ANDREW KLAVAN: Author, Screenwriter & Host of “The Andrew Klavan Show” at The Daily Wire.
Klavan joins O’Connor to discuss Disney’s decision to remove actress Gina Carano from the hit series The Mandalorian over social media commentary the media conglomerate found objectionable.  

MERCEDES SCHLAPP: Former White House Director of Strategic Communications.
Mercedes joins Larry to discuss the Democrats’ impeachment strategy and the divisive nature of the Left’s political priorities in the Biden era.

Political Commentator, Covid lockdown expert
Author of the new book, The Power Couple: A Novel
Would we have been better off if we never would have instituted economic, social and educational shutdowns in response to the covid-19 virus? Berensen thinks so and he explains the data that supports his position. 

Civil Rights Attorney
Host of the Leo Terrell: America’s Fair Minded Civil Right’s Attorney Podcast.
Attorney Leo Terrell has strong opinions about President Trump’s impeachment trial legal team and he doesn’t hold anything back. He also discusses his future plans as a newly-revealed conservative.

Former US Attorney
A preview of the impeachment trial in the Senate from a former legal advisor to President Donald Trump and a former US Attorney for the District of Columbia. 

Executive Director, The Center for American Liberty
A stunning victory at the Supreme Court for religious liberty and the ability to practice religious faith in church regardless of executive dictates in the coronavirus pandemic. 

Former Ohio Secretary of State
Distinguished Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at Family Research Council
What should Trump’s impeachment trial defense strategy be? Ken Blackwell, the former Secretary of State of Ohio thinks Trump should use the time of his defense arguments in the US Senate to explain voter irregularities in the 2020 election.

Investigative Journalist
Full Measure News
The Transgender Divide in Sports, On the Farm, The Debate, and Erasing History. Attkisson discusses her recent investigative report on the controversial executive order from President Biden forcing school systems to allow transgender athletes to compete in scholastic sports as their newly identified gender.

Former DC Police Chief
The former police chief of Washington DC has just begun a new job as police chief of DC suburb Prince William County, Virginia. Chief Newsham joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the challenges facing law enforcement and to look back on the tumultuous year in DC including the BLM riots that wrought destruction in Downtown as well as the apparent police failures of January 6 on Capitol Hill.

Washington Examiner Senior Investigations Reporter
The Washington Examiner has launched a series of investigative reports on the devastating effects of President Joe Biden’s executive order shutting down production on the Keystone XL pipeline.

US Senator from Tennessee
The Biden Blue State Bailout, US tax-payer funded abortions, migration of blue staters to Tennessee and the shaky ground Chuck Schumer’s Trump impeachment trial sits upon… Sen. Blackburn addresses all these issues and more on today’s podcast.

Project Veritas
O’Keefe’s army of undercover journalists has a new, hidden-video expose of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his executive team’s video conferences with Facebook management. The Project Veritas founder shares the critical nuggets of information gleaned from the first release of these reports.

Texas Attorney General
Attorney General Ken Paxton is preparing multiple lawsuits to stop many of President Jow Biden’s unprecedented number of executive orders. He joins Larry O’Connor to discuss his future plans in federal court.

Angry, Virginia Parent
Mr. Michon expressed his anger at a recent Virginia school board meeting regarding his childrens’ troubles in remote school and his school system’s inability to open for in-class instruction. His speech to the board became a viral sensation and he joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the issue.

Former Acting Director Of National Intelligence
GRENELL: Susan Rice is the Shadow President
Amb. Grenell reveals his major concerns over the direction the Biden Administration is going in national security and foreign affairs. He also comments on the role of Susan Rice in laying out domestic policy in the new administration. 

California Congressman
Rep. Issa discusses his concerns over the power “Big Tech” has on the free exchange of ideas on social media platforms as well as their monopolistic movies squelching any competition in the marketplace. Issa promises to use his position as a senior member of the Judiciary Committee to hold these tech companies accountable for their actions. 

Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Former Advisor to President Trump
Dr. Atlas unloads on Birx, Fauci
Dr. Scott Atlas is not pleased with some of the recent statements from the career, public health policy bureaucrats he recently worked within Washington DC and he is not afraid to tell us all about it. Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci have recently bad-mouthed President Trump’s response to Covid-19 pandemic and Dr. Birx specifically accused Dr. Scott Atlas of delivering alternative data to President Trump that Birx had not approved. 
GOV. SCOTT WALKERCEO Young America’s FoundationThat time Pelosi supported an illegal occupation of Wisconsin’s State Capitol…Gov. Walker reminds us how Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged and supported the illegal and violent takeover of the Wisconsin capitol building. Walker was there and he tells the harrowing story of how legislators had to be hidden and ushered out of the building via underground tunnels. 

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Washington Examiner
The latest plan for the second Trump impeachment trial in the US Senate plus breaking news on a Federal Judge calling a halt to President Biden’s plan to stop all deportations via Executive Order.

Slapfish Restaurant
The founder and Executive Chef of Slapfish restaurants has become a leading advocate for the restaurant industry and foodservice employees during the covid-19 pandemic.

After a series of production delays, Examining Politics is BACK!

Rep. Mike Waltz
Congressman from Florida
Rep. Waltz discusses the pending impeachment trial, the treatment of the National Guard in the nation’s capital, and the dangers of refugee Americans from failed Democrat states fleeing to Florida and bringing their politics with them.

California Attorney and RNC Committeewoman
Harmeet Dhillon has strong words for the Democrats move to impeach President Trump as well as some choice words for Republicans like Rep. Liz Cheney. Ms. Dillon also discusses the future of the Republican party in the post-Trump Presidency era.

Founder of Recall Gavin Newsom Effort
Gavin Newsom supporters have amped up their rhetoric attacking the burgeoning recall effort against the California Governor. Recently they likened the constitutional recall effort as an insurrection and coup. One of the founders of the effort, Michael Netter, joins Larry O’Connor to respond and to make the case to recall Gavin Newsom.

Project Veritas
O’Keefe reveals his organization’s latest investigative report on a prominent attorney for PBS caught on video comparing Trump to Hitler and saying children should be taken from Trump-supporting parents for re-education. O’Keefe reveals that PBS has already fired the attorney in his report. 

California Legislator
Kiley has written a book to make the case for the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. He joins Larry O’Connor to discuss “Recall Newsom: the Case Against America’s Most Corrupt Governor”

Washington Examiner, Chief Political Correspondent
York joins O’Connor to layout the Democrats’ plan for impeachment and what Republicans in Congress will do to respond. 

Constitutional Law Professor, Trump Campaign Legal Advisor
Prof. Eastman was at the rally on Jan. 6th that led to the tragic events in the capitol building. Do those unlawful acts negate the legal arguments made over questionable voting tactics that appeared outside state laws?  Eastman gives the latest on the still-pending legal arguments.

What happened, and what now?

Washington Examiner
Senior Congressional Correspondent
What happened?  Susan Ferrechio provides her first-hand account of the extraordinary day on capitol hill Wednesday

On an excruciatingly difficult day in the nation’s capital, Larry O’Connor is joined by civil rights activist Leo Terrell to discuss the ramifications of what happened and where we go from here. 

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Congressman from California
Rep. McClintock opposes his Republican colleagues’ plans to object to the results of the Electoral College this week. He tells Larry O’Connor why. 

True The Vote
Ms. Englebrecht has been fighting the fight for election integrity for a decade and has scored recent wins in Georgia over that state’s voter rolls.


Constitutional Law Professor, Trump campaign attorney
In what could be President Trump’s final legal gambit, John Eastman filed a case with the Supreme Court today challenging the constitutionality related to how Pennsylvania handled mail-in ballots contrary to that state’s legislature’s direction. 

Texas Attorney General
AG Ken Paxton joins Larry O’Connor to discuss his lawsuit filed today with the United States Supreme Court on behalf of the state of texas against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over those states’ mail-in ballots in the 2020 election.

Dr. Monica Gandhi
Infectious-Disease Specialist at UC San Francisco
Has politics corrupted science and public health policy?
Dr. Gandhi discusses how elected officials have lost the confidence of the citizens with regard to covid-19 stay-at-home orders and school closures.

National Review, Fox News
Former Asst US Atty SDNY
Andrew McCarthy argues that regardless of whether the outcome of the presidential election is affected, there are important, constitutional issues that must be explored, argued, and decided in the Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Trump campaign challenges to the 2020 vote.

Just the News
Solomon has finally received documents from eh State Department regarding Obama Administration concerns over Hunter Biden’s activities with Burisma in Ukraine.