You thought 2020 was weird before. But now Kanye is running for president, the bots are ready to teach you wokespeak, and Joe Biden has pledged to transform America into something unrecognizable. Plus: Terry Crews gets based, and won’t back down.

With the coronavirus surging again, Daddy Newsom rises to the fore as Karen-in-Chief–shutting down businesses across California, closing beaches, and banning fireworks just in time for the 4th. Meanwhile, CHAZ/CHOP is no more, scuppered after CHOP’s armed private security executed a young man. Plus: Columbus, Ohio removes a statue of Christopher Columbus while GOP senators work to abolish Columbus Day, which only serves to show their complete fecklessness and inability to grasp the underlying issues.

Have we forgotten that revolutionary ideology breeds actual revolutions? It seems some of our leaders on the Right may have. Our fearless Claremont president urges them to Stand Up! BLM and the left continue to go unchecked, Big Tech weaponizes deregistration without oversight, and our military leaders issue renegade statements that don’t bode well, to say the least. Our editors discuss the American culture’s latest forbidden heresy and Ryan pays tribute to the great Michael Uhlmann, who singlehandedly saved the electoral college.

The Lincoln Project puts out shamelessly deceitful (and laughably uninspired) propaganda insinuating President Trump is a racist. Google tries to demonetize the Federalist. Plus: Black Lives Matter rallies people to raise money for Black lives but instead funnels it to the Democrat Party and other activist groups. Our editors discuss the demonstrations of political power in the streets and the erasure of western history before our very eyes.

There’s a new religion in the land, but it offers no absolution. Our editors discuss the new convulsions of our latest culture war culture war,  in which ignorant armies rage against the very principles of equality on which America was built. Our editors unpack the important cultural shifts that brought about this crisis and ponder where to go from here.

The country watches the effects of the 1619 Project come to life in the form of weaponized social justice and anti-American riots. The ruling class goes full force in their efforts to unseat our elected president. Woke channels brainwash children with a gnostic leftist fantasy, and those who should know better sadly capitulate.

In this episode, the editors look to the final frontier, revisit some of The American Mind’s best essays, and answer your questions in the mailbag.

The coronavirus has America paralyzed by poor decision-making. In the midst of the chaos it claims a new victim: higher education. But who’s suffering more, students ready to learn or administrators hungry to indoctrinate? Plus: in a grab bag of bashing, our editors lament Michigan’s petty tyranny and lambaste California’s ham-fisted lockdown.

As stay-at-home orders are senselessly extended in parts of the country, our editors contemplate the indignities of life under mediocre government officials drunk on emergency powers. Many of those officials currently find themselves mired in scandals extending back to the Obama administration. Plus: will Big Tech be our savior or our demise moving forward?

As Trump taps a loyal supporter to be postmaster general, Ryan educates us on the days of Taft and the spoils system. Matt discusses the importance of liberty in the age rule by Governor Gavin “Karen” Newsom. Plus: the anti-American 1619 Project continues to poison American education and discourse, and now its creator has a Pulitzer to lend her faux legitimacy. Our editors shout into the void.

Governor Gavin Newsom gives beachgoers in California the dad look of disappointment. Our editors consider the cringe state of affairs that is celebrities in quarantine. Plus: Oxford lecturer Dr. Emily Cousens fears a British coronavirus vaccine because it might make her country look good.

Show notes

In Part 2 of this special edition of the American Mind podcast, we offer a response to the 1619 Project, underscoring the imperative to develop and execute a whole-of-society response to defeat it. This portion of the podcast features Claremont Institute Chairman Tom Klingenstein and scholar Chris Flannery, as well as the likes of Newt Gingrich and Heather Mac Donald. It is narrated by James Poulos, Executive Editor of the American Mind and produced by ChangeUp Media.


In Part 1 of this special edition of the American Mind podcast, we explore the intellectual roots, political and societal implications of and the antidote to what the Claremont Institute believes is the great threat to America: multiculturalism. The podcast features Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams, Chairman Tom Klingenstein and scholars Lucas Morel and Chris Flannery, as well as the likes of Newt Gingrich, Allen Guelzo, Heather Mac Donald, Wilfred McClay, and Peter Wood. It is narrated by James Poulos, Executive Editor of the American Mind and produced by ChangeUp Media.


The WHO becomes a political football guarded by Leftists, Globalization warps the political judgment of our bipartisan ruling class, and the mainstream American media joins up with Beijing’s propaganda machine.

Petty tyrants like Michigan Gov. Whitmer push lockdown too far, the internet celebrates that feeling when the TrumpBucks hit, and pork’s flagging fortunes have America’s omnivores bugging out. Your faithful editors and publisher discuss the federalism free-for-all.

The numbers have it: maybe coronavirus isn’t as bad as we feared. But with bubbles at home and trouble in China, what new normal awaits? Plus: Bernie burns out, men get antsy, and ultimate fighting—like life itself—finds a way.

Trump is on a TV tear, intellectuals are trolling America, and pop culture memories aren’t what they used to be. The gang hashes out what’s worth tuning in for… and what’s best dropping out of.

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Everyone’s talking about coronavirus, but these are not your grandma’s takes. Staring into the void, our editors contemplate the deep mysteries and regime ramifications of an unprecedented crisis.

This week: how do you do, fellow kids? Our editors provide your definitive guide to online jargon, discuss the consequences of woke sex doctrines, and give real-time responses to Trump’s coronavirus address.