Former Senior Policy Advisor to Senator John McCain Chris Brose joins Reaganism to discuss his new book Kill Chain, which describes the Department of Defense’s desperate need to modernize for 21st century warfare.


British Historian and Churchill biographer Dr. Andrew Roberts joins Roger on this episode of Reaganism. In addition to discussing Churchill, Roger and Dr. Roberts undermine the revisionist attempt to strip Reagan of his rightful credit for the role he played in ending the Cold War.

Deputy National Security Advisor and Assistant to the President Matt Pottinger joins Reaganism to discuss President Reagan’s influence on the Trump administration, why Tik Tok is a threat to Americans, and the increasingly tense US-China relationship.

2005 piece discussing Pottinger’s time as a journalist in China:

Renowned Reagan scholar Dr. Steven Hayward joins Reaganism to discuss how the administrations of President Trump and President Reagan compare and contrast and how #40’s legacy continues to change.


Senator Tim Scott joins Reaganism to discuss his belief in the importance of school choice, the effectiveness of opportunity zones, and the Senate’s role in the ongoing push for law enforcement reform.

Former US Ambassador to Turkey joins Reaganism to discuss his experiences with #40 during the President’s 1988 trip to Moscow.

Amb. Edelman’s Principles and Beliefs Series essay:

Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy joins Reaganism to discuss the Army’s role in the nation’s response to COVID-19, sustaining forward presence to implement the National Defense Strategy, and the ongoing effort to modernize the force.

President of Ronald Reagan’s alma mater Eureka College, Dr. Jamel Wright, joins Reaganism to discuss President Reagan’s formative years at Eureka College, the ongoing movement for racial equality, and the impact of COVID-19 on the future of higher education.

Sports media giant and Reagan Foundation trustee Ben C. Sutton Jr. joins Reaganism to discuss COIVD-19’s impact on American sports, the politics surrounding the NCAA, and whether or not we’ll see college football in 2020.

Former Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo discusses how conservatives should approach climate change, #40’s connection with Cuban Americans, and how his bipartisan approach to politics stems from Reaganite principles.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton joins Reaganism to discuss his new book, what a 2nd Trump term in office would look like, and the coming battle for the future of GOP foreign policy.


Karl Rove joins Reaganism to discuss how he became involved in Swedish politics, his read on President Donald Trump, and the 2020 Presidential Election.


Under Secretary Ellen Lord joins Reaganism to discuss U.S. defense policy in the era of COVID-19, the national security innovation base, and how flat defense budgets will impact the Pentagon.

Georgtown’s Dr. Matt Kroenig joins Reaganism to discuss the inherent advantages that democracies have when competing against rival authoritarian states from Venice in the 1300s to the United States today.

Dr. Kroenig’s Most Recent Book:

Award-winning NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg joins Reaganism to discuss the state of journalism in America, the institutional changes impacting the Supreme Court, and the classic Reagan story of her first encounter with #40.

Congressman Will Hurd from Texas discusses the Congressman’s time in the CIA, lessons he’s learned from winning close elections in a politically split district, and his perspective on law enforcement reform as the lone black Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Rep. Cheney discusses how the GOP can better engage young and women voters, the ongoing protests engulfing our country, and the importance of U.S. leadership in the world.

Dr. Lindsay Burke of the Heritage Foundation joins Reaganism to discuss the state of education during COVID-19, school choice, civics education, and college affordability

Presidential historian Dr. Tevi Troy joins Reaganism to discuss his new book Fight House: Rivalries in the White House from Truman to Trump. Roger and Tevi discuss inter-White House fighting across several administrations with special attention paid to the Reagan years.


Dr. Yuval Levin joins Reaganism to discuss the causes and impact of Americans’ increasing loss of faith in our institutions

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