A Book Project for Child Bridge


I attended my first Child Bridge meeting in . . . when was it?  January 2017? 2018?  The big Covid cancellation gap is fogging up the details.  Anyway, I had called one of the organizers to discuss doing something with books and foster kids, something that would involve reading to them. Because reading to small children is crucial–it’s one of the best ways to nurture their development. And because I loved reading to kids.  Also, because I loved buying kids’ books, and my children had long grown out of them. So the project was born.

What would that project be? The childcare activities organizer for the monthly Child Bridge meetings wasn’t sure. Child Bridge, according to its mission, finds and equips foster and adoptive families for children who have suffered abuse and neglect.  Just how my reading project would fit into this wasn’t clear, but every second Monday evening, while the parents met around tables in the quiet, enclosed room near the gym, the kids played alongside their agemates and ate pizza. Guests were often invited to bring in wildlife, or do an electric company demo, or direct a special craft.

Another Silly Media Hoax: Maskgate


One media personality is still on her beat since I first arrived in Washington DC in late 1978. She is National Public Radio’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent, Nina Totenberg, who just celebrated her 78th birthday. The Washington and New York media axis has celebrated her intrepid coverage of politics and the secretive Supreme Court for more than 50 years. A “founding mother” of NPR, she’s called.

If you’ve listened to taxpayer-funded NPR at anytime over the past 40 or so years, you’ve heard her. Her first big story after arriving in Washington was a profile on the then-76-year-old Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover. It reportedly enraged him. It used to be that taking on powerful insider Washington establishment figures was The Ticket to stardom. Those were the days.

The Great Liquidation


America is hanging by a thread.  A great liquidation is underway, with many of the structures that support American society..or, in some cases, any viable society…being kicked away, sold off piecemeal, or just wantonly destroyed.  I’m talking about physical structures, legal structures, and social structures.

I do not think it is too late to turn this trend around, but the situation is very serious, and I’m going to ask you to gaze into the abyss with me before I discuss some reasons for hope.

The ‘Patriot Front’ Is a Ridiculous Hoax


The left is circulating a “leaked video” from the Patriot Front that supposedly exposes them as National Socialists. For those not up to speed, the Patriot Front is group of white guys in matching khaki pants, who march through various locales with their faces hidden, carrying American flags and sometimes placards with patriotic slogans. If they seem like something a hack director might put in his movie to represent “white nationalism,” that’s not too far off. They showed up at a March for Life, this week and the media were quick to make the connection of the Pro-Life movement to “White Supremacy.”

Weird how in the “leaked” video, not only do the “Patriot Front” keep their masks on, but the moment the camera is switched off they happen to affirm the exact talking point the left wants for their narrative. And note that unlike other groups and individuals who have protested against the ruling party, there has been zero media effort to learn the identities of the members of this “White Supremacist” group.

A Methanolated Death


Julia Fairchild is a physician in a small southern Washington State town. She has long-term family roots in Parkview, a town of 38,000 built around the local pulp and paper mill. An internist at the local hospital, Julia has a hobby: solving mysteries.

“One Will Too Many: A Julia Fairchild Mystery,” by PJ Peterson is this series’s fourth book. In the first three, a peripatetic Fairchild (generally accompanied by her sister Carly) are vacationing in exotic locations. This one takes place in Parkview.

It begins with Pam, a childhood friend of Julia getting called out of town abruptly. Pam has to skip an important fundraising event to restore a landmark historic theater building in Fairview. She twists Julia’s arm into replacing her at the tux and formal dress event. This ends up involving Julia in a bizarre death. When banker Jay Morrison gets drunk, Julia gives his girlfriend Sophia a ride home. The next morning, Julia drives Sophia to Jay’s house so Sophia can recover her car. They find Jay unconscious in the dining room.

A Monty Python Insurrection? “Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends!”- On Golf Carts?


The Charge of the (Very, Very) Light Brigade, Biden-Garland Version.

I. Some Preliminary Background to my Different Take on These Indictments.

While the title and sub-title of this piece might suggest otherwise, this will be, or attempt to be, a very serious discussion about most serious matters raised by the indictment handed down recently charging several so-called “insurrectionists” with the most serious charge of “Seditious Conspiracy”. That said, my take on the aspects of this case which strike me as the most grave may not- surely will not- be the same as those so gleefully cheered on by the Democrat-Media-Never Trumper- RINO-January 6 was an armed insurrection! crowd, but I repeat myself. And, to be as clear as I know how to express it in words, everything said here is against the universal revulsion we all have felt by the damage to property and persons that day-most especially the cruelest act of all, the inexplicable shooting of Ashli Babbitt, and the hysterical, near-maniacal reaction of certain of our “leaders” describing it as the worst threat to the Republic in its entire history.

I Don’t Dislike the Media. In Fact, I Wish We Had One…


In the spirit of bipartisan compromise, Congressional Democrats are holding hearings on the January 6th Capitol protests. In the spirit of bipartisan compromise, they selected noted moderate Dick Durbin to chair this committee. On the first day of hearings, Mr. Durbin played a very carefully edited video of the Jan. 6 protests, and said that the committee must “use this hearing to explicitly condemn the use or threat of violence to advance political goals.”

Way back in his young and foolish days of youth (June 2020), Mr. Durbin was asked what he thought of the Black Lives Matter protests that were burning down cities across America. He said, “The largest motivation comes from the graphic video of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  I think that has inspired people more than anything to come out and speak publicly, as they are guaranteed the right to do so under our Constitution.”

Perhaps Mr. Durbin earned his reputation for bipartisanship by having such strong feelings about both sides of this issue. Or perhaps Mr. Durbin doesn’t care about what the truth is about whatever issue we’re talking about today. Perhaps he’s simply a bottom-feeding tyrannical sociopath who doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets power. (Poor people are suffering as their cities are burned? Screw them.) Nah — that can’t be true — he’s a Democrat. Democrats are nice. Anderson Cooper says so. So do Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel. I mean, come on, right?

Quote of the Day: Churchill on Family Size


“One to reproduce your wife, one to reproduce yourself, one for the increase in population, and one in case of accident.” — Winston Churchill

This was his formula for family size. It is one Janet and I subscribed to, although we only got to three. (Fortunately, there have been no accidents.) It seems anachronistic today. The better sort have been decrying increase in population for nearly a century because it will lower global standards of living. (This despite fewer people living in abject poverty today than in any time in history — even though we have nearly three times the world population as we had when family planning became a crusade for the “progressives.”) China embraced a one-child policy that is leading it towards demographic disaster over the next 20 years, despite their efforts to reverse it. So let’s hail Churchill’s formula for children.

The faculty lounge moves west, as Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo both check in from sunny California (while resident cat-herder Troy Senik stays behind in frigid New York). On this installment: Did the Supreme Court’s parsing of the vaccine mandate pass muster? Have we figured out Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett yet? Can Donald Trump be held civilly liable for the January 6 riots? Did the Supreme Court sell the former president’s claims of executive privilege short? Is reforming the Electoral Count Act the most essential element of election reform? Is higher education a cartel (there’s a split in the faculty lounge)? And why did a Georgia sheriff trying to keep trick-or-treaters safe fall afoul of the First Amendment?

Rep. Cuellar and the FBI: Policing or Police State?


I have watched with interest for announced developments concerning Henry Cuellar since it became known yesterday that the FBI had apparently searched his home and removed several items. As of yet, there has been no statement from the south Texas Congressman and only scant information from authorities.

I suspect that most outside of Texas have known little or nothing about Cuellar until recently when he has been in the public eye because of his positions about the effects that the flood of illegal immigration on his home congressional district, the 28th Texas Congressional District. But Cuellar has consistently been his own man for some time. He is still a Democrat but has been more in the mold of what some might have considered a traditional moderate Democrat of decades past. He has always openly favored a stronger border and does not toe the party line concerning the Democrat rite of abortion, as two examples. But he has been a solid win in the 28th since 2005, winning by 20 points in the 2020 general election.

Moving Past ‘Safetyism’


I was listening to a Bari Weiss podcast and she dropped the word “safetyism” (the context was discussing how to address overly aggressive COVID measures) which was frankly new to me. After some searching, I found that it was first coined in The Coddling of the American Mind. I had heard a great deal about the magazine article and subsequent book at the time. I never read them because the premise seemed obviously true to me.

Anyway, the authors’ definition of safetyism is “a culture or belief system in which safety (which includes “emotional safety”) has become a sacred value, which means that people become unwilling to make trade-offs demanded by other practical and moral concerns.” I think the focus at the time was more on trigger warnings and supposed psychological effects rather than physical safety. However, at the moment I want to talk about physical safety.

While of course the refusal of people and institutions to even briefly consider whether there were trade-offs in dealing with COVID, I think that there is a pretty obvious progression of this faulty thinking. Going back to my military service, the safety office on Air Force bases was the subject of much derision. I remember the local safety NCO (northern Mississippi) posting a notice in the gym one morning that people shouldn’t run outside as the temperature would drop to 20 that day. I had arrived there from Grand Forks, ND, a month prior and told him that I’d be just fine, thank you very much.

After an informative press conference with Mr. President, who better to take us through last year’s stunning over-performance than Byron York? (Be sure to subscribe to his podcast, available right here on Ricochet!) Among other things, we go over Biden’s plan to get out more; the dilemma of staff shakeups when the boss is the problem; and question of succession.

The hosts also get into the so-called voter rights bill that died, maskgate and the detritus on the Union Pacific railway. And ever wondered what Peter’s favorite Meat Loaf song is? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Resisting the Future the Global Elite Have Planned for Us


The Global Elite…represented by the folks who fly to Davos and Climate Change conferences on fleets of private jets… have plans for the world. These plans were summarized as “You will own nothing and be happy.” And also, eat bugs. For some reason, forcing “the poors” (i.e., anyone who does not have a private jet to fly to Davos) to eat bugs is a really big deal to the Global Elite. However, the people who would be the subject of their global governance schemes are less enthusiastic, and this is very vexing to the global elite.

“The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more… the bad news is that the majority of people trusted that elite less…”

Premier Still Not Ready to Face Reality


The announcement last night by the premier of Western Australia that the state’s border will remain closed to both the world and the rest of Australia has been greeted by perhaps the first negative headline in the state’s only major daily newspaper in oh 658 days.

The announcement will be devastating for many Australians who were looking forward to seeing family members they have not seen for many months or even years. Even many Western Australian residents have been locked out of their own state because they had the gall to leave the state during the pandemic for such selfish reasons like visiting sick and dying family members.

For many other Western Australians, the announcement will be met with much relief as they have allowed themselves to be consumed by such fear as a result of government propaganda that the possibility of dealing with a major outbreak of a virus that has now become endemic throughout the world so terrifies them that they will cheer on any authoritarian measure that they feel will keep them safe.

When Politics and Healthcare Meet No One Wins


When politics and healthcare meet, no one wins. Certainly not me, anyway.

As a practicing nurse in California, I am mandated by law to comply with a two-dose mRNA vaccine with booster. Regardless of masking and a downward trend, the California Department of Public Health has instituted guidelines that pressure all medical staff (and medically adjacent) to get a booster if they’ve already been vaccinated. Religious exemptions will only be tolerated if they were previously known, documented, and thoroughly supported. No “new” exemptions will be allowed.

California Looks Like a “Third World Country” According to… the Governor of California


Gov. Gavin Newsom – who is sort of like the Justin Trudeau of California but with fewer incidents of blackface — brought his hair stylist, make-up artist, and wardrobe staff to Los Angeles to stage a photo op. Newsom and some aides (I’m assuming they are aides, willing to put up with this in order to make lucrative political connections that will set them up for life) picked up some of the garbage strewn around train tracks where gangs of thieves have been robbing cargo from passing trains.

“It looked like a third world country, these images, the drone images that were on the nightly news,” Newsom told reporters gathered Thursday along the cleaned up tracks.

Republicans Need a Contract With America


The poll gap is enormous (13+ points R!). There are lots of reasons to not vote for Democrats.

But Republicans who want to be in the House and Senate need a simple, straightforward platform that Americans can vote for. Here is a list to kick off the discussion:

Irish Eyes Are Crying One Week On …


No description available.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said you don’t know your Irish until the world breaks your heart. Truer words were never spoken, at least to the ears of this Irishman.

Last week the lady featured, Ashling Murphy, finished teaching a class of primary students (kindergarten students), and as teachers do, she went for a run to wind down. The run was along a canal in the center of Ireland, outside the town of Tullamore in County Offaly, a place that I know well for personal reasons. She never returned to her pupils. On her run, she was murdered. She never came back to her school, but more importantly to her friends, boyfriend, and family, she never came home.

Did Reagan Suffer from Dementia? Does Biden? Who Cares?


In an effort to explain to people why he does not hold press conferences, Joe Biden held a press conference yesterday.  It went about as one might expect. For example, he was asked if he thought that the school closings might be a political problem for him. Yes or no might have sufficed, but Mr. Biden proved his detractors wrong about his intellect by delving into the issue a bit more deeply:

Oh, I think it could be, but I hope to God that they’re — that — look, maybe I’m kidding myself, but as time goes on, the voter who is just trying to figure out, as I said, how to take care of their family, put three squares on the table, stay safe, able to pay their mortgage or their rent, et cetera, has — is becoming much more informed on the motives of some of the political players and some of the — and the political parties. And I think that they are not going to be as susceptible to believing some of the outlandish things that have been said and continue to be said.

You know, every — every president, not necessarily in the first 12 months, but every president in the first couple of years — almost every president, excuse me, of the last presidents — at least four of them — have had polling numbers that are 44 percent favorable.

Worst President Since Buchanan? Some Eerie Parallels…


When Joe Biden was touting his achievements and daring his listeners to name a single president who did more in his first year, I immediately mentally listed FDR, LBJ, Reagan.. and then thought it might be easier to list presidents worse than Biden.  The only one who really stands out as a rival is the hapless James Buchanan and when you do a detailed comparison it is scary.  It took Buchanan four years to leave the country in the worse shape possible and Joe has been at it for only one year.

President Biden’s Successes


I appreciate that Fox News has published at least two positive endorsements of President Biden’s first year. Other than the weak efforts by poor Jen Psaki to lay out the positives of President Biden’s actions, I had not seen any outside explanations of why we should be glad that Joe Biden is President of the United States.

One of the pieces (Biden Gave a Commanding Performance At His Press Conference) is by Kevin Walling. Unfortunately, the piece is nothing but vague characterizations of events and statements that make accurately measuring and commenting on them difficult. Well, except that Mr. Walling said,

This is an eclectic episode to be sure. We start with a review of Wednesday’s presidential press conference and center on how Joe Biden sees himself. The folks on the far left are looking for FDR at a time when, in the eyes of our intrepid trio, maybe what America really wants is Dwight Eisenhower.

After the “war,” we get the “remembrance…” Sidney Poitier, Peter Bogdanovich, Betty White and, just to liven things up a little, we ask “who would you not mind seeing dead?” Yeah, it’s a little bit involuted.

Voting Rights and Voting Wrongs


Democrats may have messed up on inflation, immigration, and Afghanistan, not to mention China, Russia, Covid, and crime but they are determined to have a win over “voting rights“.

President Biden has declared it his number one issue, surpassing even climate change! With Americans becoming fed up with the Democrat governance, they see  “voting rights“ as their lifeline to future viability as a party.

Stupid Thoughts on the Passing Scene


Joe Biden’s mad because he can’t date us.

I miss the days when CRT stood for “Cathode Ray Tube.”

Bette Midler called West Virginians “poor, illiterate and strung out,” and later apologized for it.  Is that how she views all people who oppose Joe Biden’s spending plans?  Like the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal?