This week Kira takes the helm alone to discuss strategies for coping with family and guests through the holidays, Kevin Hart and the ridiculous culture of apologies and why we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an idiot.

This week April and Kira talk about the power of myths and fairytales and the creepiness of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. The ladies also talk about Christmas party etiquette for this holiday season. Of course, the Smart Girls send their heartfelt condolences to the Bush family upon the passing of President George H.W. Bush at the age of 94. Rest in Peace, Mr. President and thank you for serving our nation.

Did you hear what Jada Pinkett Smith said about white women with blonde hair? Did you really hear what she was saying? On this week’s show, Kira leads an enlightening discussion about the important role hair plays in black culture … and why hair might be an important bridge between the races. Also, the latest on the wildfires in California and the recount madness in Florida.

The threesome is back together for this coast-to-coast, post-election extravaganza! Starting with the GOP loss in Teri’s home district of VA-10, through the Senate seat pickup in April’s Hoosier country, and ending with the disaster that is Kira’s home state of California, the ladies give you the unvarnished, grassroots perspective on Midterms 2018. Also, when did the Senate popular vote become a thing?

This week, Kira and April talk about Hollywood’s #MeToo hypocrisy when it comes to Louis C.K. and Sarah Silverman’s very disturbing revelations. Also, find out what April said that sent Kira into near convulsions.

Kira and April are back again! This week they’re hashing out the (trigger warning, Brooke Baldwin) *mob* of a caravan coming toward our border. Also, have adult Halloween costumes jumped the shark?

Third Love is the new sponsor this week and the Smart Girls could not be more excited!

April and Kira were joined by guest host Morgan Murtaugh, who took some time out of her busy campaign schedule to share thoughts on many important topics. With a name like Smart Girls, how could April and Kira not have this brilliant California congressional candidate on as a guest host?

Kira and April lament the ongoing Brett Kavanaugh madness. They also question whether being okay with Kanye’s political involvement is hypocritical when we’re generally sick of liberal celebrities being political. And, most importantly, the necessity of men killing spiders for us.

Teri is back behind the mic this week, joined by April, to talk all about the Kavanaugh circus. Thoughts you might hear voiced on this episode include: women aren’t always right, men aren’t always wrong, and accusations are not evidence. Also, the toxic masculinity of Lindsey Graham, Teri’s dog has an adventure, and Cris Collinsworth is a terrible football announcer.

Ricochet editor-in-chief and known strong-man Jon Gabriel joins the Smart Girls this week to talk Kavanaugh, the new “Roseanne” reboot (the new new reboot, not the old new reboot) and the sexuality of muppets.

Kira and April are coming at you this week from the Mile High City. Topics include Serena Williams, Nike’s gamble pays off, and how to tell if your picker is broken.

Settle yourself in as Smart Girl Kira Davis explains the Alex Jones problem.

Are the Smart Girls boycotting Nike? Are SCOTUS appointments worth the chaos of a Trump presidency? Does Kira love vitamins? The ladies answer all these questions and more, plus this week’s “This is how we got Trump” moment.

Generation X-hausted Kids, college, jobs, aging parents — can any other Gen Xers relate? Also, the Tea Party is dead (and that’s okay) and there is no moon landing without the American flag.

This week, the Smart Girls talk about trying new things, embracing your stage in life and the return of Louis C.K. just 10 months after being outed as an aggressive sexual pervert.

The Smart Girls discuss the passing of Robin Leach and how we set up the culture that eventually gave us the Kardashians. Also, San Francisco’s poop problem and how they’re trying to fix it.

The girls look great for being 100 episodes old! Thank you so much to all of the SGP listeners out there and all of the people who have supported us from day one. As a special SGP 100th episode treat, the girls talk about … how we got Trump! Also, why we shouldn’t be rejoicing over the censorship of Alex Jones.

The Smart Girls are thrilled to celebrate this milestone episode at our home on Ricochet and look forward to 100 more!

Should college athletes be paid? Is Space Force just a big joke? The Smart Girls ask the big questions in this week’s episode.

On this week’s episode, April and Teri are asking the important questions about peanut butter. Peter Pan or Jif? Crunchy or smooth? Also, pet surgeries are expensive, the left is collapsing under its own weight, and the food pyramid is to blame for Teri’s very unhealthy 1990s low-fat diet. And guess who is Alexa’s favorite conservative commentator?

The Smart Girls bravely take on the debate of the century — do women wear makeup for themselves or for other people? Listen in and then come tell us your thoughts. This was a very hot topic! Also, is it okay to criticize the wardrobe choices of a senior citizen?