Ryan, Craig, Kenn, and Todd are together again, this time to spin the Wheel of Tangents. They take on completely random topics in and out of the SFF fold, including fantasy fashion, amusement park food, issues of distance in sci-fi, absurd dream house features, and much, much more.

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Todd and Kenn welcome Kyle from the Red Team for this episode discussing Michael Crichton’s classic, Jurassic Park. Is John Hammond evil? What is Crichton’s view of scientific ethics? Does Kenn dream of dinosaurs punching each other? Only one way to find out…

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Craig, Ryan, and Kyle welcome back Adam Sherlock from Deep Dive Film School to have a very serio– sorry, a completely ridiculous discussion of the new Mortal Kombat reboot and video game movies generally. What’s the balance between fan service and storytelling? Are bright colors such a bad thing? Is this the right time to introduce a new character? Only the hard-hitting questions here, folks.

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Craig, Ryan, and Sara sit down for a discussion of The Obelisk Gate, book 2 in N.K. Jemesin’s Broken Earth trilogy. Is Schaffa really a bad guy anymore? Is the moon relevant yet? How does a child deal with parental trauma? The group gets into this and more on this episode.

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SPOILERS ABOUND. Craig, Todd, and Ryan hash out their reactions to Godzilla vs. Kong. Originally, they didn’t think the movie would be worth a discussion, but Craig had a little too much “the bad guy is actually the good guy” stuff to get off his chest, so here we are.

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The Blue Team — Todd, Megan, and Kenn — discuss John Carter of Mars, the first book in Edgar rice Burroughs’ classic series of Mars novels. What makes John Carter a classic? What tropes do we have now in genre fiction thanks to Burroughs? And will Megan continue the series? (Answer: Nope. And she’ll explain why.)

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Craig, Ryan, and Todd discuss Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the broader DCEU. What does the new Justice League do right? What does it not quite nail? Is there a real future for the DCEU from a fan perspective?

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The original crew of the intrepid USS Legendarium, Craig, Ryan, Todd and Kenn gather in the studio again to talk Brandon Sanderson’s Rhythm of War. Including an in depth breakdown of Todd’s emotional triggers and Kenn saying one of his forbidden words.

COSMERE SPOILERS AHOY. Craig, Ryan, Megan, and Stephanie sit down and discuss part 5 of Rhythm of War, Brandon Sanderson’s fourth entry in the Stormlight Archive. Who is the strongest female character? What kind of person is Wit? Plus, they discuss a few additional Discord questions.

Watch this conversation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/tod2q4wdOjw

Craig welcomes back Drew McCaffrey from the Inking Out Loud podcast to discuss Terry Brooks’ 1986 novel, Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold! It’s a book that Craig has recommended as a great entry point into fantasy literature, and that’s one of the major questions they tackle in this episode.


The Ladies of the Legendarium (Stephanie, Megan, and newcomer Rachel) take on The Golden Compass, the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.


Craig and Kyle were chatting and then decided: You know what? We should just turn on the mics. In this episode, they sit down and tackle the question of whether fantasy’s current “everyman” author really is for everyone. Who should read him? Who won’t enjoy his stuff so much? What is he amazing at? What are his shortcomings? We’re ready to hear your responses to what we bring up here, so be sure to click the Discord link below and join the conversation!


Craig and Ryan are joined in this episode by Todd and Megan to discuss the middle chunk of Rhythm of War, book 4 in Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series. There’s even a virtual appearance by Kenn, who sent in his customary recap. So enjoy!


In this originally-aborted first attempt to talk about Rhythm of War (Stromlight Archive #4), Craig, Ryan, Kenn, and Stephanie meander through a conversation about … well, about a lot of stuff, just not necessarily the stuff you were most excited to hear about. That’s why they recorded another episode and released it first, which you can listen to here. But here’s this episode now, in all its shame and glory!


Todd is joined once more time in 2020 by Kenn and Megan, and the three of them talk about the incredible journey the Blue Team has been on in 2020. They run through some of the highlights of where they’ve been, and also discuss future books for 2021.


In this strange episode, we’re taking a mulligan! Craig, Stephanie, Ryan, and Kenn realized their first attempt at this episode missed a lot of stuff, so you’re hearing take number two. But fear not! We’ll still air the original attempt as well shortly.


Craig and Ryan welcome Drew and Lauren McCaffrey, who have come to discuss Shadows of the Empire, the Star Wars movie that never was. There’s a lot to discuss, between the book and its accompanying video game and the rest of the marketing push to make Shadows a huge thing back in 1996. There’s enough ground to cover, in fact, that we made this episode a two-parter, and you can hear the other part on Drew’s podcast, Inking Out Loud. Head over there to hear the companion episode, and to get the other half of the hashtag you’ll need to enter the giveaway drawing. (More details below.)

Listen to the Inking Out Loud episode here.

The Blue Team is back for their last bit of Dresden discussion for a while. Todd, Megan, and Kenn cut the last Dresden episode off a bit abruptly because they wanted to give [redacted]’s death in this book more than a cursory five-minute treatment. So that’s what this episode is all about. Enjoy!


Craig and Ryan sit down to reminisce about 300 episodes and thank the panelists and audience for nearly 7(!) wonderful years. They also splice in some audio from the other panelists and a couple of key listeners.


Craig and Ryan got their hands on an advance copy of Brandon Sanderson’s latest Stormlight Archive entry: Rhythm of War. They sit down and discuss their general feelings on how the book went, how it fits with the rest of the series, and what the reactions of fans might be once the book is released on November 17th. There are no spoilers for Rhythm of War, but this discussion does assume that you’ve read the rest of the Stormlight Archive. Be ye warned.