Ready or not, America, here it comes: Early polling from “First In The Nation” New Hampshire says it’s President Trump vs Pocahontas. Circle the wagons!  We discuss it with pollster David Paleologos.

What’s it like to be the token conservative at one of America’s most liberal newspapers? We ask the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby.

P.J. O’Rourke joins us from his hidden enclave in New Hampshire to discuss living in New England as a prominent conservative writer. He also explains why Millennials hate Boomers, and why the Boomers deserve it.

Granite State activist and troublemaker Kimberly Morin talks about defending the Second Amendment among New England liberals who aren’t too thrilled with the FIRST.

In this edition of “Michael Graham: Behind The Blue Wall,” stand-up comic (and closet conservative) Paul D’Angelo talks about looking for laughs from New England liberals, Amy Schumer’s self-censorship and why parents are part of the problem.

Plus Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies on the (unintentionally) hilarious mishandling of an illegal immigrant charged with rape in Massachusetts.

Welcome to the first episode of my new weekly podcast: Behind The Blue Wall!  Reports from the embattled conservative minority here in deep blue New England.

The first episode features New England icon Howie Carr, with his take on Chappaquiddick, and a story about Bob Mueller’s record in public service that you aren’t going to hear anywhere else.

The great Jonah Goldberg on Kevin Williamson and the future of conservative media;

Why Trump’s trade war could end up being no big deal;

On today’s show it’s National Review’s Jim Geraghty—Unleashed! (on the fact that it’s Trump–Unleashed!)

Why Trump sending troops to the border is no big deal.

A Democrat presidential contender says gun control is a winning issue in 2020—is he right?

Why sending troops to the border could be a big win for Trump and his wall.

The caravan of would-be illegal immigrants making its way to the US border might as well have “Vote Trump 2020” banners waving overhead. Kausha Luna of the Center for Immigration Studies has the background.

Ricochet Editor-In-Chief on Kevin Williamson’s first Atlantic article and why he’ll never give up his cancerous cup of coffee.

It turns out the crazy rednecks were right! ALL history has to come down.

Omri Ceren of the Israel Project with the facts about this weekend’s Hamas-led attacks on the border.

The great Ralph Peters, retired Army colonel, on his decision to “retire” from Fox News and its “propaganda machine.”

A Massachusetts city plays lookout for illegal immigrants with the amnesty version of an Amber alert

Liberals love diversity—and if you don’t agree they’ll destroy you! We talk to Mark Hemingway about the bizarre attempt to ban a conservative writer from a mainstream media outlet.

Neil Levesque of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on how Democrats should deal with the gun issue.

Stormy Daniels for President? Hey—it could happen! No, really….

Seton Motley makes sense of the Facebook/Google/Big Data brouhaha

It’s a good news/bad news day for Donald Trump and the GOP in new polling on the 2018 midterms.

California threatens to sue over citizenship question in 2020 Census;

Saturday’s rally wasn’t against gun violence—it was a rally against gun owners. How will they respond?

We talk to Cam Edwards of NRA TV, and to James Wallace of the Gun Owners Action League in Massachusetts.

Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard with his take on the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor

Etiquette author Amy Alkon on what Mork and Mindy can teach us about sexual harassment

It’s the “Romp In The Swamp!” The “Brawl From Geritol!” The “Rumble In The Retirement Village!” The “Battle Of The Aged!” President Donald “The Thumper” Trump is tired of the threats of physical assault from Joltin’ Joe Biden and he’s ready to rumble!


Is Libertarianism dead? We ask Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie.

Speaking of dead…two bad guys are dead, in Texas and Maryland, because some good guys just did their jobs.

A tragic death in Arizona, but I still want my self-driving car. Why? Because I have to drive on the roads…with you.  Ron Bailey of on the science of self-driving cars.

Donald Trump preaches the federal death penalty in “Live Free Or Die” New Hampshire, and Republicans love it.

Hillary Clinton has 41 problems and yes, ladies, you ARE one.

Trump’s long game vs Mueller.

Tillerson got fired on Twitter, what’s up for H R McMaster— a Grumpy Cat “You’re Fired!” gif?

The great Michael Barone answers the question: Just how unusual is the Trump presidency, really?