Mark Krikorian (Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies) joins Joyce to discuss the crisis on the southern border, immigration policy, changes to USA asylum laws, ICE action against illegal immigrants and more!

Joyce discusses the upcoming Democratic Party debates, Jon Stewart’s Congressional testimony, VA issues and more!

Joyce discusses immigration, DACA, homelessness in California and more.

Joyce and Vince discuss Trump’s visit to the Royal Family, nasty Megan Markle, the Virginia Beach shooting, gun background checks, smuggling tacos, free ponies, Rare Earth, Democratic POTUS candidates, Hickenlooper booed at California Democratic Party Convention, and more!

Joyce discusses Farm subsidies, the US/China trade dispute, AG William Barr, treason and more!

National immigration expert Mark Krikorian discusses immigration issues with Joyce.

Cybersecurity expert Dan Trimble discusses cyber risk with Joyce.

Joyce discusses the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and more.