Journalist, broadcaster, political commentator and publisher Iain Dale meets with James to discuss Brexit, the Edinburgh Fringe and ‘squishiness’ vs ideological purity

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Ecomodernist Mike Shellenberger explains the belief in the eco-apocalypse, Greta’s ingratitude, and our nuclear future.

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Direct from The Light, it’s the Delingpod at Podcast Live, with special guest Dick Delingpole–and everything you’ve come to expect from the Dick and James show!

Douglas Murray, the world’s most dangerous–and most threatened–intellectual, tackles social justice ideology in “The Madness of Crowds.”

James speaks with DC Miller, notorious artist and surrealist poet threatened, defamed, and attacked for counter-protesting the campaign to shut down the independent London art gallery LD50.


Stewart Paterson, international fund manager, explains just how the Communist Party of China completely reshaped world trade and geopolitics.Stewart’s book, China, Trade and Power.

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Daily Telegraph chief political correspondent, founder of the “Legacy of Hope” charity, and host of “Chopper’s Brexit Podcast” Christopher Hope tells James what is happening, what isn’t happening, and what will never happen in a thousand years.

Tom Holland the author of Rubicon and The Shadow of the Sword, joins James to discuss his upcoming work Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World.


On this week’s Delingpod, James sits down with journalist and videographer Andy Ngo. They discuss whats going on in Portland, the philosophy and tactics of Antifa and the infamous attack on Andy.

Jeffrey Lee, author of God’s Wolf, the account of much maligned crusader Reynald de Chatillon, explains that the Crusades were the crucible of the modern world. 

Veteran economist and co-founder of Global Vision Dr. Ruth Lea explains why Brexit won’t mean an economic apocalypse.

He fought the law and the law LOST! Darren Grimes, founder of the pro-Brexit BeLeave campaign, traces the long and winding road from political innocence to victory in court against the Electoral Commission.

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The enigmatic Australian (and Antiguan) polymath and Bitcoin tycoon returns to tell James how government creeps into EVERYTHING–and how to build a system that will make political corruption much more difficult.

Key participant in the Global Weather Experiment, former director within NOAA, and notable CO2 heretic, Dr. Rex Fleming explains how and why the major US scientific organizations suppress “deniers”–and why he’s right and they’re wrong. He tells all in his book, Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change.

Dick is back after a lengthy absence to discuss bees vs wasps, glasto, nude trampolining, woke zulu, previous podcast episodes and… the YES/NO game!!!

Matt Ridley, author of the deservedly popular Rational Optimist, tells James what the future holds, how CO2 is greening the planet, and why his next book, How Innovation Works, is so important.

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Kurt Zindulka, former pizza delivery man, ESL teacher, journalist, blogger/vlogger, host of “Travelling Dukes” and “Publick Occurrences”–and  another member of the fraternity of the “milkshaked”–tells James about his Asian odyssey.

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Special D-Day edition of The Delingpod: James Holland tells Delingpole about his new book, Normandy ’44: D-Day and the Battle for France!

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Dr. Bella d’Abrera, director of the Foundations of Western Civilization Program at Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs, tells James about the pathological hatred she faces from fellow academics, the extent to which the Left is out of step with mainstream Australia, which foreign language to learn, and why fake history is foisted on the schools.

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James interviews Ronan Connolly, the award-winning scientist who has studied everything from aquaponics to waste-water treatment–and what he has to say about climate change may surprise you.

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