The ladies cover a lot of ground this week, starting with Teri’s new rescue pup, meandering through Kira’s thoughts on Trump and Putin and April’s Amazon Prime Day/Target Mega Sale experience, concluding with a shared appreciation for the delightfulness that is Paul Rudd (and the latest Ant Man movie!).

On this bonus episode, Kira gives her thought on the Trump/Putin presser and why she isn’t too concerned about it.

Kira and April talk about the searing opposition research on SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh and how he pays off his credit cards fully and on time, the silence of #NeverTrump on Trump’s SCOTUS decisions, and, of course, what Smart Girl Podcast would be complete without their weekly “This is how we got Trump” rant?

Teri is off this week but April and Kira bravely carried on in the face of the news of Justice Kennedy’s retirement and the shocking SCOTUS ruling on union dues. Will women’s rights be overturned? Will gay rights be rolled back? Will April ever stop laughing at the downpour of leftist tears over the news coming from SCOTUS? Listen to find out and laugh along with the Smart Girls as they talk about some of the silliest Supreme Court hot takes from social media this week.

The ladies are back! This week, they’re talking about new seasons of life, why women shouldn’t wait to have kids, and how mothers are contributing to the crisis at the border. Also, the media and their friends on the left keep re-electing Trump and Kira pays tribute to Charles Krauthammer.

Kira Davis hosts the inaugural “minisode” of the Smart Girl podcast. Kira is talking today about the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, mental illness, the “colorful palette” of Bourdain’s mind and the awful price of fame.

The ladies get personal this week when talking about Kate Spade and the stigma that still surrounds mental illness. And why is the media freakishly obsessed with Melania (we’re looking at you, Brian Stelter) while ignoring the good news coming out about the Trump economy? Also, Kim Kardashian may be the secret sauce to uniting Republicans and Democrats.

The ladies are talking all about mean girls and double standards this week. Was Roseanne ever a conservative and was ABC looking for a reason to cancel her show? Should the always-unfunny Samantha Bee face more serious consequences for her foul mouth comment about Ivanka? And will media double standards assure Trump’s re-election? Also, what to do about the mean girls who walk among us?

Kira is back from England with tales to tell about the buildup to the Royal Wedding, and things get heated when the ladies disagree about Meghan Markle. Also, is it ever okay to throw water on another person because of political differences? And the NFL seems to have come up with a solution to their kneeling problem – or have they? Be sure to listen and find out how you can win the special souvenir Kira brought back from England!

While Kira stalks the Royal Wedding in Merry Old England, April and Teri welcome guest host Ericka Andersen, author of the upcoming book Leaving Cloud 9: The True Story of a Life Resurrected from the Ashes of Poverty, Trauma, and Mental Illness. Ericka talks about the real-life inspiration for her book, why she had to tell the story, and the role faith plays in rising above life circumstances.


On this week’s episode, Kira embraces her inner “Trumper” to explain how much winning Trump has done lately, Teri gloats over the glorious downfall of New York AG Eric Schneiderman (AKA, The Enemy of Freedom), and April gives the lowdown on Tuesday’s primary in her home state of Indiana. Also, the ladies lust over Melania’s coat collection … and guess where Kira will be during the upcoming Royal Wedding?

On this week’s episode, Kira and Teri discuss last week’s firings at RedState, and Kira, who was not among those fired, addresses the rumor that the goal was to get rid of NeverTrumpers. Also, is Kanye the key to unifying the country?

On tap this week: The Kanye/Trump bromance, the heartbreaking case of little Alfie Evans, and the latest on President Bush.

On this week’s episode, Kira, April and Teri are talking about the left’s reaction to the death of Barbara Bush, why Tammy Duckworth bringing her newborn onto the Senate floor isn’t necessarily a good thing, Starbucks being bad a business, and the damage done by parents who let their children “choose” their gender. Also, Kira gives an impromptu review of A Quiet Place.

Kira is joined by her fellow RedState writers, Brad Slager and Andrea Ruth, for a special episode of the Smart Girl podcast. Topics include the ramifications of bombing Syria, the horrible foreign policy legacy of Obama, and the awesomeness of Chick-fil-a. Also, Brad gives listeners his take on The Rock’s new movie, Rampage.

Kira, April and Teri are all back together this week, having a good laugh over the Left being forced to live by their own rules, lamenting the tiresome double standards that led to Kevin Williamson being fired by The Atlantic, and wondering if GOP candidates should jump on the Trump train this election season.

RedState writer Brad Slager sits in for Kira this week, and he joins Teri and April to discuss why a misinformed and rude teenager is being promoted as the new face of the American left, why Hollywood is so tone deaf and what the success of the “Roseanne” reboot says about America.

Smart Girls April and Kira soldier on without Teri for one week. They talk about fake introverts, places they don’t want to hear politics and how Elisha Krauss of the DailyWire is the nicest person on earth. Also, will the gun outrage subside or have we crossed the point of no return?

Teri, Kira, and April are tackling the tough questions this week. Are the Norks giving up their nukes? Will Trump be president for life? Do people actually regret voting for him? Does Joe “Roaming Hands” Biden stand a chance in 2020? Why is the left shaming Pamela Geller’s daughters? And don’t miss Kira’s rant about her home state of California!

April and Teri are together in National Harbor, MD to bring you a taste of CPAC 2018, from reaction to Trump’s speech to all the talk about guns to the fashions of the conservative “fringe.” Also, what’s the deal with that Canadian hockey player who removed her medal?