This week, James speaks to ‘a guest’ – reminiscing about past episodes, the irrelevance of Greta/Femi/Caroline Lucas, competitive family strava running, seriously annoying hobbits, ‘Our NHS’, covid-nazis. And a very special game…

Wild Life correspondent of the Spectator, Balliol contemporary of Boris Johnson, war correspondent, cattle farmer – talks about: the disastrous effects of the Coronavirus scare on the African economy; the evils of China in exploiting the crisis to expand its global domination; how to build herd immunity in cattle and humans; his disappointment with Boris; his Oxford memories of James; how badly he misses his farm in Laikipia, Kenya – even though it’s swarming with puff adders and black mambas…

Carbon Mike and James catch up again and talk about payment systems, artificial intelligence, democratisation of the news, smaller government and unexpected opportunities arising from Covid-19

Scott lives in China and has done for the past 19 years. He and James discuss the initial outbreak of CV-19, how the state was initially slow to suppress news of the outbreak, the grisly CV-19 stories shared with Scott by his friends and the unhealthy relationship between academics advising the government and their implicit lack of honesty/objectivity. They also talk about Scott’s life in the East and the culture of censorship and social isolation in China

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Professor turned satirist Hector Drummond tackles an opponent more intractable than a post-modernist, more entrenched than a Vice-Chancellor: COVID-19.

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This week James talks to his brother from another mother, Carbon Mike – founder of the Foundationist Society

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Lady Hogg – Elizabeth or Liz Hogg to her friends – was 90 this year. Now isolated at home in London, she looks back cheerfully on her extraordinary life as an impoverished scion of the English rural upper classes – including her stint as a secret intelligence service codebreaker and her eccentric chums including the lady who broke her leg while performing her very unusual party piece

Professor Don Siegel of Arizona State University takes James through the bizarre maze of a grand social experiment without consent or proper ethical oversight: the LOCKDOWN! Click here to find out how to be James’s Special Friend. 

James talks to Peter Hitchens in this Delingpod special about the encroachment of the state during the Corona Virus lockdown and how quickly people rush to give up their liberties during times of uncertainty and fear

In this episode, James talks with Sven Hughes, who is the CEO of Enigma Strategic Communications Ltd, and who runs the Truth Trade Podcast (Interviews with Influencers). They discuss the economic and social knock on effects of the corona virus lock down, the opportunity cost of funding the insatiable green blob, old vs new conservative values/philosophy and dog poo in your yoghurt.

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This week James chats with Will Nutting from Stifel about investments, market turbulence and Corona Virus (of course)

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This week, James is joined by the legendary Peter Hitchens – renowned conservative, author and journalist. In this episode James and Peter discuss Syria, climate change, the state of British education, Boris, the deep state, thinly slicing away of liberites and much more besides…

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This week, James talks to Brian Robinson – actor and voice coach

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This week James catches up with Allum Bokhari – Author and Senior Tech Correspondant at Breitbart.

This week James talks to David Starkey, English constitutional historian and a radio and television presenter.

This week James talks to James Ruppert – all round car-tastic hero and author of ‘Demotorized – the 200 Year War on the Motorist’, ‘Bangernomics’ and ‘One quarter of the Encylopedia of Classic Cars’

Douglas Murray explains how leftists maintain a deathgrip on public office, why the Conservatives must make appointments to demoralize their opposition, and why most people refuse to defend truth.


Robert Tombs, Professor of French History at Cambridge University, tells of his lonely battle in support of Brexit and why so many of his allies are anonymous!


This week James is joined by Dr Kristian Niemietz – Head of Political Economy at the IEA

A monologue in which James accounts for his outrageous opinions and above all his failure to deliver the promised Julia Hartley-Brewer podcast!

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