In this special episode, Elizabeth & Tiffany preview cases coming up at SCOTUS this spring: free speech, internet sales tax, administrative law judges, and more!

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about the latest in SCOTUS fashion (an “I Dissent” handbag) and chat with Gabe Roth from Fix the Court. They also catch up on two voting-related cases from North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany look at the justices’ attendance at the State of the Union, and they talk about Trump’s judicial nominations with JCN’s Carrie Severino. They also play Supreme Trivia – Clarence Thomas edition.

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk with Empirical SCOTUS founder Adam Feldman and catch up on the Supreme Court’s latest opinions and grants. They also play “Judge or Just Made Up.” Can you spot the fake judges?

This week, Elizabeth & Tiffany talk about recent oral arguments (spoiler alert: no blockbusters) and a study measuring the “Scalianess” of appellate judges. They also interview SCOTUS litigator Willy Jay. In honor of the March for Life, they play Supreme Trivia – Sweet Mystery of Life edition.

In the first episode of 2018, Elizabeth and Tiffany talk about cases at the Court this week and a conversation between Justice Thomas and his wife. They also interview Ohio Solicitor General Eric Murphy and play Supreme Trivia – Kennedy edition.

In the last episode of 2017, Tiffany & Elizabeth share their Christmas wish lists and discuss the best and worst decisions of the year. They also play Supreme Trivia.

Elizabeth & Tiffany break down the latest orders from SCOTUS (including a wife-swapping case and political gerrymandering in Maryland). They also talk with Georgia Court of Appeals Chief Judge Stephen Dillard, and play Supreme Trivia – Winter Holiday Edition.