Has Joe Biden done as much in his first days as he said he would? Freddy Gray talks to Jacob Heilbrunn about the Trump policies that Biden is keeping, and the ones that he’s already swept away.

Helen Andrews is Senior Editor at the American Conservative and author of Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster. On this episode, Freddy Gray interviews her about the Boomer generation and why she argues they are to blame for the chaos of today’s world.

Freddy Gray talks to Kate Andrews about the twice-impeached President. Was there any point in impeaching him, mere days from the end of his presidency? What does the law say with regards to impeaching a former president? And is this the start of ‘impeachflation’ – where the censure is used against any president who meets disapproval?
Freddy Gray talks to historian and Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley about the crazy week in US politics that has just happened – they discuss whether there’s any point in impeaching Trump now; the importance of understanding exactly what happened on Wednesday; and what will happen to the Republican party after Trump.
With Amber Athey, Washington Editor of the Spectator.

Presented by Freddy Gray.

Douglas Murray, the author of The Madness of Crowds, joins the last Americano of the year. On the episode, he and Freddy chat through the most important trends and events of the year, from China and the pandemic, to whether or not ‘neocon’ is still a usable term.
As the Electoral College confirms Joe Biden’s victory, Freddy Gray talks to Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of The National Interest, about whether or not the president-elect, with his centrist appeal, is really a ‘DINO’ – ‘Democrat In Name Only’.
From Brett Kavanaugh to Joe Biden, American politics too often seems to be a display of emotions rather than policies. On the podcast, Freddy Gray talks to political analyst Thomas Frank, author of The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism.
Joe Biden’s supporters say he will restore America’s standing in the world, but with his foreign policy team looking like an Obama-era reunion, does this mean the country will become more interventionist? Freddy Gray speaks to Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, senior adviser at the Quincy Institute, about whether a Biden presidency will mean more wars.
With essayist Mary Eberstadt, whose recent article for First Things argued that the riots in the wake of George Floyd’s killing come down to the sexual revolution and fatherlessness.
Joe Biden won the 2020 election, but was support from social and legacy media the reason why? Freddy Gray speaks to Allum Bokhari, author of #Deleted, about whether Big Tech swung the result.
The fallout from the election is ongoing, but Joe Biden has reached 270 electoral college votes, and he last night vowed to ‘unify’ the country. What kind of president will he be? Freddy Gray speaks to Tim Stanley.
Joe Biden edges ever closer to the White House, but the Trump campaign has launched a flurry of lawsuits to aim for recounts of the vote in various states. Will he concede? Freddy Gray talks to Amber Athey and Matt McDonald.
With Americans heading to the polls on Tuesday, the final polls continue to give Joe Biden a clear lead. What do they say, and what are the early signs on the night that his support might not be as strong as expected? Freddy Gray speaks to YouGov’s Marcus Roberts.
Freddy Gray is in America for the final week of the election campaign. The polls show Joe Biden is set to win the race by a clear margin, but his supporters are nowhere to be seen. Freddy asks Roger Kimball, editor and publisher of the New Criterion, why Trump voters are more enthusiastic.
The latest polls continue to show Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump in crucial swing states. But why could Georgia, which Trump won by more than 5 per cent in 2016, be the most important? Freddy Gray speaks to Marcus Roberts.
The Spectator’s economics correspondent Kate Andrews talks to Freddy Gray about why she’s voting for the Democrats with a heavy heart.
Joe Biden is well ahead of Donald Trump in the polls, but few are willing to say that the three-time presidential hopeful will win November’s election. Are commentators underplaying the Democrat’s chances? Freddy Gray speaks to Tim Stanley, historian and leader writer at The Telegraph.
Democratic Senator Kamala Harris and vice-president Mike Pence yesterday battled it out in the VP debate. Ms Harris accused the Trump administration of ‘ineptitude’ and ‘incompetence’ in its response to coronavirus, while Mr Pence said Biden’s plans to tackle climate change would ‘crush American jobs’. But who came out on top? Freddy Gray speaks to Kate Andrews.
The latest national poll from CNN puts Joe Biden 16 points ahead of Donald Trump. Has the President’s short stint in hospital dented his re-election chances, or is an unsettled news cycle and an unrepresentative sample skewing the numbers? Freddy Gray speaks to Marcus Roberts, director of international projects at YouGov.