How much does it cost? What are the risk factors? Why would a mama choose home birth over a hospital? Bethany and Elisha tell Lyndsey everything she wanted to know (and then some) about having a baby in the comfort of your own home.

Kelly, Emily, and Bethany (all mamas and mamas to-be) cut through the pastel clutter and tell you everything you actually need—and what you don’t.

It’s #EqualPayDay – Lyndsey and Bethany celebrate women being empowered to choose the careers (and lives) they want. Also, Bethany has huge announcement to make.

Why so many vegans secretly eating meat? Kelly and Lyndsey are back for another vegan & hunter rundown.

Mary Katharine and Lyndsey  reveal their top tips for getting the most out of wedding trips—without breaking the bank.

Kelly’s back after more than 20 days without a voice due to a freak infection in her larynx. She and Bethany talk about what it’s like to be voiceless and also about goats and also about the snow bomb polar vortex invading Colorado!

Lyndsey and Emily talk you through the “retinol uglies,” C serums, antioxidants, and more.

So you’re pregnant (congratulations) and weird stuff is happening. Here’s some helpful advice you actually want.

Bethany and Kelly get into some heavy stuff this week, but sometimes you just have to put it out there.

Mary Katharine, Lyndsey, and Elisha talk how to reach beyond basic goals and stay challenged… and how to motivate your friends, too.

Emily, Kelly, and Lyndsey run through not-so-common questions about the CCW process and what women should know.

One ladybrain has a very big announcement to make!

Did homeschool parents seeking to get their kids away from leftist indoctrination cede the public school system to the left? Should they have stayed to fight? Is homeschooling the best option for you? Elisha Krauss and Lyndsey Fifield – two homeschoolers, discuss.

Lyndsey and Mary Katharine remember Bre Payton—and how she’s motivated them to live better lives. Stoicism, habits trackers, and trendy New Year’s Resolutions—oh my.

Lyndsey recommends:
The Habit Tracker:

Kelly, Bethany, and Lyndsey wrap up 2018 with some not to sunny resolutions—and hacks for loving the holiday season

Lyndsey is in Philly for America’s game and Kelly is… team Air Force?

A mashup of uncomfortable topics that starts out light and airy and then takes a weird turn. Enjoy!

Bethany and Mary Katharine game out their holiday shopping plans and strategize Black Friday sales to hit.

Bethany and Lyndsey tell you to put down the healing crystals and get a damn flu shot.

Emily and Lyndsey discuss the struggle of being conservatives in very liberal neighborhoods—and how to make the best of it