President Biden has spent the week meeting with foreign leaders including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Now, the number of people starting to speculate about the state Joe Biden’s health is growing. Freddy Gray sits down with Amber Athey, the Washington Editor for The Spectator to discuss where the cracks are beginning to show and what this could mean for Kamala Harris.

Freddy Gray sits down with The Spectator’s economics editor Kate Andrews to discuss the American economy. During the pandemic, inflation grew rapidly – but the latest reports show that it is on its way down again. Is this just a dip before another spike? And is the Met Gala the right venue for championing the poor?

Conservatives often feel in the minority on social media. New social media platforms are beginning to emerge, however, that say they can better protect free speech online. Freddy Gray speaks to Jason Miller, CEO of the new social media platform Gettr, about what needs to be done differently, whether it’s possible to get a diversity of voices on a platform started on the right, and whether he would work for Donald Trump again.

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Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 39 per cent, as he suffers from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, an ongoing crisis at the border with Mexico, and rising Covid cases. Is it a short term dip, could Biden’s pandemic response wipe out the Democrats in the midterms, and will the 78-year-old still be president in 2028? Freddy Gray speaks to Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of the National Interest.

With Texas’s controversial new ‘heartbeat’ law seemingly left unchallenged by the Supreme Court the abortion debate is hotting up in the States yet again. Will this success lead the pro-life movement to attempt to get similar laws on the books in other states?

Freddy Gray talks to Maraied McArdle an investigative journalist for the Daily Wire.

Freddy Gray speaks to the investigative journalist Katherine Eban about the classified report into the possibility that Covid-19 escaped from a Chinese laboratory. An edited version of the report is expected to be released publicly next week.

With Kabul now taken back by the Taliban and the Americans in full retreat after two decades of war, what will the USA learn from this catastrophe, if anything? Freddy Gray talks to author of After the Apocalypse: America’s Role in a World Transformed, Andrew Bacevich about the goals not met, allies abandoned and lives lost.

Andrew Cuomo has resigned as governor of New York after an inquiry found he sexually assaulted multiple women. Why was the Governor so loved by Democrats, should he really have resigned over the state’s care homes scandal, and might we soon see him as a CNN contributor? Freddy Gray speaks to Spectator World contributor Grace Curley.

Freddy’s guest on this week’s episode is the famed journalist Michael Wolff, author of now three Trump books. The bestseller Fire and Fury, it very popular follow up Siege and the final one in the trilogy Landslide which tells the story of the final days of the Trump presidency including the 2020 election, which 45 still claims he won in said landslide.

Freddy Gray in conversation with Michael Wolff

President Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain is set to have a large bash for his 60th with a whopping guest list of the rich and powerful, a list he has been compiling since the Clinton administration. But who is the real Ron? A kind caretaker sharing the burden to aid his elderly President or is Klain, in fact, the king of the Washington Swamp?

Join Freddy Gray in conversation with Matthew Continetti, Founding editor of the Washington Free Beacon.

American troops have all but left Afghanistan, months ahead of their 11 September deadline. The country looks ready to fall into a full-scale civil war, with the Taleban overrunning government forces and sealing off local pockets of resistance. Will Biden keep America out, and will he walk away from Iraq too? Freddy Gray speaks to Dominic Green.

Freddy Gray speaks to journalist and author George Packer about the thesis of his latest book ‘Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal’. 

From jabs for joints, to peer pressure in schools, to free lap dances, it seems the power that be are getting more and more aggressive in their mission of getting everyone jabbed as quickly as possible. To discuss this unprecedented vaccination campaign Freddy Gray talks to author of A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura Dodsworth.

Freddy Gray talks to the Spectator’s Russia correspondent Owen Matthews about relations between the two presidents.

With Professor Michael Lind, author of The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite.

What was once dismissed by the mainstream media as a right wing conspiracy theory, seems to have made its transition, into credible possibility. It now seems very plausible that COVID came from a Chinese lab. But will we ever know for sure? And even if we did, what would we do about it? Freddy Gray talks to Thomas Frank, who recommends we all read 

Freddy Gray discusses the revolt against sexual liberalism with Mary Harrington, Louise Perry and Default Friend.

Joe Biden faces a number of challenges both foreign and domestic. While the press have given him an easy time so far, there are signs that they are on the turn. Freddy Gray talks to Christopher Caldwell.

Apart from former nominee-candidate Andrew Yang, the Democratic Party has remained relatively quiet about the latest escalations in Israel and Gaza. Why won’t the Party comment? Freddy Gray talks to Dominic Green.

They saved her once, but it seems that the Congressional Republicans patience with Representative Liz Cheney has run out. The founder of the GOP said ‘a house divided cannot stand’, but maybe it’s not a divided as the media makes it out. Freddy Gray speaks to Grace Curley, host of The Grace Curley Show.