Join Charlotte as she discusses how we can all help non-profits that are helping people who have been hurt by the coronavirus.

Learn all about how Memorial Day started and why it’s so important to celebrate those who have given their lives defending our freedom.

Join Charlotte as she talks all about non profits and why they’re so important right now!

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Join me as I make a mask at home out of one of my t-shirts!

Join Charlotte as she explains what the CDC is and why we are wearing masks right now. We also review our Weekly Challenge results! Next time on the show, watch as she makes a mask at home!

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Join me as I interview small business owners Sarah and Hannah about their fashion brand, Gallagher!

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Join Charlotte on today’s episode where she explains why small businesses are so important in our country. We also learn some new words like “start-up” and “entrepreneurs.”

On this episode, Charlotte interviews an art therapist about the best ways to keep our mind and body healthy!

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Join Charlotte as she answers a listener’s question, “What is an executive order?” She talks all about the government and history of the constitution!

This week, Charlotte explains to kids how testing for the coronavirus will work! She also answers questions from kids all over America!

Charlotte discusses Phase Two and Phase Three of the government’s plan to re-open the country! Tune in as she answers questions from kids all over the country – and takes a look at the weekly challenge results.

Join Charlotte as she interviews her mom, Second Lady Karen Pence, about her new task force called “More than Ever Before.” She helps us think of ways to keep our minds healthy during this time and reminds us that “it’s okay to not be okay.”

In this episode, Charlotte talks about how important it is to take care of our minds as we protect our bodies. In order to keep our minds strong, we can set goals, connect with people over video, and focus on the good things in life. Remember – it’s important to talk about our feelings so that we can help one another. Join Charlotte as she also answers questions from kids all over America!

States around the country are starting to re-open their businesses. What does all of this mean? Join Charlotte as she explains Phase One of the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s re-opening plan to kids! She also talks about the news of the week and answers questions from kids all over America!

On this episode, Charlotte explains to kids why the economy is important and how the government plans to re-open the country. She also answers questions from kids all over America!

On this episode, Charlotte interviews Dr. Whitney Morgan who is a pediatrician in Texas! She answers all of Charlotte’s questions about viruses and what kids can do to stay safe in our communities!

Join Charlotte Pence Bond as she explains to kids what the coronavirus guidelines are and why it’s so important – and selfless – of us to follow them! She also answers some questions from kids all over America!

Charlotte Pence Bond interviews her dad Vice President Mike Pence, explains what the coronavirus is, and answers questions from kids!

Littles News Briefing with Charlotte Pence Bond is a new show for kids between ages 5-14 discussing the news of the day. Especially in these trying times, our children need a comforting and informative voice explaining the complex issues our nation is facing, and Charlotte Pence Bond will be that voice.The show will include news briefings, interviews with experts (in government, medicine, data and more), and answer questions from real-life kids.

Charlotte Pence Bond is the author of the New York Times best-selling children’s book Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President (Regnery Publishing, 2018), as well as several other books. She is the second child and elder daughter of the 48th Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, and Second Lady of the United States, Karen Pence.