Historian Jeff Fynn-Paul joins Freddy on this episode to discuss whether or not America was really ‘stolen’ from the Native Americans. Fynn-Paul writes about the issue in this week’s Spectator.

A new poll from Harvard suggests that Joe Biden could win the votes of 60 per cent of under-30s in November’s election. But does the Democratic candidate really energise young people, or are they simply repelled by Donald Trump? Freddy Gray speaks to Marcus Roberts, director of international projects at YouGov, about the numbers dictating the race.

Yesterday evening, Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. While the Californian senator is seen by many as a safe pick, she notably came to blows with Biden in the Democratic primaries for his history of working with segregationists. Is this a good move by the Biden campaign? Freddy Gray speaks to Matt McDonald, managing editor of the Spectator USA.

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Freddy Gray interviews Thomas Frank in Spectator USA’s second online event. Frank argues that populism isn’t frightening, but rather an account of enlightenment and liberation; it is the story of American democracy itself, of its ever-widening promise of a decent life for all.

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Freddy speaks to Marcus Roberts, head of International Politics at YouGov. When Freddy and Marcus spoke before the 2016 election, Marcus was adamant that Hillary Clinton would win. With the benefit of four more years, what do the polls say about Trump now?