British author, journalist, and insider Rachel Johnson (yes, also sister to Boris) joins Danielle for a right royal gossip in the wake of Prince Philip’s funeral: The prodigal grandson returns, can the monarchy survive Wokeness, Meghan & Harry’s squandered opportunities, and wait…did you just say the Queen told Meghan to keep acting?!

Sarah Longwell’s political journey took her from a conservative raised in Trump country to a top GOP strategist and openly gay Republican. She broke with the GOP over Trump’s election but has spent the past three years researching why her party changed — and what it bodes for the future. PLUS: Meghan Cox Gurdon discusses mask etiquette, the Woke war on classics, and more with Danielle over a glass of wine at the top of the show.

Think Millennials have problems growing up? Let us introduce you to Gen Z… NYT Best-selling author Julie Lythcott-Haims joins Danielle to explain why the younger generation is having such a tough time with Adulthood 101. PLUS: Christina Hoff-Sommers stops by for a glass of wine to discuss, among other things, octopus sex.

Journalist Silvia Foti was told her whole life that her Lithuanian grandfather was a war hero — until she began investigating a “rumor” that would eventually lead her to the shocking truth. Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Anne Applebaum joins Danielle to offer background on European collaboration. PLUS: Our listeners had a lot to say about boobs.

The Varsity Blues scandal only seemed shocking if you were unaware of how rotten the system was already. Author Nicole Laporte and The Atlantic‘s Caitlin Flanagan reveal to Danielle how vast sums of money, hyper-competitive elites, lavish private schools, and rigged admissions made a con man like Rick Singer possible. 

The global women’s rights activist joins Danielle and Muslim author Irshad Manji in a provocative conversation about the brutal challenges to women’s rights posed by young male migrants from cultures that abuse and discriminate against women, based on her new book Prey.

Most mid-life crises don’t go this way. Successful law professor and mother of two Rosa Brooks — daughter of famous feminist Barbara Ehrenreich — shocked her family (and herself) when she decided to become a D.C. cop. Brooks chats with Danielle about her new memoir, “Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City” which brings an insider view of the challenges cops face day to day, especially when it comes to race and poverty.

Whether you are 18 or 85, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be having great sex, says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the largest sexual health center in the country. She dispels many myths about female sexuality and offers practical tips from her new book “Sex Points” — while Danielle tries hard not to blush.

After being size AA to DDDD, through breast envy, breastfeeding, breast implants, and breast cancer, author Leslie Leher realized she’s obsessed with breasts. Turns out, she’s not alone. She joins Danielle to discuss her new book, “A Boob’s Life.” PLUS: If they’re canceling vaginas, are boobs next?

Superstar dating coach Evan Marc Katz returns for our Valentine’s Day Special with fabulous tips to help you find The One. He also tells Danielle how Covid dating plays to women’s advantage.

Lesbians are vanishing as more women are coming out as non-binary or as men, podcaster Katie Herzog tells Danielle & guest co-splainer Christina Hoff Sommers. It’s part of the larger trend among women to deny their biological sex in favor of gender fluidity.

Millions of Americans still believe the election was stolen and sympathize with the Capitol insurrection. Maybe they are your friends, neighbors, and family. Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Anne Applebaum joins Danielle to discuss what other societies have done to overcome extreme political divisions — and how we can apply those methods to our own relationships.

Was the assault on the Capitol driven in part by pent-up, angry masculinity? The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan joins Danielle to discuss the Boys-Gone-Wild aspects of January 6. PLUS: A listener asks, Should I get a boob job?

Whether you’re celebrating via Zoom or in person, these two great minds address the urgent theme of this pandemic-y post-election holiday. As Danielle observes, your Trumpian Uncle & Woke Cousin are still coming to the table.

The gender gap is at an all-time high — not just in the polls but our households. The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser & GQ’s Julia Ioffe join Danielle to discuss. PLUS a Trump-supporting husband reveals the issues he’s having with his Trump-loathing wife.