Gabriella Hoffman, media strategist, conservative political columnist and award-winning writer joins Carol Roth to discuss the implications of the PROAct, particularly under a Biden presidency, and its potential to kill 59 million freelance and gig jobs. Gabriella recounts her parents’ story of fleeing communism and how to teach more young individuals about capitalism.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on the origin of the Moscow Mule. 

You may know Annie Duke as a former professional poker player, but her focus now is as an author, corporate speaker and consultant in the decision-making space. She has just released How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices as a follow-up to her national bestseller, Thinking in Bets. Annie and Carol Roth talk about the perils of groupthink, having access to too much information and social media, as well as a formula for making better decisions. 

She even catches Carol in saying she knows less about something than she does and gives her a problem-solving tool that you can use, too. 

James Rickards, Editor of Strategic Intelligence, a financial newsletter and New York Times bestselling author joins Carol Roth to discuss the various reasons why different companies pay no federal income taxes, what the New York Times got wrong with the “exposé” on President Trump’s taxes and how you can reduce your own tax burden. Plus, a discussion on the Fed, the money supply and inflation. 

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on gold. 

Adam Townsend, an investor, extreme salesman and futurist, joins Carol Roth to talk about his story from Wall Street mega-success to personal depression and his take on the future. Adam and Carol discus why he is excited about Space Force, why he’s bullish on America (and the stock market) and why he believes we are currently witnessing the greatest roll up of power in all of history, from the political class to the mega-tech corporations.  

You can connect with Adam on Twitter @AdamScrabble.

Wayne Winegarden, Ph.D., Senior Fellow of Business and Economics for the Pacific Research Institute joins Carol Roth to discuss a free market approach to energy. He talks about why electric car subsidies help the rich, why overregulation hurts the poor and how Californians could save more than $2,000 a year if lawmakers enacted free market policies. Wayne and Carol talk about California’s rolling blackout problems and why big government is to blame, the big problem with solar energy that nobody is talking about, nuclear power and more.

Plus, a Now You Know segment on the Canary Islands. 

You may not know the name Tori Perrotti, but you may have heard the story of “Target Tori”, who was a manager at Target who had a “cancel culture” attempt made on her by an influential Twitter user over a toothbrush dispute. Tori survived, unscathed and with a big GoFundMe from internet users sick of the shaming. Tori joins Carol Roth to talk about her experience becoming internet famous and her own previous history with bullying, the great support she received online and offline, how she paid it forward with “Kroger Andy”, what it’s like for retail associates to be deemed “essential workers” and more. 

Plus, a Now You Know segment on the origins of bubble wrap! 

A fresh voice on politics, tech and more, Danisha Carter joins Carol Roth to discuss why the messaging around capitalism and socialism has become so convoluted and what needs to be done to make it more appealing to younger millennials and Gen Z. Danisha and Carol also talk about Hollywood hypocrisy, AI and whether you should fear the robots, and much more.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on robots.

Tom Wright, an investigative journalist who spent 20 years at The Wall Street Journal and co-author of Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood and the World, joins Carol Roth to break down this fascinating story, which involves the biggest financial heist in history (somewhere between $6 and $7 billion), politicians, Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and banks like Goldman Sachs. Tom and Carol discuss the background of the book, where the main heist perpetrator- Jho Low- is today, how the scam ironically financed The Wolf of Wall Street movie, an update on 1MDB and Malaysia, recent developments for Goldman Sachs and much more in the utterly fascinating interview about one of the most unreal, and unknown stories of the past few years.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on the 4th most populated country on Earth.

Damon Dunn is a former Stanford and NFL football player turned successful entrepreneur and fellow in business and economics at the Pacific Research Institute. He is the author of the new book, Punting Poverty: Breaking the Chains of Welfare. Damon joins Carol Roth to discuss why welfare creates the “Paradox of Poverty”, solutions to building wealth and success for those struggling and why a culture of low expectations reinforces the problems it attempts to solve.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on both NFL pay AND a change between political parties.

In 2011, Melayna Lokosky blew the whistle on what she perceived as fraud on the behalf of her employer, Acclarent, Inc., a medical device company owned by Johnson & Johnson. In July of 2016, the company’s former CEO and the former Vice President of Sales received a split decision in Federal Court in Massachusetts – acquittal on 14 felony counts but conviction on 10 misdemeanor counts of introducing adulterated and misbranded medical devices into interstate commerce. The following month, the Department of Justice reached an $18M settlement with Johnson & Johnson to settle outstanding civil claims.

Concurrent with her whistleblower work with the DOJ, Lokosky developed “The Sociopathic Business Model” to help the DOJ understand venture capital startup fraud and is the owner of MMpiHer (pronounced “Empire”) Strategic Consulting. Melayna joins Carol Roth to talk about how and why she became a whistleblower and how she helped get a dangerous $40 million/year medical device off the market. She shares her opinions on fraud being rampant in unicorn VC funding and other challenges faced in regulation for consumer safety.

A 33-year journalism veteran, Jeff Cox is the finance editor at Jeff joins Carol Roth to talk about the state of the economy and the market and why a disconnect exists. Jeff shares his concerns about “PPP infinity” and he and Carol give a primer on the Federal Reserve and central banking, and discuss how “The Fed” is creating asset bubbles and engaging in behavior that constitutes a “moral hazard”.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on the explorer who discovered cigars.

Thorin (aka Duncan Shields) is an Esports historian who has been deeply involved in the Esports scene professionally since 2001, as well as a journalist and writer, winning Esports Journalist of the Year at the 2017 industry awards. Thorin joins Carol Roth to talk about the history and business of Esports, including what actually counts as an “Esport”, what the big industry challenge is, whether there is an investment bubble, if Esports will ever take the place of other sports and even advice on what to do to become a professional gamer.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on the history of Esports in South Korea and a bonus segment on the odd way Carol discovered the gamer “Ninja”.

Dan Granger, Founder and CEO of Oxford Road, a leading advertising agency specializing in audio and all things spoken media and audio-tech/media technology, joins Carol Roth to talk about marketing amidst the insanity that is 2020. Dan talks about what tactics should be thrown out the window, why “ease of use” trumps just about everything in today’s environment and the “if, then shaming fallacy” happening on social media and otherwise. Dan and Carol also talk about why Bill Burr’s genius podcast advertising live reads are so effective, and why some companies still want control.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on Independence Day.

Jake Novak, political and economic analyst, editorial columnist, and host of the weekly radio show “NovakNow” on the Nachum Segal Network joins Carol Roth to talk about creative solutions to bring back the economy and ensure that small business remains the backbone of our economy.

Jake was the creator of Varney & Company on Fox Business Network and formerly executive producer of The Kudlow Report on CNBC.

Dan Markovitz, author of The Conclusion Trap, joins Carol Roth to talk about why we jump to conclusions and solutions, and a framework for better problem solving. Whether it is in business, relationships, government or otherwise, he talks about the pitfalls of our hardwiring for shortcuts and how to fight our brain’s automatic responses, as well as why we often blame people over bad processes.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on a popular shoe’s brand history.

Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill and TV commentator rejoins Carol Roth to talk about the current state of the media and all of its issues. Joe and Carol discuss the media’s hypocrisy in dealing with Joe Biden vs. Brett Kavanaugh, their mishandling of COVID-19 reporting and their co-dependency with and on President Trump.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on the longest game in minor league baseball history.

Exavier Pope is a tremendous success, but you may not have guessed that he went from foster care to living on the streets to eventually media personality, serial entrepreneur, attorney, business and legal analyst, Fortune 500 speaker, content creator, writer, tastemaker, licensed yoga instructor— and the best dressed man on TV. 

Exavier joins Carol Roth to talk about his stories, his struggles and his “4 P’s” for success. He shares how anyone can make a bigger difference and overcome even the worst situations and why thinking you are “special” can actually be an asset. Plus, he shares thoughts on mentoring and helping the youth who are in bad situations through no fault of their own.

Les McKeown is the Founder and CEO of Predictable Success and a trusted advisor to fast-growth SMEs and thriving not-for-profits as well as Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest government agencies in the world. Having been involved in the launch of more than 40 companies before he was 35, he joins Carol Roth to talk about why the COVID-19 crisis is different than any other he has seen for businesses and what they should do. Les and Carol also discuss the impact of coronavirus and government action (and inaction) on the economy.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on St. Patrick’s Day.

Joe Hackman says that we have an unprecedented opportunity right now to secure our future and that starts with bringing back critical manufacturing. Joe is the Founder of Managed Solutions, which provides smart manufacturing solutions to the advanced manufacturing sector. He joins Carol Roth to talk about re-shoring, the economic impact of manufacturing and to debate the role of free markets vs. government in these endeavors.

Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on beach sand.

You may think you know the stories of celebrity good deeds, but many examples of celebrity activism have gone horribly wrong. Dr. Cooper Lawrence, doctorate in the psychological study of celebrity culture, Gracie Award winning radio host, expert on MTV’s latest reboot of True Life and bestselling author of The Cult of Celebrity joins Carol Roth to talk about her upcoming book Celebritocracy: The Misguided Agenda of Celebrity Politics in a Postmodern Democracy.

In addition to covering how well-known celebrity activism programs went awry (e.g. Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation; Live Aid), Cooper and Carol also discuss the rise of conservatism in Hollywood, why we treat celebrities as experts, and how celebrities set the global agenda. Plus, a “Now You Know” segment on dogs!