A chemical abortion is a two-pill regimen that ends the life of the baby and poses health risks to the mother. The deaths of 24 women have been “associated with the abortion pill,” Melanie Israel, a research associate in The Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society, says.

Israel joins the show to discuss her recent research paper, “Chemical Abortion: A Review,” which provides extensive information on the history and risks of chemical abortions.

Arkansas has just become the first state in the country to pass legislation protecting minors from being prescribed puberty blockers or gender-hormone treatments, or from receiving gender-change surgery.

Arkansas state Rep. Robin Lundstrum, the lead sponsor for the bill, joins the “Problematic Women” podcast to explain why the passage of the legislation is a victory for children and families. Lundstrum also explains why she thinks the bill has faced so much opposition from the political left.

Geneva Solomon is the co-owner of Redstone Firearms in California. Solomon and her husband not only sell firearms at their shop, they also educate and train individuals in gun safety.

Solomon joins the “Problematic Women” podcast to explain how she became passionate about gun ownership and safety. She also discusses her recent Congressional testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and why universal background checks will not lead to less gun violence.

The Biden administration’s reported decision to hold America’s defense budget flat for the next fiscal year is concerning, Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, says.

Ernst served in the U.S. military for more than 23 years before becoming a senator. Today, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Ernst is committed to promoting policies that strengthen the nation’s military.

Beth Stelzer walked into her first powerlifting competition expecting to encounter a room full of individuals who were there to support strong women. Instead, a biological male who “identified” as a woman distracted from the competition by protesting throughout the event because he was not permitted to compete with the women.

As a result of the experience, Stelzer took action to protect women’s sports from transgender athletes.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., was the first woman ever elected chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. And now, as the ranking Republican on the panel, McMorris Rodgers is pushing back on the far left’s harmful climate policies and fighting to protect American jobs.

McMorris Rodgers joins the show to talk about that and to discuss her concerns with new guidelines on reopening schools from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And she breaks down what you need to know about the fight to defend the Hyde Amendment.

The implications of congressional Democrats’ proposed Equality Act are “tremendously disappointing,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., says.

The House of Representatives already has passed the legislation, which faces what many Congress-watchers believe will be a closely fought battle in the Senate.

The narrative that a child only needs love and safety to thrive is being challenged by Katy Faust, founder of Them Before Us, a nonprofit organization that promotes social policies to protect the rights of children.

In her new book, “Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement,” Faust argues that a child needs a stable home with love from both a mother and a father.

President Joe Biden already has taken action to undo some of the pro-life policies set in place by his predecessor, Donald Trump. It appears likely that Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress will continue to press a progressive abortion agenda that endangers the unborn, mothers, and American freedoms.


Life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan, and sometimes that’s a beautiful thing.


Freshman Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, says she is committed to focusing on the “meat and potato issues that affect people’s daily lives.”


On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed a divisive executive order that could ultimately lead to the end of women’s sports as we know them.


Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States Wednesday. Eager to implement his agenda, Biden signed a number of executive orders after he was sworn into office, beginning the process of undoing former president Donald Trump’s legacy.


To say that this is a difficult time in our nation’s history might be something of an understatement.

Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff appear to have defeated incumbent Republicans Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue, giving the Democrats a majority in the U.S. Senate.


This year has been strange for all of us, but especially for Shelby Talcott, The Daily Caller’s media reporter and field correspondent.


The United Kingdom has long been on the progressive end of the transgender issue, so when they pump the brakes, America should pay attention, says Nicole Russell, a contributor to The Daily Signal.


Joanne Herring, a longtime political activist and philanthropist, deserves a great deal of credit for helping break the back of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. 

From the number of Pilgrims and Native Americans present at the first Thanksgiving to conflict in Congress over declaring it a national day of thanks, there are many historical facts about the holiday that are not widely known.


Rep.-elect Kat Cammack, R-Fla., faults an Obama era policy for leaving her and her mother homeless in 2011. After spending months living in a motel, an opportunity arose for Cammack to work on the successful campaign of Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla.