Screen-Shot-2014-12-24-at-9.50.16-AMIn this Very Special Episode of Tracked and Targeted, Kurt, Kruiser, & Katz ask 5 of the most important questions about the holidays. They also reveal secrets of a Hollywood Christmas party and determine whether or not you can celebrate the holidays without the Romans and The Horror.

How Do You Celebrate Christmas?

Play along at home and let us know your answers in the comment section below.

NorthT&T Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) issues an apology for inconveniencing the Senate by forcing some public servants to work over the weekend. That’s a forgivable crime, right? But if you want to be a conservative hero, you better tell your friends and allies about your master plan.

Bonus ProTip to the GOP: Nobody rides for free. The establishment needs a spanking and there are at least three guys lined up with paddles. (You’ll learn their names if you listen to the show, and they’re looking for credentials to CPAC).


Yumbo, Canards, and Artificial Intelligence Is Better Than Zero Intelligence

Tracked and Targeted Episode 10 Tony Katz Stephen Kruiser Kurt SchlichterAdmit it, you were sitting around the dinner table last week when somebody asked what you’re thankful for. Immediately you thought “Tracked and Targeted.” But you’re a Giants fan, so you said, “Madison Bumgarner” instead. Regardless, the guys are in your brain. And they’re back to work this week.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream About A Shirt

The GOP’s trip through the Election Day worm hole landed the party light years away from the last government shutdown. Do party leaders have the wisdom to know what to do when faced with another potential shutdown?

A BLOCK: Shutdown Madness

Ep8_AssTracked and Targeted returns to ask,
“Was ObamaCare an Inside Job?”

Actually, I don’t think they ask or answer that question. But Tony, Stephen, and Kurt get back to the business of giving you the business.

A Block: #Grubering for Fun and Profit

Wonder Twin Powers Activate: Shape of a Steak! Form of a Question!

A Block: Electile Dysfunction

Tracked Targeted Walking Dead Kurt Schlichter Tony Katz Stephen Kruiser
What’s the Plural Form of Apocalypse?

Obsessed with zombies? Worried that Lucy will pull the ball away from you … one more time? Stephen Kruiser, Tony Katz, and Kurt Schlichter have the cure for what ails you: Tracked and Targeted, Episode 6.

Why We’re Winning:
No Charts, No Apologies & Occasionally #NoPants

Eric Holder
Eric Holder Wants To Read Your Texts

This week Kurt Schlichter gives a lesson about the Constitution, Stephen Kruiser hates Casablanca, and Tony Katz thinks the Tracked and Targeted producers pay attention to what he says. Everything about this week’s podcast is absolutely un-American.


What To Do When Famous People Express Conservative Ideas

This week on Tracked and Targeted we join Three Men and a Podcast as they discuss the cultural world they found on their doorstep this morning.

Schlichter Kruiser Katz Tracked and Targeted

Are you ready for some red meat?

In this episode of Tracked and Targeted we learn why Hillary is a phony, how the only people who are afraid of guns in America work in the news media, and why the first act of an independent Scotland would be to invade Schlichterland.

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