In this episode, sponsored by ExpressVPN, the guys discuss Pokemon Detective Pikachu. JVL explains why he walked away from Warcraft. Vic insists he’s not a real restaurant VIP. Sonny quad-slammed his Pogs. Plus a diaper story that pushes the limits!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Calm, the Sub-Beacon discusses the impact of Avengers: Endgame. JVL laments for Lepin. Sonny is unhappy about Burger King’s Unhappy Meals. Vic’s diet goes haywire!

In part one of this two-episode special, sponsored by DoorDash, the Sub-Beacon tackles Avengers: Endgame. JVL whips out a special surprise for Vic. Vic and Sonny are Poke Men!

In this episode, sponsored by Robinhood and Calm, the gang gets book clubby and discusses Best. Movie. Year. Ever. and the films of 1999. Sonny couldn’t get enough of The Matrix. JVL reminds us American Beauty stinks. Vic recounts his trip to Grand Cayman. Plus the return of Spirit of the Week!

Since Vic is on vacation f0r this episode, sponsored by Quip and Express VPN, JVL and Sonny asked Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti onto the show to talk about Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker as well as the various Hellboy movies.

In this latest episode, sponsored by DoorDash, the gang reviews Shazam! Sonny is loving the Criterion Channel. JVL reminds us of Hoppy the Marvel Bunny and other DC absurdities. Vic rewatches The Final Countdown. Plus, baseball and rum!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Calm, the gang discusses The Beach Bum and The Dirt, the Mötley Crüe biopic. JVL has strong feelings about the state of Florida. Sonny explains why he’s not watching the Final Four. Vic recommends movies on Daily Motion.

Vic, JVL, and Sonny discuss Jordan Peele’s Us. Sonny admits his fear of The Ring. Vic goes golfing with a Sub-Beacon friend. JVL brings Sub-Beacon swag!

The HBO Theranos documentary The Inventor comes in for a thrashing. Sonny and Vic do a beer tasting at Anheuser-Busch. JVL gets hot over horology and Basel World. Plus a Lenten update!

The guys tackle Captain Marvel. Does Sonny think Wonder Woman is better? Vic takes a movie bathroom break. JVL witnesses a dishwashing atrocity. Sonny and Vic explain drinking games to JVL.

In this latest episode, sponsored by Quip and Robinhood, the Sub-Beacon discusses Steven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird and the battle between athletes and owners. Sonny says basta! to different kinds of pasta. JVL bids a fond farewell to Twitter. Vic thinks vodka-kombucha is a great idea. Plus reflections on the great Alex Trebek.

In this much-anticipated episode, the Sub-Beacon takes on Alita: Battle Angel. Sonny hates streaming. JVL goes off on end-user agreements. Gene has an arresting development.

On this special micro episode of the Sub-Beacon, the gang discusses last night’s Oscars. Green Book (and Sonny—or is it JVL?) was the big winner. What other surprises did the show have in store for us?

In this latest ribald episode, the Sub-Beacon discusses Cold Pursuit and the Dan Mallory controversy—Sonny asks if readers can love the work but hate the writer. JVL has big LEGO plans. Vic is a fan of Emmy Rossum.

In this latest episode, the Sub-Beacon discusses the movie Serenity—how did a movie with A-List talent like Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, and Djimon Hounsou get unceremoniously tossed overboard? Sonny eats a pound of shrimp, JVL has thoughts on the Super Bowl, and the gang gets scatalogical after Vic suffers a bout of food poisoning.

In this latest episode, sponsored by Calm, the Sub-Beacon discusses the competing (and complementary) Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. JVL takes so much pleasure from others’ pain. Sonny gets attacked by the Bo-Rhap community. Vic is off his meds!

In this latest episode, the Sub-Beacon rehashes the Oscar Draft, discusses the draft of JVL’s multiple personalities, and analyzes the number of flaws with the multiple personality-heavy film, Glass. PLUS: Vic strikes again!

In this latest episode, the Sub-Beacon takes on Bird Box, Bandersnatch, and the Netflix juggernaut. JVL is not a fan of Carson Wentz. Vic embraces the twinge. Does Sonny have a mullet?

In this latest episode, the Sub-Beacon dives into the filmmaking and politics ofVice. Sonny has the real answer about the The Sopranos ending. JVL makes Eagles playoff predictions (and a real cheesy popcorn!). Vic is unapologetic about his liver and onions.

In this latest episode, the Sub-Beacon discusses Aquaman—who loved it and hated it will shock you! JVL remembers Mean Gene Okerlund. Vic is back on his gout meds. Sonny asks if you can kick kids out of an adults-only wedding.