Our education system has devolved from a source of edification to a hotbed of radicalization. Teachers and curricula at schools all across the country—even in red states—are out to villainize everyone they can. Dr. Robert Royal joins Spencer to discuss the problems with this slippery slope and the truth about one of our most maligned figures: Christopher Columbus.

Plummeting confidence in higher education is leading to drastically reduced enrollment–these alarming developments have been under-reported, but the coronavirus phenomenon has made them increasingly difficult to conceal. Professor John Ellis joins Spencer to discuss what widespread online learning is doing to affect the fate of our highly politicized academy.

“Cancel one, cancel all!” wokesters religiously chant as they close in on another brand or person they don’t like. Cancel culture is spreading its abhorrent tendrils through American culture from boardrooms to classrooms at the behest of the self-righteous, yet all-too-often guilty media and elite classes. Professor Richard Samuelson joins Spencer to poke a few witty holes in the flawed logic of cancel culture, complete with a case study: The New York Times.

Join Dr. Kesler and Spencer as they dive into the latest CRB and its major themes. Dr. Kesler highlights the effects of rioting and statucide on America’s bedrock foundations. The fall issue charts America’s crisis in detail–Spencer and Dr. Kesler explain some of the dysfunction currently plaguing the country and contemplate possible solutions.

As Trump’s first term draws to a close, former senior national security advisor Michael Anton joins Spencer to discuss the political phenomenon that is Trump: are we better off now than we were four years ago? Anton, author of the forthcoming book The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return, argues there’s little wrong with Trump that more Trump can’t solve.

Is China really an existential threat to America? Economist David P. Goldman joins Spencer to discuss the meteoric rise of a ruthless and emboldened China. Goldman, president of Macrostrategy LLC and columnist for Asia Times, is well-placed to observe and analyze the underhand tactics of the Chinese Communist Party.

Where is all this wokeness leading us? Professor David Azerrad of Hillsdale College joins Spencer to reveal the final goal of the social justice crowd. Professor Azerrad, himself on the forefront of the culture war raging throughout American higher education, explains the tactics SJWs utilize to shut down the debate of ideas.