This week, Jonah Goldberg is on vacation, so we’ve enlisted Richard Rushfield, our good friend and proprietor of the indispensable Hollywood newsletter The Ankler to join and discuss the good, the bad, and yes the ugly of show business. That includes the lameness of most movie marketing, and the trouble at Nickelodeon. Also, Rob Long is on hiatus, and John Podhoretz is all in for Passover.

This week, partly due to the post-Oscars dearth of pop culture news, we’re deep into the news cycle as this show was recorded the morning that Rex Tillerson was shown the door. We cover that story, the continuing evolution of Hillary Clinton’s political skills, a little more on the economics of Wakanda, and yes, some good old fashioned Rank Punditry®.

This week, we’ve pulled together the most knowledgeable quorum on the culture landscape to give you the finest in pop culture hot takes. Our good friends Ross Douthat and Kyle Smith from NR’s Projections podcast (yes, you must subscribe) join John and Jonah (Rob Long is off making TV great again) to do a deep dive on Black Panther, the best Best Picture of all time, and so predictions for this year’s winner. Also, why The Godfather is the best American movie. Don’t agree? Make us an offer we can’t refuse in the comments.

This week, a retrospective of TV detectives inspired by a Tweet and begun on that other podcast. Then, the curious media coverage around Kim Jong Un’s sister at the Olympics, Black Panther is here to save the world, the guys tell you what they are currently watching, and for the kids in our audience, a discussion about long departed talk show host Merv Griffin.


This week on this very sedate and polite episode of GLoP, the boys pass the talking stick and chat about the shutdown, Stormy Daniels, a movie you haven’t seen in a while and are reluctant watch again, and yes, some LIVE coverage of the Oscar nominations!

First GLoP of 2018 and we’ve got President Winfrey, some dopey book that everyone is talking about, and yes the official GLoP Star Wars  hot take extravaganza. We are your father.

Note: there is a previous version of this episode that has bad words in it. This is the clean version

First GLoP of 2018 and we’ve got President Winfrey, some dopey book that everyone is talking about, and yes the official GLoP Star Wars  hot take extravaganza. We are your father.

Note: This episode contains bad words. For a clean version please listen to the next episode in the GLoP Culture feed.

It’s the last GLoP of the year, so climb aboard! We do a little more chatter on Moore, but the bulk of this show is about Christmas movies: It’s A Wonderful Life, various obscure TV movies that John Podhoretz is obsessed with, Jonah’s list of top Christmas movies, and Rob’s impression of the worst Christmas movies. Enjoy!

It’s your post Thanksgiving, tryptophan induced podcast with your humble servants, Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz. This week, The Kochs buy some Time, Goldberg goes to Broadway, sexual harassment has landed in Congress and now due process is very important, and the boys pick their favorite Pixar movie (but they don’t hug it).

It’s the post-roast GLoP as the GLoPenhiemers (that’s Jonah Goldberg, Rob Long, and John Podhoretz, recap the now legendary evening, postulate on the future and effects of Roy Moore, tackle Twitter’s new 280 character limit, debate whether it’s OK to admire artists who do reprehensible acts. Also, some people are grateful for the dead. Others, not so much. Finally, who is the Greatest Tweeter, Goldberg or Podhoretz? Vote in the comments below.

It’s a Halloween edition of GLoP, aka America’s Most Beloved Podcast®. This week, yeah, we sort of have to deal with those pesky indictments, the continuing fallout from Harvey, Roy, Mark, Kevin, and the rest of the gang, but also, they guys pick their favorite scary movies, and a preview of next week’s Commentary Roast.

It’s relatively rare when one story becomes so omnipresent in the culture that we devote almost an entire episode to it. But that’s the case this week when the men of GLoP gingerly step in the Harvey Weinstein story. There’s no good, only bad and ugly in this one. Also, a bit about Jimmy Kimmel’s clown nose on, clown nose off behavior of late and his puzzling statement that he is indifferent to Republican members of his audience. Unlike us.

This week, the muchachos of GLoP remember Hugh Hefner, make a few observations on bullfighting, ruminate on killing TV characters, and make a bold prediction for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee. Hint: We’re all gonna get cars!


As promised, here’s the GLoP Game of Thrones season 7 recap podcast with special guests New York Times columnist (and National Review movie critic) Ross Douthat and The Washington Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch sitting in for the Game-less Rob Long. Need less to say, this show contains wall-to-Northern Wall spoilers as well as arcana and details that only people who actually live in Westeros or die hard Thrones fans will appreciate. That said, if you watch the show and want to hear some smart guys geek out about it, then this podcast is for you. Winter is here.

This week, don’t talk to Rob Long about the final episode of Game of Thrones. Seriously, don’t do it. Also, Jonah reviews the Universal Studios theme park, GLoP’s definitive 5 best movie comedies, the banning of Gone With The Wind, the trouble with Breakfast atTiffany’s and Birth of A Nation, and more general end-of-the-summer observations and hilarity.

This week on GLoP, some thoughts on the events in Charlottesville, and whether or not the statues come down, and a peek behind the gown of big time TV network standards and practices. Consider yourself warned.

Now arriving on track 12, the second attempt at recording this podcast (to hear the version that got sidelined by a fender bender, stick around to the end of the closing music, which is Walken’s and Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice.) In this week’s episode, we cast the inevitable Anthony Scaramucci movie, who is the most conservative character on TV, and what movie needs a sequel? The answers may surprise you.

This week, the men of GLoP take on two topics they know a lot about: the best of movies made about New York City and their favorite, most re-watchable movies. And yes, they delve a bit into the contre-Trump of the week, too.

This week on GLoP, CNN publishes a fake story and gets hoodwinked, and Catcher In The Rye is one of the seminal novels of the 20th century. Does it still have relevance for 21st century kids? The men of GLoP weigh in.

We’ve got a new, piping hot GLoP served up with generous helpings of Julius Caesar, the best movies of the 21st century, why TV shows need to be good from the start, songs from the ’70s, silly sounding British towns, and more. Listen and laugh. We did.