In this episode of Summer Session, Ed Whelan joins Elizabeth to break down myths about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh – from the Russia investigation to being a baseball fanatic.

SCOTUS 101 returns for a brief Summer Session. In this episode longtime fact checker John Malcolm joins Elizabeth to talk about attending the huge SCOTUS announcement at the White House. They also dig into SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s background and the highlights of his time on the D.C. Circuit.

Kimberly Robinson from Bloomberg Law joins Elizabeth & Tiffany to break down this week’s big decisions (travel ban! Janus! NIFLA! water wars!). They also guess who will be the next Supreme Court justice. Tiffany and Kimberly are in the hot seat for Supreme Trivia – Retirement Edition.

Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about the decisions in Carpenter, Lucia, and Wayfair and whether Justice Kennedy is dropping hints that he won’t retire. They also chat with the newest addition to the D.C. Circuit, Judge Greg Katsas. Tiffany’s in the hot seat for Supreme Trivia – Criminal Clerks Edition.

Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal joins Elizabeth & Tiffany to talk about the partisan gerrymandering decisions, Fane Lozman’s second win at SCOTUS, and to make predictions for the rest of the term. Tune in for Supreme Trivia – Repeat SCOTUS Players Edition. Elizabeth tries to stump Jess and Tiffany provides a lifeline.

This week, Elizabeth and Tiffany talk about the Pacific Legal Foundation’s big First Amendment win and Ginsburg bench slapping the 2nd Circuit. They also interview Utah Supreme Court Justice Tom Lee about corpus linguistics, clerking for Justice Thomas and Judge Wilkinson, and family dinner with Rex Lee.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about a win for election integrity and a loss for one of the Constitution’s lost clauses. They also chat with Sixth Circuit Judge Jeff Sutton. Tune if for SCOTUS ghosting trivia!

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany are recording live from a Heritage Foundation conference in Florida. They break down the Masterpiece cake case and chat with Judge Kevin Newsom of the 11th Circuit. Tune in for Supreme Trivia – Religious Liberty Edition.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany break down an “easy” 4th Amendment decision and two lingering Establishment Clause cert. petitions. Former associate White House counsel Mike McGinley joins the ladies to talk about his former bosses (Gorsuch and Alito) and for a round of Supreme Trivia.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany break down the Supreme Court’s arbitration decision, Ginsburg’s epic dissent, and other orders. SCOTUS all-star Kannon Shanmugam stops by to reminisce about his many impressive bosses. Tune in for Supreme Trivia – Memorial Day edition!

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany review the RBG documentary and chat with SCOTUSblog’s Amy Howe. They also break down recent decisions on sports betting, shackling, and more. Tune in for Supreme Trivia – Notorious RBG edition!

This week, Sheldon Gilbert of the Institute for Justice joins the ladies to talk about why it’s time for SCOTUS to overrule the infamous Slaughterhouse Cases. They also try to stump Sheldon in a round of Supreme Trivia.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany discuss a SCOTUS haiku, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s SCOTUS debut, and recent opinions. Law professor Josh Blackman joins the ladies to talk about the travel ban oral argument and meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda at SCOTUS.

This week, Elizabeth and Tiffany break down Gorsuch’s “liberal” vote in an immigration case and oral argument in the internet sales tax case. Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller also joins them to talk about Anthony Kennedy, Ted Cruz, and the sweet mystery of life.

Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about Neil Gorsuch’s first SCOTUS anniversary and judges ruling from beyond the grave. They also chat with Jenn Mascott about administrative law and clerking for Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas. Tune in for Supreme Trivia – Tiffany’s in the hot seat!

Elizabeth & Tiffany talk with reporter Mark Walsh about what happens during SCOTUS oral arguments and their favorite legal dramas on TV. The ladies also break down two recent decisions on qualified immunity and the never-ending Encino Motorcars.

Elizabeth & Tiffany talk with Jeff Rosen about his new book on William Howard Taft. They also discuss recent oral arguments and tackle the most pressing question of our time: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about snow days at SCOTUS and oral arguments in cases dealing with free speech and the long-lost Contract Clause. They also chat with 11th Circuit Judge Bill Pryor about prosecuting Roy Moore, why Thomas More is a model for all lawyers, and … more. Tune in for Supreme Trivia to find out which future President turned down a seat on SCOTUS after being confirmed.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about cases challenging capital punishment, Seminole Rock deference, and more! They also chat with John Elwood about SCOTUSBlog’s Relist Watch and his argument pump up songs. Tune in for Supreme Trivia to find out how Kentucky is beating Michigan at SCOTUS.

What happens when a new administration changes the government’s legal position? Elizabeth & Tiffany discuss the Trump Administration’s about-face in a few cases. Also on tap: the nondelegation doctrine, Williamson County, and an interview with SCOTUS litigator Ginger Anders.