Is motherhood “the dumbest job ever”? Just in time for Mother’s Day, that’s what one New York Times writer is suggesting. We talk about this, along with a new book detailing Hillary Clinton’s campaign hypocrisies, and the trend of members in Congress sleeping in their offices because they can’t afford rent (or so they say) in this week’s edition of Problematic Women.

Plus, we break down the backlash surrounding Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondent Dinner performance, and the cultural appropriation police coming after high school student Keziah Daum for daring to wear a Chinese-inspired dress to prom. Watch in the video above, or listen in the podcast below.

On this week’s edition of “Problematic Women” we discuss Melania Trump’s big week, GQ putting the Bible on its list of books you “don’t have to read,” and outrage over a former NFL player posing with a gun in his daughter’s prom photo.

We also cover the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian controversy this week, and a report that disgraced CBS anchor Charlie Rose is getting a new show where he interviews other high-profile men who were taken down because of #MeToo.

On this week’s edition of “Problematic Women” we discuss Nikki Haley standing up for herself, a GQ writer calling a Taylor Swift cover “hate speech”, a triggering Chick-fil-a opening in New York City and more.

We also discuss Carrie Underwood revealing her face during an epic ACM music performance after a traumatic fall, a college professor offering extra credit to encourage her students to go on real dates, and the powerful legacy of former first lady Barbara Bush.

On this week’s edition of “Problematic Women,” we discuss conservative woman finally getting recognized for her accomplishments, rapper Cardi B’s take on “abortion regret,” Khloe Kardashian’s baby drama, and Seth Meyers’ wife giving birth on a floor.

We also take deep-dives into the Women’s March criticizing the Trump administration for cracking down on sex trafficking and illegal prostitution, a 17-year-old Florida high school student who got in trouble for not wearing a bra, and the complete nonsense of “Equal Pay Day.”

The Problematic Women discuss cheerleaders, Planned Parenthood’s Ivanka meeting, and the new phenomenon of “theybys.”

Walmart pulls Cosmopolitan from the checkout aisles, safe spaces for women are no longer allowed, an arranged marriage goes horrifically wrong, and Planned Parenthood’s horrible idea for the next Disney Princess. That and more on this week’s edition of Problematic Women!

On a special edition of “Problematic Women” from the White House, The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Harkness and The Federalist’s Bre Payton take on John Oliver targeting Vice President Mike Pence’s daughter’s new children’s book, Jim Carrey’s attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders appearance, and Hillary Clinton’s excuses for her inflammatory comments last week.

We also discuss the up-and-coming trend of parents choosing gender-neutral names for their children to “embrace the possibility of gender fluidity in their children,” Boko Haram freeing 101 girls in Nigeria, and sit down for a special interview with Sarah Flores, communications director for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Katy Perry’s problematic #MeToo moment, Washington Post writer says Down Syndrome babies don’t deserve to be born, and Republican Congresswoman Mia Love’s daughter explains why she “Walked Up” rather than “Walked Out” at high school yesterday. All that and more in this week’s edition of Problematic Women!

In this week’s edition of “Problematic Women”, we break down Nikki Haley clapping back at the Palestinian leader who told her to “shut up”. Bumble, the popular dating app, is encouraging its users to report anyone with a gun in their photos. Bethany Mandel appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss why as a mother she has chosen to own a gun.

AEI’s Factual Feminist, Christina Hoff Sommers, traveled to Oregon to give a speech at Lewis & Clark Law School. Several disruptors came into the lecture hall, screaming, shouting, and playing music to drown her out. How does this type of behavior benefit any group?

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast published an article titled, “The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller,” highlighting the great lengths the sisters and social media sensations take to avoid disclosing their relationship to their mother.

“The Instagram-famous family have gone to great lengths to conceal the identity of their Islamophobic mother,” writes The Daily Beast. “[Their mother is an] anti-Islam activist, hate-monger, and diehard Trump supporter.”

A gunman left 17 people dead Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Students are speaking out about their emotional trauma, and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch went face-to-face with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel in a CNN “town hall debate” on guns.

We address that and more, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence’s outfit outrage, the shallow feminism of Sports Illustrated, and presidential infidelity, in this week’s special CPAC edition of Problematic Women.

Sports Illustrated claims that they are doing charity work by encouraging sexual assault survivors to take their clothes off, leading to larger dialogue about what empowerment means. The media has a love-fest with North Korea and its regime to kickstart the Olympics – while taking shots at Vice President Mike Pence.

We also discuss the underreported, ongoing situation in Iran, where heroic women are continuing to fight for freedom – at the risk of serious consequences. Kelsey Harkness recently wrote about this for The Federalist, learn more here.

Facebook and Google create a new dating policy, men say they’re scared to mentor women, and conservative women say #TimesUp is getting political by hiring Anita Hill. Has the #MeToo movement gone too far? We discuss in this week’s edition of “Problematic Women.”

We also interview Savannah Lindquist, a college graduate who after being sexually assaulted at Temple University, says the #MeToo movement should support gun rights for women.

This week, Democratic senators high-fived each other for spiking a bill that would protect babies up to 20 weeks old in the womb. Hillary Clinton issued an embarrassing statement filled with excuses as to why she kept a staffer on her 2008 campaign after a woman complained he had sexually harassed her. Michael Wolff is spreading a baseless rumor that Nikki Haley and President Trump are having an affair and Hillary Clinton lent a microphone to this sexist smear by reading excerpts of Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury” at the Grammy awards on live TV.

All this and more in this week’s edition of Problematic Women.

Hollywood celebrities continue their attacks against women who work for the Trump administration, Women’s March attendees have no tolerance for Down syndrome, and Planned Parenthood is getting a new president.

Aziz Ansari raises more questions than answers for the #MeToo movement, a Hollywood celebrity does something good, and Cory Booker “mansplains” to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Problematic Women talk fallout from the Golden Globes including Oprah and #TimeIsUp. We also talk about Kelly Clarkson’s decision to spank her daughter. Is that problematic?

American feminists are MIA on protests in Iran, Joy Baher of “The View” says Trump needs to be “medicated and hospitalized,” Iceland takes its equal pay law to a new level, and Planned Parenthood released its 2017 annual report.

All that and more in this week’s edition of Problematic Women.

This week, Lauren Evans and Bre Payton discuss their favorite stories of the year and rank the most problematic women of 2017. The duo also talked about the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s decision to remove a 200-year-old rotting tree from the White House grounds, as well as Vanity Fair’s apology over a video mildly criticizing Hillary Clinton.

New York Magazine decides “Reputation” singer Taylor Swift isn’t allowed to be happy in 2017, Rosie O’Donnell wants to break the law, and Harvard University sorority sisters pledge to defy the school’s anti-discrimination policies by continuing recruitment.