Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty return to discuss about why impeachment talk is ridiculous at this point time, why tax cuts are indeed on the way, and what they would do about the problem in North Korea.

Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty return to the digital realm with some thoughts on the AHCA debacle, the tax reform dream, and ruminate on whether or not Mitch McConnell with nuke the Democrats on the Gorsuch nomination.

After a month-long hiatus, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty return to the microphones to make their closing cases for Trump and against Hillary Clinton. If need you need help make a cogent case to your friends and neighbors, play this podcast for them.

Larry Kudlow gives us some boots on the dais reporting on Trump’s speech today at the Economic Club of NY, Larry and Tim Pawlenty offer some thoughts on the tightening of the presidential race, Hillary’s medial story, and Larry’s new book, JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity.

This week on Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics, Apple gets hit with a huge tax bill, Trump and immigration, it’s the same old Fed at Jackson Hole with some withering criticism from former Fed governor Kevin Warsh. Finally, Trump’s outreach to the Black community and the politics of political correctness.

Today, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty have a very candid conversation about how the Trump campaign should get back on track. Also, is the media making his gaffes a mountain out of a mole hill? Moving to the world at large, did Obama paid $400 million to Iran for hostages? Also, a little economics discussion: the GDP is perilously close to recession. Stock markets vulnerable. Profits still falling. What should the next President do to prevent it? Finally, the Kudlow take on the TPP.

This week on Money & Politics, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty break down the Democratic convention, Clinton’s Russia connection, that curious “No more war” attack from Bernie people during Leon Pancetta speech, and why Obama paints wrong picture on ISIS. Also, Trump’s RNC speech — key themes, Trump encourages Russia can help find deleted Clinton emails, who is the real change maker? And finally, no rate hike from the Fed.

Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty discuss Trump’s Washington visit, Hillary’s pass from Comey, and a surprisingly positive jobs report. Also, Larry goes for a ride in Trump One. Is it more bling than Air Force One? Tune in to find out.


This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty ponder what a loss in the California primary would do to Hillary’s chances of winning her party’s nomination. Also, Trump on free market energy policy (more coal!), and school vouchers, are McConnell and Ryan close to endorsing Trump, and is Janet Yellen about to raise interest rates?


This week, it’s pretty much wall-to-wall Trump on Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics podcast as Tim Pawlenty and Larry Kudlow discuss Trump and taxes (for the rich), Trump and interest rates, Trump and US Government bonds (restructure or refinance), Trump and Paul Ryan, and that Quinnipiac Poll showing a dead heat in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Uh oh.


This week, the pundit’s pundits Tim Pawlenty and Larry Kudlow talk about, Trump calls GOP delegates process rigged and corrupt, Paul Ryan is out. “I do not choose to run;” will a Trump VP pick list include the names Walker, Rubio, and Kasich? How about Cruz for Scalia seat on the Supremes? And why not a Trump/Cruz alliance? Is the economy headed for recession? Finally, is the beard over? A Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics investigation.

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This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty ponder whether or the not the big banks should be broken up, as Neil Kaskari and Bernie Sanders suggest, a look back at the Wisconsin primary and the implications for the Cleveland convention. Also, can the Republican’s change the nomination rules changes at this stage of the primary process? Could there really be a Trump/Cruz ticket? And finally, is Hillary feeling the Bern? The answers lie within.

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This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty tackle a plethora of topics: California’s hiking the minimum wage to $15/hour, the upcoming Wisconsin primary, the Wisconsin GOP establishment unites against Trump, the battle of the wives, is Cory Lewandowski innocent, does Obama love Ché, and if he does, does he know the difference between Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism? All answers are contained within the attached MP3 file.

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This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty have plenty to talk about: the bombings in Brussels, Obama’s Middle East policy, the election, and of course, will Larry answer the phone when President-elect Trump calls? You’ll have to listen to find out.


Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty have plenty to talk about this week as they analyze last night’s debate, Super Tuesday’s results, the recent news that the man who rant Hillary’s email server was given immunity from prosecution, strong jobs numbers and the Fed, and Larry responds to rumors that he may be Secretary of Commerce in the Trump administration.

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We’ve been waiting for and dreading this day for months: Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics co-host Larry Kudlow explains his reasons for not running for Senate in Connecticut. While we’re thrilled that Larry will be doing the show through the election, we’re sad that there won’t be a Kudlow in Congress. Also, Apple versus the FBI, Larry and Tim #FeelTheBern, SCOTUS, and some thoughts about Trump and South Carolina.

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This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty analyze the results from the New Hampshire primary and do some future-izing on what it means for the race at large. Is Kasich viable? Is Rubio wounded? Is Christie New Jersey bound? (update: yes) Also, Bernie Sanders supporters have an unusual drinking game.

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This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty debate New York values, discuss the doomsday scenario Trump verus Sanders in the general election (no problem– Trump beats Sanders 49 out of 50 states). Meanwhile, John Kasich is polling 2nd is New Hampshire and stocks are sinking. Is it a bear market? Is it a recession? Finally, with both Putin and Trump selling their own perfumes, it’s high time that consumers got the chance to smell like Tim and Larry. Tune in for a very special offer.

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No, not Leo DiCaprio’s co-star in The Revenant, rather the current state of markets around the world. Also, the oil plunge, Should people sell, sell, sell?  The answer is no, no, no. A look ahead to tomorrow’s job report, hat’s off to Ted Cruz for opposing ethanol in Iowa, Ben Carson’s great lunch with the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, and finally, Republicans killing (figuratively, not literally) each other in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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In this special New Year’s Eve edition of Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics, Larry and Tim take a look at the year ahead and make some predictions.

Who will be the Republican nominee (one guess), what the establishment will do about it, how the economy will fare in the year ahead, the year in Hillary, and some thoughts on the primary season and the general election.