Statistically speaking school shootings are still pretty rare, but that doesn’t make them any less tragic or frightening. Are we seeing a trend? Why or why not? How do we make school feel safe? April and Kira bat around some thoughts.

Also – Met Gala, Royal Baby talk and quick hits of the day.
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This week the Smart Girls give a quick primer on how to America in case some people are confused by the recent revelations that Pete Buttegieg doesn’t know how to eat fried chicken and Sports Illustrated thinks burkinis = female empowerment.

And don’t miss our special bonus episode to hear Kira talk about the recent Facebook bans and Washington Post’s classification of Louis Farrakhan as a “right-wing” extremist:

In this special bonus episode Kira takes to the mic to give her take on the Facebook ban of Alex Jones and other “extremist” personalities and the Washington Post’s bizarre and confounding description of Nation of Islam nutjob Louis Farrakhan as a member of the right.

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Biden is running and it looks like he’s got some “interesting” endorsements forthcoming. You do NOT want to miss this bombshell…bring popcorn!

Also, why exactly would Bernie say the Boston Bomber deserves a vote? The ladies shed some light.

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This week: The problem with Pete – why his issues as mayor may end up sinking him. Is the media reporting on his record because they’re actually journalisiming for once or are they just trying to get all the negatives out of the way first?
And does anyone even remember Beto anymore?
Chick flix and first world problems at Netflix.
Meaningless celebrity gossip.
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This week April and Kira talk Candace Owens and the Senate Circus and also the inexplicable obsession with Mike Pence and his non-existent public views on LGBT issues. April talks about her personal experience with the Pence’s.
And in a more sober discussion, the ladies talk about why subprime loans are an important part of the lending market and how California is working to kill them.
Plus: Celebrity news of the week!
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This week’s episode is brought you by Honeybook and Ritual Vitamins – two great sponsors for one AMAZING show! This week April and Kira talk Joe Biden – is he a serial sexual predator or just a creepy-toucher? And should he be disqualified from running?

Also, in light of the tragic news of the murder a college woman in South Carolina what can we as women do to better protect ourselves while we’re out and about on our own? The Smart Girls talk Uber safety and awareness. There are some tips here you’ll DEFINITELY want to hear.

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April and Kira talk Jussie Smollett, the wheels of (celebrity) justice and Royal Family gossip. Kira also gives an update about the California grassroots parent movement against the new sexually explicit sex ed curriculum. Visit for more info.
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April puts her foot down about Beto…errr…Robert O’Rourke and gets up to speed on the Cory Booker tea.
Kira outlines her involvement in the current parent-led battle against the new sex-ed curriculum in California and welcomes Aileen Blachowski, Communications Director for Informed Parents of California. Aileen explains some of the shocking curriculum and deceptive practices by the state and what parents can do about it.
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* visit for more information on the parent rally in Sacramento 3/28
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This week April and Kira are overwhelmed by bad parents as they discuss the fallout from the shocking college bribery scandal that’s ensnared actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, among others. Then Karol Markowicz of the New York Post joins the podcast to discuss how Kylie Jenner has made the best out of a bad parenting situation and wether or not she actually qualifies as a “self-made” billionaire.
And what kind of person tweets out to the whole world that he regrets becoming a parent and tells his kid so? The girls have some opinions on that – surprise, surprise!
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This week’s episode is sponsored by Ritual Vitamins.

Join host April Gregory with Fingers Malloy in a replay of their broadcast from CPAC 2019 in National Harbor, MD.

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April and Kira talk about the New Green Deal, Dianne Feinstein’s run-in with the Kid Mob and why we should all stop terrifying our children with threats of the end of the world. The ladies also talk the fairness of transgender athletes in women’s sports and MOST IMPORTANTLY, break down the worst and best of Oscar fashion.
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Our episode this week is sponsored by Joybird AND HoneyBook. This week Kira and April talk Jussie Smollet and how to fake-hate-crime yourself without leaving the most obvious trail known to mankind. Also – do the good things of social media outweigh the bad? And how how do we navigate an increasingly politicized society in a way that fosters diverse friendships? Stick around to the end to hear this week’s Smart Girl Salute to a woman who’s politics don’t typically line up with the SGP audience.
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This week’s Smart Girl episode is brought to you by the Robinhood app. April and Kira welcome author Jeff Reynolds to the show to talk about his new book detailing shocking revelations about political funding and where it comes from and who it influences. “Behind the Curtain:Inside the Network of Progressive Billionaires and their campaign to undermine democracy releases at the end of the month. The girls also go over the stunning hypocrisy of AOC’s New Green Deal and the latest slapdown from Cocaine Mitch.
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On this episode – sponsored by Ritual Vitamins – April and Kira break down Trump’s SOTU address and what surprised them the most about it. Then they are forced to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing blackface and sexual assault thanks to the implosion of the Virginia Democrat party.

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The Smart Girls welcome newest sponsor to the show! This week we talk with film critic and podcaster Christian Toto about the Oscar line-up, predictions and surprises. Also, this week’s Smart Girl Salute goes out to an actress-turned-activist who embodies the courage and feistiness of all Smart Girls everywhere.

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On this episode – brought to you by Joybird – April and Kira get into the Covington Catholic chaos. Kira had some thoughts and they formed a rant you don’t want to miss! Also, April explains the Marie Kondo phenomenon and drops a helpful lifehack. Listen for the Smart Girl Salute of the week where the ladies nominate one special woman who has done something admirable or noteworthy during the week.
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This episode of Smart Girl is brought to you by the Robinhood investment app, and that’s a good thing because you may want to be reconsidering any investments in Gillette razors since their latest “woke” ad hit the internet. Also – BIG MAC FEVER! Was Trump’s fast food feast for the Clemson football team tacky or terrific? Kira and April do their very bestest to care about burgers and fries.
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This first episode of the new year is sponsored by one of our favorites, Ritual Vitamins. April and Kira talk about New Year’s resolutions, the border wall and Schumer’s and Pelosi’s convincingly life-like wax figures.

On this week’s episode brought to you by Donors Trust, April and Kira wrap up the year’s events in news and culture – what stories were most surprising, which were least surprising and what 2019 might hold. They also talk about their favorite Christmas traditions and name some of their favorite products of the year.