Mary Katharine, Emily and Elisha harken back to the glory days of the late 90s/early 2000s when they went to prom. Usher, cornrows and clear heels were a thing. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their hilarious and embarassing moments.

Emily, Bethany, and Elisha discuss how Emily is handling infertility, and how babies are really made.

Mary Katharine and Lyndsey extol the virtues of cleaning the everliving hell out of everything in your whole universe

With Amelia’s dog Virgil recently diagnosed with cancer, Amelia, Emily, and Kelly discuss tough transitions and how to get through them with grace while maintaining our sanity. We’re determined for his last months to be all about #TreatPlayLove, and to do that for ourselves in the difficult times, too.

Kelly and Bethany talk about traveling with and without babies, parenting suicidal babies, goats, and parenting goats.

Lyndsey and Kelly follow up on last week’s episode and finally hash out why vegans and hunters are natural allies in the wild.

With just a month to go before the big day.

Kelly and Emily instruct Bethany in the fine art of choosing a home and building a garden that will help you survive the apocalypse.

Amelia and Elisha discuss the finer points of road tripping, cologne, and heteronormative pets.

Bethany, Kelly, and Emily talk bad neighbors, bad birthdays, and irresponsible lawn care.

Elisha, Emily, and Amelia talk 2018 Olympics. Emily ponders fielding her own team and Elisha and uses the “aging” athletes as motivation. All three are obsessed with curling, but only Amelia pretends to be part of the sport’s first family.

Elisha and Lyndsey encourage Bethany on her new fitness journey… but is she just in it for the free babysitting?

Mary Katharine and Kelly bore Bethany with conversations of sportsball – aka the Super Bowl – while Bethany valiantly tries to talk about anything but.

Kelly and Lyndsey talk about how they keep it together—or don’t—when things get stressful.

Bethany, Mary Katharine and Amelia talk Michelle Williams and Grace from Aziz Ansari’s scandal.

Virtue signaling at the Golden Globes and people who won’t let you have a moment of joy on social media are the worst. At least we’re keeping our 2018 resolutions. Oops.

Emily, Lyndsey, and Kelly tell you everything you need to know—and then some—about skincare.

Amelia, Elisha, and Kelly discuss holiday traditions they can’t quite pronounce, tag lines to live by in 2018, and…sausage laws?

Emily, Bethany, and Elisha discuss how they feel about recent government revelations about possible alien life – and why they’re disappointed no extraterrestrials have yet come knocking.

Lyndsey, Amelia and Elisha delve into the Netflix Tweet everyone is talking about and defend corny Christmas movies of all kinds. They also discuss how to spread Christmas cheer through charity and how to talk to your kids about Santa — with a special appearance by the very sweet and very wise Mrs. Hamilton.