General James Mattis discusses his childhood, early adulthood, and life as a military leader. Mattis explains some leadership lessons he has learned and expresses some of the ideas in his new book, Call Sign Chaos

Ever wondered what the biological function of habits actually is or how habits work in your body? What is motivation, really, and how does it play a part in habit formation? Do you have any bad habits that you have always wanted to know how to break? If so, I’d suggest you give the following episode a listen. It is a conversation with certified meditation trainer Nate Macanian and Anson Whitmer who has a doctorate in Psychology from Stanford. We cover all of the questions above and more!

Dmitry Lipkin is a marketing executive in Silicon Valley. His life began, however, with next to nothing in the frigid, dark Soviet Union. Listen in to find out how he made it to the United States to live the American dream.

Introducing Habitual Hero with Pedro Robinson.