Come hang out with Host Mikayla and Producer Cha as they talk about leaps of faith and what’s next.

Why Are Men Not Going To College? by Somethingburger Podcast

Noble narcissists, “luxury beliefs,” and how to spot a faker.

The president says ‘it’s not about freedom,” but is it?

There are new generations who don’t have a personal memory of 9/11. For them, we tell the story of what happened on that day.

China has “re-education” camps for Uighur Muslims. Is it time to stop buying chinese products?

Welcome to the Ricochet debut of the Somethingburger Podcast with Mikayla Goetz.

Today we are talking porn. It’s the thing we never talk about. The thing that stays in the literal and metaphorical dark- but not anymore. Join Host Mikayla and Producer Cha as they get in to the heart of the matter:¬†Does porn kill love?