Students storm out of class to protest…democracy.

The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski on the Middle-School-ization of American politics.

In Pennsylvania, we may not know for sure who won, but we know who lost.

Bill Kristol offers his analysis of the Lamb/Saccone race and what it means for the November midterms.

Tell us something we DON’T know:

The former secretary of the Nobel Prize committee admits: Obama didn’t deserve it.

Will Donald Trump And Lil’ Kim bring us “peace in our time?” I’ll ask Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Also, my theory on why Kim Jong-un is the Donald Trump of the Korean Peninsula.

Liz Warren says she’s NOT running for president and she’s absolutely telling the truth—if you use the Bill Clinton standard.

Somebody book Elton John some tickets to South Korea—Trump is meeting with Little Rocket Man!

Korea expert Ethan Epstein gives us his take on Trump’s diplomatic gamble.

I don’t think this is what they meant by #BlueWave…

Another bad day for the Democrats as polls show five incumbent US senators under water

The Texas tale for 2018? Republicans are still in the race. In fact, Ned Ryun of American Majority says the GOP is going to keep control of Congress. Is he right?

Texas GOP consultant Derek Ryan tells us how things look on the ground in the Lone Star state.

Sam Nunberg wants you to know—He’s as drunk as hell and he’s not gonna…—he’s mad. He’s MAD as h…you know what–never mind.

Whatever Nunberg is, we get analysis from the Washington Examiner’s Phil Wegmann.

Sorry, Jimmy—The funniest monologue this weekend came from a self-deprecating Donald Trump;

Trump tells a joke, the press turns itself into one trying to make it a controversy;

Donald Trump—Unleeshed [sic]! On tariffs, trade and telling Alex Baldwin where he can stick it.

Could someone tell me why we’re celebrating higher prices on stuff we buy and sell again?

Annie, get your gun—quick, before President Trump takes it! Ben Howe from Red State on the current state of the debate between principle and politics;

I talk to a liberal New Hampshire business owner who has banned Republicans from his store, and comedy ensues! (Most of it unintentional)

Israel vs. Hezbollah/Syria/Iran–Just how bad are things getting in the Middle East? Lindsey Graham’s terrifying report.

Reason Magazine’s Jacob Sullum on whether we should give cops the power to detain without a warrant to stop gun crimes

Did Sheriff Israel have a police of leaving dangerous teens like the Parkland shooter on the streets? Red State’s Sarah Rumpf is on the story.

Why Donald Trump is dead-on with his comments about “going in without a weapon.”

I have seen the future of the Democratic Party, and (I hope) its name is Sheriff Scott Israel

It’s another #MAGA Monday episode, featuring radio talk host and CNN regular Ben Ferguson.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away—and hiding behind a minivan in the parking lot.

The Federalist’s David Harsanyi on the history of America’s gun debates;

CNN hosts an anti-gun angry mob disguised as a town hall;

National Review’s David French on the current state of our gun conversation;

Donald Trump, you magnificent bastard—you listened to my podcast!

John Hawkins of asks: Are Democrats pushing for a civil war over the Second Amendment?

Donald Trump is “Making America Date Again!”

Investigative reporter Michele McPhee on the Florida shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and the FBI;

A special edition of the Michael In The Morning podcast for President’s Day, 2018: A collection of presidential trivia guaranteed to stump your smartest political-geek friends, courtesy of J. Mark Powell at Holy Cow History.


Broward Sheriff Scott Israel says armed police can do little to stop school violence….so he wants the cops to detain people for troublesome Facebook posts instead. We discuss this idea with Robby Soave, editor of

Plus–The Confession Hotline!