It’s official: Biden is the 46th president. Beneath the inane boilerplate of the new president’s speech (accompanied by a tearful chorus of celebration from the usual journos) lurked a much more sinister kind of rhetoric. Our editors give a close reading of the address. Plus: Biden scrapped the 1776 Commission. What’s he up to?

In the wake of January 6, a multitude of personalities—from both sides of the aisle—came out of the woodwork to call for banning Trump and many of his supporters from the largest social media platforms. The editors discuss this dropping of the banhammer, focusing especially on David French’s “analysis” of the situation. Plus: Trump has been impeached for a second time.

Trump’s supporters took their dissatisfaction with the 2020 election all the way into the Capitol yesterday, and then things got serious. Four people are dead, including one woman who was shot by Capitol Police. Our editors discuss. Plus: what happens when machines threaten to outdo humans?

With the counting of the Electoral College vote drawing near, Senator Josh Hawley has vowed to object to certification on January 6. Who will take up the GOP mantle in 2024? Plus: DC, the Imperial City, has a corrupting influence on its inhabitants—including think tanks.

2020 is drawing to a close, and with vaccines rolling out across the nation, so too is the COVID pandemic. Hypothetically. But this won’t stop the ruling classes from coming up with other cockamamie reasons to shut you down and take your money. Don’t despair, though: the editors are here to lift your spirits on this Christmas special with discussion of their favorite carols and more.

The electoral college has cast their ballots. But there are lingering issues percolating through public discourse, from corruption to separation. Our editors have measured commentary to tell you what you should be watching and what is white noise. Plus: a frank discussion about class, religion, and politics in America.

In this special edition of The American Mind Podcast, Ryan Williams, President of The Claremont Institute, interviews Brian Kennedy, President of The American Strategy Group. Kennedy talks about his experiences on the ground in contested states during the 2020 election cycle and carefully breaks down the current state of play, pinpointing what issues he thinks are most likely to bear fruit for conservatives.

In this special installment of The American Mind Podcast, Ryan Williams, President of The Claremont Institute, interviews Dr. John Eastman. The two discuss Dr. Eastman’s experience navigating legal battles in the wake of the 2020 election.

California’s government at both the state and local level would like to wish you a big bah humbug. Another round of lockdowns is hitting small business especially hard, and Spencer has a report from the ground. Plus: YouTube is censoring people who talk about voter fraud in ways they don’t like.

The New Yorker’s latest cover art, which depicts “love life” in the time of COVID lockdowns, reveals far more about our deep cultural sickness than perhaps it intends to. But meanwhile, pockets of resistance from both parties form against coronatarian tyranny and the excesses of our arrogant ruling class. Our editors look forward with hope to build a new, working-class coalition that will stand together against the woke madness that is sure to lie ahead of us.

Thanksgiving may be around the corner, but Trump’s presidency isn’t over yet. Assuming that Biden wins the electoral college—not a foregone conclusion, mind you—what will Trump be able to do in his last days in office? Will he sputter out, or will this be the most incendiary lame duck presidency we’ve ever seen? Plus: our editors discuss their Thanksgiving plans.

Election day has come and gone, so legacy media outlets are right back to covering coronavirus. Clinging to the last shreds of their viewership, they are doing their best to make the virus as scary as possible—a goal which dovetails perfectly with the policies of blue state leaders like Gavin Newsom and Meg Whitmer. As if that wasn’t bad enough, global elites are trying to initiate a “Great Reset” that will deprive you of everything you own. Seriously. They’re proud of that. Our editors unleash hellfire on the stupidity.

In a staggering display of dangerous hysterics, leftists have taken to floating the idea of post-Trump “truth and reconciliation commissions.” This of course amounts to the flogging of sinners (read: conservatives) against wokeism. At AOC’s call, one group actually started making a list of people who worked for him in an attempt to cancel those public servants. Our editors, sure to be first on the list, discuss the meaning of this disastrous development.

In this special edition of The American Mind Podcast, Ryan Williams and Spencer Klavan interview Matt Braynard, former data chief and strategist for Trump’s 2016 campaign and director of a new program to detect voter fraud in the 2020 election. The group discuss election integrity, potential voter fraud, and how the system to check for it works under the hood.

November 3 has come and gone, but we still don’t know who’ll take the White House come January. Election officials seem to have spent the day flailing around wildly, and the night doing…nothing. Despite the uncertainty, our editors identify the most important takeaways to keep in mind as the election unfolds.

See Claremont Institute-TPPF war game Ryan mentions here.

In a desperate final gambit for relevance, the legacy media has been actively trying to prevent you from hearing about Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings with foreign powers. Increasing numbers of independent sources are confirming pieces of the story, but of course defending ol’ Joe is the legacy media’s first and only priority. With the election around the corner, the full editorial cast is back in the saddle to discuss how they are feeling about the election and what to watch out for. Plus: everyone makes an election prediction.

In a disgusting display of unbridled power, Twitter and Facebook have censored the New York Post’s exposé on Hunter Biden–Twitter has gone so far as to lock the Post out of their own account for days on end. While the exposé is still a developing story, parts of it are now confirmed true. Spencer and David commandeer the studio this week to break down the censorship issue and the exposé. Plus: Jeffrey Toobin decided to uh, enjoy himself on a business call. Some are trying to defend the indefensible.

Surprising nobody who’s paying attention, Facebook and Twitter decided to preemptively censor a New York Post exposé about Hunter Biden’s role in mediating between a Ukranian businessman and Joe himself. Effectively, Big Tech has decided you do not deserve to choose for yourself what is plausible and true. Our editors discuss what got us to this point in Big Tech censorship, and where we’ll likely go from here.

Mike Pence took the stage last night against Kamala Harris. On full display were Kamala’s religious identitarianism and her utter mediocrity. Our editors expand on this and more, breaking down not just the debate, but the context in which the debate took place–a context of managerial decadence, televisual decline, and ruling class failure. What will come next? It’s anybody’s guess, but what’s certain is that America’s future as a nation and a regime is at stake.

In this special edition of the American Mind podcast, we apply the themes of our special edition podcasts on multiculturalism, the 1619 Project, and preserving the American way of life to elucidate the existential questions of the 2020 election. The podcast features Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams. It is narrated by James Poulos, Executive Editor of the American Mind, and produced by ChangeUp Media.