The latest polls continue to show Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump in crucial swing states
Joe Biden is well ahead of Donald Trump in the polls, but few are willing to say that the three-time presidential hopeful will win November’s election
Democratic Senator Kamala Harris and vice-president Mike Pence yesterday battled it out in the VP debate. Ms Harris accused the Trump administration of ‘ineptitude’ and ‘incompetence’ in its response to coronavirus, while Mr Pence said Biden’s plans to tackle climate change would ‘crush American jobs’
The latest national poll from CNN puts Joe Biden 16 points ahead of Donald Trump
A Covid-positive Donald Trump returned to the White House yesterday evening after spending 72 hours at the Walter Reed hospital. After landing on the south lawn in a helicopter, the President removed his mask and waved to the media below, flanked by American flags
Donald Trump and Joe Biden met in the first head-to-head debate of the campaign yesterday evening. The result was a frenzied 90 minutes of outbursts and interruptions from which neither candidate emerged well. Biden lambasted the President as a ‘clown’, while Trump ruthlessly attacked the Democratic challenger’s family, ignoring the tragic death of his son, Beau

Historian Jeff Fynn-Paul joins Freddy on this episode to discuss whether or not America was really ‘stolen’ from the Native Americans. Fynn-Paul writes about the issue in this week’s Spectator.

A new poll from Harvard suggests that Joe Biden could win the votes of 60 per cent of under-30s in November’s election. But does the Democratic candidate really energise young people, or are they simply repelled by Donald Trump? Freddy Gray speaks to Marcus Roberts, director of international projects at YouGov, about the numbers dictating the race.

Mike Pompeo has guided Donald Trump’s foreign policy, and has been hailed with bringing the president’s ideology to life. In the latest US edition of the Spectator, Dominic Green interviews the secretary of state
President Trump is continuing to rail again mail-in voting, alleging that millions of unsolicited ballots could be heading into American postboxes
While Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week gave an ultimatum to the British government over the latter’s plans to breach international law, it’s clear that London frequently finds Trump a difficult partner
Joe Biden yesterday issued his strongest condemnation of the riots and looting that are raging across American cities. ‘None of this is protesting’, he said. Regardless, Bridget Phetasy, a Spectator US contributor and host of Dumpster Fire on YouTube, says she won’t vote in November’s election because America will continue to burn under either candidate
17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with five felonies after allegedly shooting three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last Tuesday
The Republican National Convention came to an end on Thursday with President Trump’s White House lawn speech
Joe Biden accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination at their virtual convention last night, bringing his three-day coronation to an end with a well-received speech. Throughout this year’s DNC, speakers have warned that America’s political foundations are at stake in the upcoming election – Barack Obama urged voters not to let the Republicans ‘take away your democracy’
The virtual Democratic National Convention kicked off this week with an agenda packed full of the party’s most well-known and experienced figures
Yesterday evening, Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. While the Californian senator is seen by many as a safe pick, she notably came to blows with Biden in the Democratic primaries for his history of working with segregationists. Is this a good move by the Biden campaign? Freddy Gray speaks to Matt McDonald, managing editor of the Spectator USA.

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The polls are tightening, meanwhile Joe Biden is on the back foot over another gaffe about African American voters