…mother, barrister, co-editor of Conservative Woman – gives it both barrels (again) on the subject of the lockdown and Boris Johnson’s useless regime…

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Kurt Schlichter is a retired infantry colonel, litigation lawyer, stand up comic, star columnist at Townhall, and author of the Kelly Turnbull series of dystopian novels set in a US where the leftists have won (fifth in the series, Crisis is out shortly) – returns to the Delingpod to talk about the US presidential election. Does Trump still have a chance?

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…mother, barrister, co-editor of Conservative Woman – gives it both barrels on the subject of the lockdown and Boris Johnson’s useless regime…

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…Senior Technology Correspondent Breitbart News, tells James about Deleted – his terrifying book about Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement. They discuss how Wikipedia has become a defamatory mechanism for destroying the reputation of anyone on the right, how Google – the world’s most dangerous company – has forgotten its founding motto ‘Don’t Be Evil’; how – unless Trump wins – much worse is yet to come.

Visiting Professor at King’s College, London; Australian army intelligence officer; chairman of Griffin Law; founder of the charity Hear Their Cries (which campaigns to stop child rape and sexual abuse by aid workers: http://www.heartheircries.org/) – is possibly James’s most left wing guest so far and also one of the most intellectually brilliant

Nevertheless, in the course of a wide ranging discussion which takes in – the character of Australia; how to deal with immigration and ‘refugees’; Paul Kagame’s socio-economic miracle in Rwanda; will there be war with China?; is the UN really necessary – they find they have lots in common too.

Dr Mike Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry and toxicology, a research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology, has spent over 30 years leading new medicines research in the pharmaceuticals industry, and founded his own biotech company which he sold to the world’s biggest drug company Novartis in 2017.
He talks to James about his devastating paper What SAGE has Got Wrong (https://lockdownsceptics.org/what-sage-got-wrong/) in which he says that the Covid pandemic is over, that there will be no Second Wave, that we have already achieved herd immunity and that Sir Patrick Vallance, Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser, is a liar and that the vaccine is more or less a waste of time. He doesn’t pull his punches
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…is an English painter of country houses, historic buildings and landscapes talks about his extraordinary life and career: his formative years with James and Dick at Malvern College; his friendship with Francis Bacon; his unlikely career as a Channel 4 gofer and continuity announcer; his big break courtesy of Sir Roy Strong; his biggest fan (the Prince of Wales); his grandest portrait subject (the Queen). Probably one of the most gossipy, deliciously unexpected, adorable podcast you’ll ever hear

You can see Jonathan’s distinctive birds-eye view landscapes at Myles-Lea.com. You’ll also find him @myleslea on Instagram.

…aka the Fat Emperor – an engineer by training, has spent 30 years in corporate technical leadership, is the co-author of Eat Rich, Live Long (about the health benefits of a low carbohydrate diet) but most recently has become a hero of the growing movement sceptical about coronavirus and the extreme government measures taken to stop it. Ivor talks to James about his shocking findings. You can hear Ivor’s own excellent podcast via his website thefatemperor.comPlease Support the Delingpod:


James interviews Conservative MP Ben Bradley about Ben’s entrance into politics, the leftist agenda being pushed through British institutions and the coronavirus lockdowns imposed by the government

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…climate sceptic, author of the collected essays How Dare You! (published by the Global Warming Policy Forum), ‘Thatcherite skeptic in Trudeaupia’ (he was born in England but lives in Toronto)

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James talks to Bjorn Lomborg (the Danish statistician who first opened James’s eyes to the environmentalism scam) about his new book False Alarm – How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor and Fails to Fix the Planet (Basic Books), argues gently over whether ‘climate change’ is real, and then agree, more or less, on Covid-19…

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British born, Hungarian-American host of the America First talk show – https://www.sebgorka.com/, former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, gun lover, triggerer of the left

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James and guest Dick Delingpole ramble on, as they usually do, about all manner of things

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…physicist, climate sceptic and cancelled academic talks about his ongoing legal battles with James Cook University, why the Great Barrier Reef is doing just fine and why Queensland is the greatest

You can support Peter on his GoFundMe page: https://au.gofundme.com/f/peter-ridd-legal-action-fund-2019

Telegraph columnist, Harry Potter guru, Mastermind competitor, Warwickshire girl, and the only other person who has memorised Burnt Norton talk about the genius of TS Eliot, the underratedness of JK Rowling, the greatness of Midlands folk, the joys of learning poetry, the crapness of the left and lots of other stuff besides.

Ronan is a newbie journalist from northern England. So far he has written for Hector Drummond Magazine and The Critic, exposing the scandal of the Death Clauses in the Coronavirus Act, and was scribbling for his local paper till Covid totalitarianism put his boss out of business (only temporarily with a bit of luck). He is writing a book about Britain in the first half of 2020.
Before becoming a journalist he worked in construction and hospitality, in Britain and Ireland, for fifteen years, keeping a roof over his head filling skips, building walls, mixing cocktails, pulling pints, washing dishes, steaming lobsters and throwing house music and techno parties. During this time he met people from all over the world, from DJs to fishermen, gangsters to doctors. He saw a lot of crazy things along the way – but nothing prepared him for the sights and sounds of a modern Russell Group university, where, in 2013, he saw the Jacobin revolution now engulfing the West as it got started.
He still likes to build things and make drinks for people. But above all, he loves to read and write and looks forward to publishing more work. In case the journalism career doesn’t work out, he’s taking night classes in law at The University of Buckingham, suitably “probably the least politically correct university in Europe” (Sir Roger Scruton).

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…former leader of the Tory madrassa/one time godfather of young conservatives, and founder of Griffin Law


…physicist, Zionist Israeli Jew – helps James decide whether he’s secretly Jewish and whether he’d like to live in Israel, chats about Fauda and James’s remarkable resemblance to Doron, and closes with an account of the Crypto Class Action he’s launching against Facebook in Australia..

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Nick Timothy, former special adviser to Prime Minister Theresa May, now a Telegraph columnist, argues with James about what it means to be a conservative and whether the post- Thatcher Conservative party has ever delivered anything remotely conservative. They also have a dig at the Archbishop of Canterbury…


…retired infantry colonel, litigation lawyer, stand up comic, star columnist at Townhall, author The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (Regnery) – and the man who makes James look like a milquetoast pantywaist cuck – talks about everything from Antifa and military strategy to California and Donald Trump

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