Tonight on the show Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill passes, Chris Rock mocks Jussie Smollett, David Ralston has another scandal, Joe Biden is getting caught in the me too movement and the media bias is becoming absurd.

Tonight on the show Georgia House Republicans are getting cold feet over the fetal heartbeat bill, the hate crimes bill may be dead, Stacey Abrams is addicted to political power and AOC gets hysterical about climate change.

Tonight on the show Jussie Smollett cashes in on on his “privilege”, the Mueller report is giving the media and Democrats ulcers and the Green New Deal goes down in epic fashion.

Tonight on the show big business loves abortion, the UK hates Christian asylum seekers, the Mueller report is finished so everyone can wildly speculate now and the President backs off North Korean sanctions.

Tonight on the show Vice President Pence is in Georgia, the left hates the Salvation Army, is Joe Biden really going to pick Stacey Abrams as his running mate and a presidential and a new democratic presidential candidate really doesn’t like circumcision.

Tonight on the show Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill inches close, could Biden really choose Stacey Abrams to be his VP and the fallout from President Trump going after John McCain again.

Tonight on the show most people know the economy is going well, the Mueller report may not produce much, there is a new FAA Chairman and thousands of new jobs are coming to Jackson County Georgia.

Tonight on the show the media predictably blames Trump for the terrorist attack in New Zealand, students walk out of class for the climate change hoax, Robert O’Rourke finds out the media love-fest is over and some senators are catching heat for their votes condemning the Presidents emergency declaration.

Tonight on the show a guy named Robert O’Rourke decides to run for president, the US Senate votes against President Trump’s emergency declaration, Georgia Democrats want to go back to paper ballots and could the Lt. Governor get term limited?

Tonight on the show the Boeing Max airplane gets grounded, the Fetal Heartbeat bill goes to the Georgia Senate, deep thoughts with AOC and more from the prestige parenting school scandal.

Tonight on the show a massive cheating scandal involving some really famous Hollywood actors, an accident involving a Boeing airplane causes some concern, impeachment is falling apart as the 2020 presidential election nears and Joe Biden is sounding the most reasonable of the Democratic candidates.

Tonight on the show Peggy Noonan writes a thoughtful column and the left predictably has a meltdown, AOC values the devaluing of work and Georgia democrats are unhinged about the heartbeat bill.

Tonight on the show Democrats avoid dealing with anti-semitism, Governor Kemp pushes a fetal heartbeat bill and Atlanta’s airport and mayor’s office are full of corruption.

Tonight on the show tons of corruption out of the Atlanta mayors office, Congress wants to meddle in Georgia’s election, Democrats apparently love anti-semitism and AOC said more things.

Tonight on the show the Democrats have a huge antisemitism problem, Republicans rebuke the President over his emergency declaration, Nathan Deal handed out some sweet golden parachutes on his way out the door and Will Smith isn’t black enough.

Tonight on the show Democrats are backpedaling on Russian collusion, Google gave men a pay raise, Hillary thinks Stacey Abrams won her election and Bernie Sanders doesn’t have any legislative accomplishments.

Tonight no the show casino gambling may be coming to Georgia, RFRA gets another shot, who should run the airport and another bombshell is about to be released about Speaker Ralston.

Tonight on the show nothing new came from the Michael Cohen testimony, the President’s trip to Vietnam is going as expected, Erick meets with Vice President Pence and Speaker Ralston is still trying to wait out his immoral behavior.

Tonight on the show Congress votes to stop the President’s emergency declaration, Speaker Ralston and the House are abdicating power, Bernie Sanders loves socialist dictators and what to expect with Michael Cohen’s testimony tomorrow.

Tonight no the show David Ralston is desperately trying to cover his rear, Trump derangement syndrome is getting worse, the left bows at the alter of environmentalism and Democrats are forced to stand behind the Green New Deal.