country back on track.

With everyone in a state of quarantine, the group discusses what they’re watching, listening to and what video games they’re playing (if any) as well as how they’re getting their sports fix.

The coronavirus disruption continues and so the guys from Mag Men who were all home again, practicing social distancing, doing the show via Skype.

As the episode was recording, Senate Democrats and Republicans agreed in principle to a $2 trillion coronavirus relief/stimulus package. The guys discuss if it will do any good and if there will need to be another down the road.

What people hoped was something that might not get all that bad — got bad. The coronavirus has created a lot of disruption and that includes the guys from Mag Men who were all home, practicing social distancing, and recorded this episode via Skype.

The guys talk more about the steps getting take to combat the virus, the stimulus package that is under debate and the ramifications it will have for business and industry as well as what will work best for people in the form of direct payments to help keep the economy afloat.

The guys talk about Super Tuesday II and what it means for Bernie Sanders’ campaign as well as the general election. We also get into a little of Biden’s showdown with a voter in Michigan.

The gang then goes on to discuss Coronavirus and how “the elites” at CPAC are fine with telling members of Congress and VIP’s who came into contact with an attendee diagnosed with coronavirus but are leaving the plebs in the dark. Also, the politics of coronavirus and what it means for Trump’s reelection bid and also the health of the economy overall.

Welcome to the debut episode of Mag Men, the Washington Examiner Magazine Editors podcast. The show features Executive Editor, Seth Mandel, Managing Editor Jay Caruso, Deputy Editor J. Grant Addison and Life & Arts Editor Park MacDougald.

  • Please forgive us for some of the sound issues. We’re in the process of making it sound a whole lot better.

On today’s episode, the group discusses the Super Tuesday results and what it means for both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They also take a look at what could happen in the future and possible VP choices. They also talk about some conservatives’ affinity for Sanders and whether that’s just part of a plan to prop him up or genuine regard for his candidacy.

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