This crisis is playing out across our toxic cultural, ethnic and political lines in ways one never could have imagined.


Leadership means being a part of a team – not the disinterested observer of a team.


Joyce on making changes to the US Postal system.

We have heard about the magical, mystical testing ramp up for close to 6 weeks from the Presidential Daily briefing but our ability to test is still inadequate to meet the challenge of the moment.


Joyce and Vince talk about what they look forward to when shelter in place is lifted.


Joyce talks with Pamela Donnelly, noted author and expert college admissions strategy. As a former classroom teacher, Pamela offers insights into how parents can best help their children navigate the new COVID19 learning environment and beyond.

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A conversation with Alan Davis, Chair of the C Suite Network Manufacturing Council. A nation that cannot sustain itself cannot defend itself.

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Joyce on COVID-19 testing challenges.

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As the COVID19 numbers continue to climb, the nation’s response remains disjointed, contradictory and frantic – anything but an organized, efficient response we expected in a moment of crisis.

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It is time for our government to develop a comprehensive approach to our utilization of the global medical supply chain.

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United States passed the 100,000 case mark. The highest in the world. Joyce discusses.


Joyce on COVID-19 response.


Joyce on COVID 19.


Joyce on how to combat COVID-19.

Joyce discusses the CoronaVirus outbreak.


Joyce on the state of the Democratic primaries.


Joyce discusses the Corona Virus outbreak.

Joyce on Bloomberg’s ideas on carbon emissions and dealing with China.


Joyce discusses the latest developments in the Democratic primaries.


Joyce comments on the follies of the Democrats running in the Presidential primaries.