Kira, April, and Teri tackle the tough issues surrounding the school shooting in Parkland, discussing why we didn’t used to have such violent acts on school campuses and what needs to happen to put a stop to them (hint: it doesn’t involve fewer guns). Also, Omarosa disses Mike Pence’s Christianity, the media weirdly makes Kim Jong Un’s sister a thing, and the Olympics are in full swing.

On this week’s show, the ladies are talking about the newly released memo and why Americans really don’t care about it. Also, a dad tries to mete out justice to Larry Nassar, one college professor says those who practice yoga are racist (and perhaps even satanic?), a frank discussion of post-partum depression, and the awful Tom Brady heads to the Super Bowl … again. Sponsors: Beachbody on DEMAND, Rent the Runway

On this week’s show, April talks about her microblading experience (ouch) and Kira shares a personal story about government encroaching on parental rights (pay attention, homeschooling families!). Also, gymnasts get some much-deserved justice.

Kira, April, and Teri are talking escape rooms, lessons Aziz Ansari might learn from Mike Pence, and the false premise of the #MeToo movement. April reviews I, Tonya and the ladies geek out over the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Teri and April are talking President Oprah, whether or not celebrity culture has overtaken politics, doing damage to Andrew’s legacy, taking steps to embrace winter, and why people are paying big bucks for raw water.

It’s 2018! For their first podcast of the new year, the ladies are discussing the hell of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, how damn cold it is outside, how awful this weekend’s Golden Globes are likely to be, and the importance of facial yoga. Also, Kira explains Steve Bannon and Teri suggests a Smart Girl fitness challenge – who’s in?

Kira, April, and Teri are back together for an end-of-year episode! They work their way out of the post-Christmas/pre-New Year’s fog to discuss some stories from 2017 that didn’t get the coverage they deserved — including the #MeToo movement. (But not in the way you might think!) Also, Kira explains Kwanzaa and the ladies celebrate surviving a year of Trump.

Teri and Kira tackle the tough questions on this week’s show: If all candidates are freaky, is any candidate freaky? How were the ladies able to record after the repeal of net neutrality? Can anyone really handle a keto diet? Is there ever a stage of life that doesn’t include Mom Guilt? Is Kira going to love the new Star Wars movie? And why do Californians drive so close to wildfires?

A Best/Worst list and Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn’t even come out yet? Yep. Movie reviewer Christian Toto fills us in on the movies that worth seeing this year and those that weren’t worth the money.

Savannah Guthrie is a drama queen (and a guilty one at that!); thanks for nothing, Cokie Roberts; Megyn Kelly — the new NBC superstar?; and Kira has harsh words for John Conyers and the people who keep voting for him. Plus, a royal wedding!

On this week’s show, the ladies discuss the enjoyability of a dorky Thor, the merits of Tom Hiddleston, the insufferability of Mark Ruffalo, and the internet’s reaction to Malia Obama blowing perfect smoke rings.

Teri, Kira, and April talk this week about the Democrats’ Slick Willy problem, why Blake Shelton is not the Sexiest Man Alive (and neither is Ryan Reynolds), and the need for Thanksgiving turkeys with smaller breasts and bigger thighs.

Kira, April, and Teri are talking this week about the lack of common sense in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the yuckiness that is Louis C.K., the alarming rent-a-family trend in Japan, and reliving November 8, 2016. Special guest: Lisa DePasquale, author of the new book, The Social Justice Warrior Handbook.

Kira, Teri, and April are joined by Gabe Hoffman, producer of the documentary An Open Secret, to talk about Hollywood’s very serious – and very rampant – pedophilia problem. If you thought Harvey Weinstein was the biggest villain in Hollywood, just wait until you hear what Gabe has to say.

On this pre-Halloween episode, Teri, Kira, and April talk about the new season of “Stranger Things” – don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers – and Joe Biden’s hilarious comment about Hillary. Also, did Bush 41 cop a feel? Why did the Las Vegas security guard leave the country? Why are 3 Musketeers bars so gross? And which kind of dog should April get?

On this week’s episode, Kira, April, and Teri talk about the resurgence of velvet and mom jeans and why in the world April received a phone book. Also, Fake Melania, irrelevant hashtags, takings of knees, and the merits of universal leave accounts. Oh, and why aren’t we still talking about Las Vegas?

SJWs are whining again, and this time it’s about something called “digital blackface.” Teri, Kira, and April discuss that, plus they attempt to answer these burning questions: Why are people so rude in public? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Why would anyone hire Lena Dunham? Is Harvey Weinstein the reason we have Trump? What exactly is the “Cali handshake?”

On this special episode of the Smart Girl Politics podcast, conservative movie critic Christian Toto ( joins Teri to discuss the Harvey Weinstein debacle, the hypocrisy of actresses like Meryl Streep, and the lasting impacts the scandal might have on Tinseltown.

Why the heck did Cam Newton apologize? He was right to be amused by the rise of affirmative action sports babes. We cover that on this week’s show, plus what motivated the Las Vegas madman, the yuckiness that is Harvey Weinstein, Puerto Rico’s awful mayor, and the saga of Sex and the City 3.

This week, April and Teri tackle – ha, ha! – the issues of NFL players kneeling and why the Dallas Cowboys always suck. Also, missing Hef and the happy return of Steve Scalise. And why does Teri say “I don’t know” so much? (Spoiler alert: She’s not sure). BONUS content: Teri joins fellow Ricochet podcast host Michael Graham to battle it out over why Christians supported Donald Trump.