Was the assault on the Capitol driven in part by pent-up, angry masculinity? The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan joins Danielle to discuss the Boys-Gone-Wild aspects of January 6. PLUS: A listener asks, Should I get a boob job?

Is the beloved reindeer’s story too bleak for modern children? Caitlin Flanagan thinks so, while co-splainers Irshad Manji & Meghan Cox Gurdon defend the legacy of the nasally-challenged flying quadruped. Meanwhile Danielle admits to being “elf-curious.” Yeah, a lot of spiked eggnog went into the creation of this one.
The 100th anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote recently passed with calls to knock Susan B. Anthony et al off their pedestals for being racists. Christina Hoff Sommers joins Danielle to defend their legacy — and to chat with artist Meredith Bergmann, whose new Central Park sculpture “Women’s Rights Pioneers” raises them right back up.
Lord Charles Moore, official biographer of Margaret Thatcher, joins Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon to reveal what is true and what is false about the hot Netflix series, “The Crown.” PLUS he offers candid insights into what has gone wrong between Meghan and the Royals.

Whether you’re celebrating via Zoom or in person, these two great minds address the urgent theme of this pandemic-y post-election holiday. As Danielle observes, your Trumpian Uncle & Woke Cousin are still coming to the table.

He is mentally disabled. He was talked into exposing himself privately. Now he’s on the Sex Offender Registry for life. And he’s not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of others who should not be on the registry, including children. Emily Yoffe joins Danielle, sociologist Emily Horowitz, and a mom whose family has been destroyed by the registry.
“Biology deniers” may be the new climate skeptics, says neuroscientist and author Dr. Debra Soh. She warns Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon that ignoring science will only worsen the environment for all women. PLUS we finally learn what a “moon gender” is!

The gender gap is at an all-time high — not just in the polls but our households. The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser & GQ’s Julia Ioffe join Danielle to discuss. PLUS a Trump-supporting husband reveals the issues he’s having with his Trump-loathing wife.

Lady Barbara Amiel Black had it all, until she didn’t. She joins Danielle & Caitlin Flanagan to discuss her brutally honest new memoir, “Friends & Enemies.”

Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff reveals to Danielle and co-splainer Julia Ioffe why she decided to record — and release — damaging personal conversations with the First Lady. PLUS: The rivalry with Ivanka, and more.
From Obscure Catalogue Model to Vogue Cover Girl. “Melania didn’t really have friends.” “She knew what she was getting in Donald.” Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff spills the tea on her 15-year friendship with the First Lady to Danielle and co-splainer Julia Ioffe of GQ.
Actor Greg Ellis has gone from battling pirate Jack Sparrow in the movies to fighting for father’s rights. Following his own heartbreaking custody battle, Greg reveals to Danielle & co-splainer Caitlin Flanagan just what a horror show our family court system has become for men.
Turns out being nice is a better evolutionary strategy than being a jerk, according to Vanessa Woods, co-author with Brian Hare of the bestselling, The Genius of Dogs. She joins Danielle & Irshad Manji to discuss their latest book, Survival of the Friendliest (Spoiler: We can learn a lot from dogs.)

Covid sure makes dating difficult — but it might offer the perfect chance to review and improve your love game. Dating coach Evan Mark Katz reveals the common mistakes made by otherwise successful single women. PLUS: Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon air their dispute over the controversial film “Cuties.”

How the Pandemic Has Transformed Childhood. Despite being holed up and doing classwork via Zoom, boredom has helped kids grow and gain independence through the pandemic, according to our guest Lenore Skenazy, founder of the Let Grow Foundation. Meghan Cox Gurdon joins Danielle as co-splainer to discuss surprising findings of new research.

The brilliant ex-NYT’s journalist joins Danielle & co-splainer Caitlin Flanagan for a lively, gossipy, and provocative season opener.

Best-selling author Sandra Tsing Loh wonders why her journey through middle-age is defined by clutter and dead mice rather than sandy beaches and luxury cruises. She urges Danielle and co-splainer Meghan Cox Gurdon to explore their inner goddesses, who may turn out to be named Karen.

Author and Nation contributor JoAnn Wypijewski joins Danielle and co-splainer Emily Yoffe to discuss how the movement simplifies the complexity of sexual politics into good and evil. PLUS: Emily offers her guide to the “taxonomy of cancellation.”

Anne Applebaum & David Frum once clinked glasses with Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orban & many others who’ve since turned to the dark side. Now, in our continuing summer author series, they discuss with Danielle what went wrong with their old friends.

What happens when a young woman’s libido clashes with her politics? Daphne Merkin & Meghan Daum join Danielle in our ongoing summer author series. PLUS: Merkin reveals what Ronan Farrow would prefer you didn’t know.