In this latest episode of the Sub-Beacon sponsored by DoorDash, we tackle Todd Phillips’s Joker. Is Joaquin Phoenix acting or ‘actoring’? JVL and Vic remember their favorite TV dinners. Sonny saves money by fixing his own toilet!

In this latest Sub-Beacon, sponsored by Calm and ExpressVPN, we discuss Rambo: Last Blood, which JVL found deeply problematic. Vic found it easy to understand. Sonny wears linen in October! Plus more Civ talk and Descendants 3!

On this week’s episode, sponsored by Ethos Life Insurance, Matthew Continetti fills in for Vic Matus. Sonny plays host, probably poorly. JVL gets hard. And the Sub-Beaconers hear that the Free Beacon is none-too-happy about American icon John Rambo being ignored on this installment of the Sub-Beacon, which covers Ad Astra.

In this latest episode sponsored by DoorDash, we discuss the amazing Hustlers. Or at least Vic and JVL thought it was amazing. Sonny gets into briefcases. Vic eats a Pittsburger. Plus what’s with all the movie trailers?

In this latest episode sponsored by Calm and NetSuite, we discuss Dave Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones and the state of stand-up comedy. JVL really hates IKEA. Sonny is feeling old. Vic shares his lab results. Plus talk about The Mandalorian trailer!

In this latest episode, sponsored by ExpressVPN, we discuss the surprisingly poignant Good Boys. Sonny makes the case for Olympus Has Fallen. JVL and Vic have a therapy session. Plus JVL reacts to that amazing new Star Wars trailer!

In this latest episode sponsored by DoorDash and NetSuite, we tackle the Springsteen-themed Blinded by the Light—how could the Boss let this happen? Sonny discusses the Spider-Man situation. Vic has a barbershop dilemma. And special guest host Matt Continetti has an idea for Stranger Things 4! The Sub-Beacon will return after Labor Day. Happy end of summer!

In this episode, sponsored by and Calm, Sonny and Vic discuss Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. JVL hates scary movies so he saw … something else. Sonny eats deep-fried deviled eggs and JVL still hates mayo.

In this latest episode, sponsored by ExpressVPN and LendingClub, we try to make sense of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. JVL sees a few minor problems with the plot. Sonny recommends books about film. And Vic has a Red Dawn revelation!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Quip and, we discuss Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Tarantino oeuvre. JVL talks about word processing. Sonny ignores Facebook birthday wishes. Vic defends his mochi theft!

In this latest episode, sponsored by DoorDash, we review The Lion King remake—was there really a need? Sonny has gone haircut crazy. JVL provides tips on cleaning a Keurig. And Vic denies stealing salad. Plus Top Gun 2 trailer talk!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Calm and LendingClub, we discuss Stuber. JVL celebrates Prime Day by getting a canopy. Vic compares himself to Dave Bautista. Sonny sorts through his Criterion Collection. Plus: Star Wars time travel theories and a buddy cop ranking!

In this latest episode, sponsored by ExpressVPN and, we review Toy Story 4 and rank Pixar movies. JVL is not a fan, despite the tear in his eye. Vic lays out the rules of the buffet. Sonny still dresses up for work—at home.

In this latest episode sponsored by Calm and Lending Club, the Sub-Beacon discusses Spider-Man: Far From Home. Sonny still hates sand. Vic watches World War II movies. Plus a special guest review!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Boosted and Calm, we review the Elton John biopic Rocketman. JVL says Elton John > Queen! Sonny talks to strangers in an airport. Vic picks up two hitchhikers.

In this latest episode, sponsored by Express VPN and, we discuss Dark Phoenix. Sonny wonders if the days of X-Men’s future are past. JVL gets spotted as Flash’s dad. Vic insists he was a victim of food poisoning. Plus toll lane conspiracy theories!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Boosted, we review Godzilla: King of the Monsters. JVL gets his Lepin “Parry Hotter,” Sonny gets a haircut, and Vic gets into mistaken identity. Plus Space Giants and Grippos!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Calm, the gang reviews Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin. JVL and Sonny discuss their new business venture—no chitchat barbershops. Vic makes a Suffering Bastard. Plus problematic movies from the ’80s and ’90s!

In this latest episode, sponsored by Boosted and DoorDash, the guys discuss John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum. JVL and Sonny argue over Uber vs. taxis. Sonny doesn’t like small talk, JVL demands tips for writers, and Vic tries the Ghost Pepper diet.

In this micro-episode sponsored by DoorDash, Vic, Sonny, and special guest host Matt Continetti discuss the final episode of Game of Thrones. Sonny and Vic talk about their likes and dislikes while Matt draws lessons from Babylon 5!