Emily Zanotti’s thrift shopping skills are legendary—and today she’s sharing her best tips with Kelly Maher… and because it’s the #ladybrains podcast, they also lay out what would happen if an EMP hit Westworld (stay with us), the BEST shoes to wear while being a mom, and BONUS: Kelly’s husband was followed and filmed while hunting. You… will not want to miss how that went.

Mary Katharine Ham & Lyndsey Fifield are both at pretty big life change points and reflecting on all the times they moved, broken valuables, lost heirlooms, you know… basically this is a what not to do tutorial—with a little SEC football and basic-fall-love sprinkled in like just the right amount of nutmeg on your pumpkin spice lattes. Haters: bring it. Thanks to the lovely folks at Hillsdale College for letting us record in the Kirby Center!

ELISHA KRAUSS is back! She joins Lyndsey Fifield for a hilarious conversation about how to pick TV shows that are safe for kids… and safe for adults. Lyndsey rants about what contemporary content is doing to our brains… as Elisha said, this might have been Lyndsey’s “Matt Walsh week.” Keep listening for a great challenge from Mrs. Krauss at the end of the episode.

If you’re not doing what you love, with people you love, you are wasting your time. Kelly Maher and Emily Zanotti have a lot of experience jumping into the deep end to pursue their passions and build lives they love—but can anyone do that? Forget the starving artist stereotypes (Emily is a WWII historian and Kelly is a farmer) and tuck into this uplifting episode.

Stop making rookie travel mistakes and rage tweeting at airlines and LISTEN UP. Emily Zanotti and Bethany Mandel return with expert travel tips to help you enjoy your vacation—no matter what happens to your bags—and stop embarrassing yourself on the internet.

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield dig into the science behind Enneagrams, love languages, and other personality tests to reveal how they maintain friendships with a tight crew of ladybrains.

Emily Zanotti is back 6 weeks after having twins—and she’s got a little feedback on all the advice she was given before giving birth. Kelly Maher and Bethany Mandel join to share the hacks they couldn’t Mom without… and the advice they never actually took.

How do people with opposing views stay happily married—or remain friends? Bethany Mandel and Lyndsey Fifield tackle a tough issue and get super excited about some pretty big life news. Bethany also introduces the world to a revolutionary tool for marital bliss: Apology Bourbon. Tuck in to another wonderful and weird episode.

Podcast plugged in the episode: https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/07/15/this-liberals-been-married-to-a-conservative-for-decades-heres-her-advice/

You asked, we answered—how can normal 20-somethings afford to live in DC and still make good financial decisions for their future? Lyndsey and Bethany give their tips (and cautionary tales) and tricks for staying out of debt, saving for retirement, and not freaking out about money.

Bethany’s NYP piece on affording multiple kids: https://nypost.com/2019/08/03/prince-harry-may-want-2-kids-max-but-life-is-better-with-a-big-family/
Well & Good article on financial planning for couples: https://www.wellandgood.com/good-advice/separate-finances-in-marriage/

An angry mom ranted that people without children should be banned from visiting Disney World because they make the lines longer. Kelly and Lyndsey reveal they have controversial opinions about the Happiest Place on Earth—and suggest people take the Mollie Hemingway approach to entertaining kids…

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield are back with all your challenge suggestions—and a deep conversation about WHY people love paying to suffer in the name of fitness, how to take care of your body and train for big fitness events (from a Tough Mudder to a marathon), and how to know which friends you should push to do things they don’t want to do… and which friends to leave the heck alone. And maybe—maybe—the ladybrains have finally picked their challenge for 2019… AND 2020.

Mentioned on the episode:
The (Free, Printable) Habit Tracker: https://bit.ly/2Yr53jo.
Our hilarious episode “Hiking the Maryland Challenge—42 Miles in 24 Hours” from 2018: https://apple.co/2SC0AVD.

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield give their best advice for skincare, makeup, and manicures … as if any girls in their 20s are gonna follow it.

In the home stretch of pregnancy, Emily, Elisha, and Kelly daydream about all the things they can’t wait to do postpartum. Listen up ladies—it’s not all about cocktails (but yes, we really love cocktails).

“Baby friendly” sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Wrong. Bethany and Kelly lay out the facts about hospital birth you need to know—from sleep-deprived psychosis to breastfeeding zealots. Skip this episode if you don’t want to hear medical descriptions of c-sections, lactation, and vaginal birth.

You know becoming a parent will change your life forever—but how does it impact your marriage? How do you divide responsibilities… and stay sane? Kelly and Emily lay it out.

Dress code protests, modesty Instagram models, priests on Twitter – take a deep breath and enjoy Elisha, Lyndsey, and Mary Katharine’s common sense discussion of dressing modestly—and finally answering the critical question of our time: Are leggings pants?

A new study claims unmarried women are the happiest people on earth. No, really, it said that. Emily and Lyndsey dig into the study—and talk about real happiness.

The Tati/James Charles fallout makes Lyndsey & Emily stop and ask—why are we giving influencers so much attention—and power?

Your manicurist says you need a wax, a stranger says you should try spanx… you can tell them to buzz off but then you wonder “are they right…?” Elisha (30 weeks pregnant) and Emily (31 weeks with twins) swap stories about the jaw-dropping things said to women in nail salons—and in particular to pregnant women at any place and time.

Kelly, Bethany, and Lyndsey tell the origin story of their infamous group chat—and tell you the only apps they trust to keep their weird secrets.